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NG for PD

Post by Trippy » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:03 am

Hiya, I'm trying to trade my NG stuff for PD stuff. If I could have remembered my forums login, I would have just edited/updated my last NG for PD thread (this is Alch), but I couldn't X-D

Here's what I'm working with:

Misc: Fontana del Montor (Vampyric), Ship in a Bottle, Wand of Statue Orientation, Mythic Matierials (regular and tints), Lot of statues + Adam coin house tiles (see my house @ Chester hill, enter from the south and go NW a few steps)
Balmythic adam shill +9, Balmythic adam flail +9, Balmythic diamond athame/longsword +9, Felmythic vamp athame/longsword +9
Balmythic bone robe int +35, Mythic glass gauntlets str +26, Felmythic crystal gauntlets +6, Mythic boneweave cap int +34, Mythic glass plateboots mr+2, Balmythic gold plate boots int+35, Balmythic glass greaves vig+15, Mythic lute dex+34, Balmythic regen belt, Balmythic bone ring int+35, crystal field plate+7
Felmythic SC Aegis(adamantium) , Felmythic Warriorband, Balastral Esto Carc, IF Gloves (diamond), Chopper (copper), NS boots (silverhide), Superior shield, Mariah's staff, SC helm
Vamp+9 : neko de, halberd, cleaver, brass knuckles
veno sickle/scythe (vog), veno long bow (xj), diamond mace (ijo), adam cleaver (xmp), runed scimitar (ijo), adam xbow (vf), silver hoe (ijo), addled halberd (aep), gold tomahawk (aep), silver machete (vog), runed spear (vam), silver trident (kxq), veno rapier (vam), copper claymore (vf)
loads of reg enchs, +8/9 weps, mr5's, high vigs, misc stats, sigils
Also have tons of misc crafting goods, gold, and some books.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Esto carc/vest, any bands, Golwid's, adam machete +7 or higher, Sentri shield, IF cap, tinted DS boots, untinted artis/mythic mats
M and the succubus, On potion abuse, Cults of new sosaria, I golem (part 1), The master of clones, Gunter the lost (part 1), Gunter the lost (part 2), Danger is my bread (part 1)

Thanks for reading! :smile:
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Re: NG for PD

Post by EmoMage » Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:03 pm

i think i have 90% of your wishlist. I'll be on sometime over the next few days.
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Re: NG for PD

Post by Keighn » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:02 am

Ah Master of the Clones. That was a fun short story to write. It was also a small D&D adventure I had started as well; similar to the Iron Orb of Dria'kaar.

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