Max Survivability PD Build (Bloodkin Fighter/Necro/Priest)

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Max Survivability PD Build (Bloodkin Fighter/Necro/Priest)

Post by 1[WoWz] » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:45 am

If you're having a hard time surviving on the PD server, give this build a try. It works well even if you have no gear to twink out your new characters. This build would also be perfect for LotL or the Weekly/Monthly PD server.

This build starts out as 70% Fighter/30% Priest and after remort it becomes 95% Fighter/50% Necro/30% Priest. I believe this is the easiest build to start out on PD.

Starting options
-Bloodkin Priest (this is mainly to leech mana and heal self), immediately use /limitskill 30 on blessed_maces, piety, and divinity.

Before level 75
-Only level up strength until it's at 225, after that you can keep a 9 to 1 ratio of strength to dexterity.
-Get a fighter weapon and a shield as soon as possible, I recommend making a copper mace and copper tower shield.
-Get 70 in your weapon skill, tactics, and block. Keep 30 in priest for heal self.
-Use shield bash as your special attack.
-Try to get a barbed weapon for extra DPS (other tints like blackrock and adamantium are pretty good too).

After level 75
-Remort at level 75, keep your stats 90% str/10% dex/25 int (use 75% str and 25% dex if using longswords or axes).
-Get 50 Necro, soul transfer is great to combo with any sort of bleeding and a bone belt will give you a ton of extra HP.
-Level your fighter skills up to 95. Your 175% in class skills should now be 95% fighter, 50 necro, 30 priest.
-Obtain attack jewelry and sigils, the rest can be magic resistance gear.

End game items
Barbed Mace +8/+9
Blackrock Tower Shield MR +4/+5
Gold Full Helm MR +4/+5
Gold Field Plate MR +4/+5
Gold Greaves MR +4/+5
Dragonscale Boots MR +4/+5
Gold Gauntlets MR +4/+5
Bone Belt MR +4/+5
Gold Spiked Collar of Attack +8/+9
2x Gold Ring of Attack +8/+9
Mind Sigil of Attack +8/+9
Body Sigil of Attack +8/+9
Spirit Sigil of Attack +8/+9
IGN: 1

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