Blessed treasure map Loot thread

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Blessed treasure map Loot thread

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Egg has dropped Blessed Treasure Maps (level 15). So far have been found from Apoc continent monsters and chests. Can only read them on New Sossaria.

Post your finds there so we get a quick sample of drops and rarity.

1: Wand of decon, polished diamond, improved socket wand, nightshade.
2: GWot, polished emerad, carapace, decon wand, Grim Sanctuary (gi leg arty).
3: Grappling hook, polished emerald, improved socket wand, Rule of Beholder
4: Crystal carved skull, decon wand, polished diamond, GWoT
5: glass cut key, gold nugget, polished ruby, improved socket wand
6: copper snake idol, polished diamond, blessed greater amp wand
7: Bonecrusher, sigil + 5 NV, improved socket wand, polished emerald
8: Polished onyx, gold nugget, greater wand of transfer, nightshade
9: nightshade, petri wand, polished ruby, blessed greater amp wand
10: Fiendish Madness, blessed greater amp wand, polished diamond, improved socket wand
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