Vampyrism - Broken off from Diseases Thread

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Vampyrism - Broken off from Diseases Thread

Post by BlackMage » Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:43 pm

So far, the ideas are as follows.

--At night, 15% stat boost to all stats (since vampires thrive at night!); i.e. if player joe had 100 str, 100 int, and 100 dex and was a vampire, at night his stats would be temporarily boosted to 115 str, 115 int, and 115 dex.
--Ability to summon bats.
--Ability to cast XMP, irreguardless of sorcery level.
--Intrinsic +2 or +3 nightvision (maybe).
--Immunity to attacks from other Undead creatures.

--"Daylight damage" could be similar to that of hunger (maybe boosted a little); not 100% crippling, yet still annoying enough to make someone want to be in the dark.
--During the day, 20% stat reduction to all stats (since vampires are not daytime creatures!); i.e. if player betty had 100 str, 100 int, and 100 dex, during the day, she would have 80 str, 80 int, and 80 dex.
--Weapons and normal armours can not be equipped while you have the vampyric disease.

Left to think about
- How would the cure be obtained?
- Who would be the creator of the cure? (Perhaps Old Henry too!)
- What reagants/items would be needed to cure vampyrism?
- Should be just as difficult, if not more difficult to obtain the cure to vampyrism as lycanthropy.

--Vampires to roam the continent like werewolves do to spread the disease?
--Possible ability added to "polymorph" into a bat and fly? (In bat form, it would provide the same effect as being dead - speed unaffected by objects on the ground.)
--Flasks could be used on corpses of other players to create a "dark red" potion, i.e. blood, which would replace yellow potions; no "mega dark red potions" would be craftable.
--Vampires would only be allowed to wear a robe and jewelry; they can be for any stat (def, int, str, etc.).
--Rare yet powerful artifacts that could "protect" a vampire from daylight; must be a complete set of 2 rings, 1 necklace/amulet, and a robe. Individually, they would provide partial protection, but only when all 4 are equipped would the player be immune to daylight.

And the oddball idea for vampyrism and lycanthropy...
--One last idea - Why not make a town for just werewolves, zombies, and vampires? I know that there is one town (Strangiatto SP I believe) that is run by humanoid monsters, so why not one dedicated to the ones with a curse? If the town gets made, then anyone affected by lycanthropy, vampyrism, or zombie-ism can no longer be able to buy/sell/trade with "normal" towns, and they all must commute to this "disease-ridden" town to do their transactions. The town will provide access to the basic needs (i.e. a bank, weaponsmith, armourer, tailor, provisioner, and innkeeper), so that no one is left out as far as basic transactions go. If you want spells, scrolls, whatever else wasn't mentioned, you have to get someone else to do it, or cure yourself and do it yourself.

And lastly, the idea pertaining to the cure itself...
--Perhaps something similar to the lycanthropy cure? But obviously not identical...

-Pink potion
-Blood Sample
-Some off the wall item that has absolutely nothing to do with the cure whatsoever
-(silver filings replacement)
-(wolfsbane replacement)

Maybe vampyrism cure SHOULD be much harder to come by. At least the ingredient gathering should be. Maybe add a few more off the wall things in there. I'm still semi-thinking about the cure part.

Getting the basic foundation of the vampyrism itself is the starting point. It was quite some time between the introduction of lycanthropy and the introduction to the cure. The cure can come later.

More ideas are welcome, and this will be strictly for the ideas pertaining to vampyrism, nothing else.
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Post by eggmceye » Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:01 pm

gj bm

I actually have a set of notes for what I was going to put in as simple vampyrism. These are from 2004, and I'm blindly copying them out of the notebook for reference. I may or may not agree with them now.
  • no cure once fully formed
  • xmp is lvl 1, u/a attacks heal, kbx summons bats
  • get pre-disease from a master vamp, can be cured with pink within 3 days, after that you are fully vamp yourself
  • faster, more HP
  • sunlight inflicts dmg
  • merch refuse to deal
  • fulltime crim
  • undead status
warning: I'm not thinking abt vamp right now but quality post

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Post by BlackMage » Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:14 pm

So, I kinda want to help design this vampyrism into the game. I know it's been awhile and this has been a dead thread for awhile, but if there is still some interest, I'd like to try to get it fired up again.

As mentioned in the first post, I'll design a town that would be run by vampires and werewolves (although they are mortal enemies according to fiction :roll: ), but I need some help with maped because apparently I'm a total retard.

I got the basics down, but by accident I've placed spawners and items on the map, and I can't seem to get them off. And, I can't seem to figure out how to just start a new map. Again, I admit that I'm a total retard because I can't figure it out, but I've read every single thing that I can find about MapEd, and I still can't find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. It appears that my secret it out, not that it was much of a secret in the first place. For all of you who were wondering/didn't already know, I am now Kronos, not BlackMage. Why? Meh. I don't know. I got bored with BlackMage being my name, so I changed it. I was hoping to keep it a secret but oh well. Not much of a secret anymore. :rage:
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