Randomly Generated Gear Drops

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Randomly Generated Gear Drops

Post by Zilverlight » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:15 am

I'm not actually sure what all the different types of gear there are (Referring to "Mythic" and "Artifact" and normal "Enhanced(+?)" or even "Named") but maybe an additional type being added as "Exceptional" (probably an ugly color, but I was thinking between Green for Enchanted and Yellow for Artifact)

These items would have 2 randomly generated stats based on what would normally be on an enhanced item. Instead of just that Longsword +3 AS, it could be a Longsword +3 AS +13 Str. Not an artifact, but something a little more than the common loot from a boss.

*Edit: I think that Exceptional color is actually used for the glass coin artifacts. :fp:
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