Max Skills and Abilities

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Max Skills and Abilities

Post by BlackMage » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:54 pm

The Oracle wrote:Ability to choose one skill only to go over 100%.

As a way to make the game a bit more customizable you can choose to get, not a group of class skills, but only one of your skills to over 100%. Maybe to 110, or 125. This extra percentage would count towards your skill cap, whether you choose to max a classless skill or not. If you chose to do this with a weapon skill you would gain the extra AS or whatever it is you gain with weapon skills, and maybe a new special that can only be learned at the max percentage. If you chose something like fishing, you'd maybe only ever catch wondrous fish and high end maps if you max the skill. It would be interesting and fun imo to come up with ideas for what each skill would do when it is maxed out and even more fun to choose what you want to max, and to see others choose as well. Hehe. And maybe there could be an /unlimitskill command you'd have to do once you've decided what you want so you wouldn't have to limit skills to 100 to stay safe :P
I think this is an excellent idea. But IMO it needs a little bit of tweaking.

Let me start off by saying this; Honestly, I've never been a fan of seeing one single player have numerous special attacks. I think that each player should get to pick only 1 of the 5 (yes, technically there are 5 specials per class minus the mages).

The solution? Or better yet, MY idea to tweak the system, is this; each class gets to pick one of their class skills to go over 100% in. In order to get that special move, you have to be at like 110% or 125%. You can only get the special for one weapons group. The rest you can "max out" in, but you don't get the special. Even the mages could get in on this one. And it could also add a new element for partying seeing as how your weapon of choice isn't the best against the shadowlords but it's the best against dragons, but your buddy's weapon is good against the shadow creatures, but not the dragons.

I'm really tired right now and I wanted to just throw that out there. I'll elaborate more on it tomorrow since I finally have a day off. I just wanted to get it out there so that there could be some ideas floating around and everyone could be getting their yays and nays in.
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I should probably get out more.
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Post by BlackMage » Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:00 pm

Alright, since I'm a mage, I'll break down the mage part of the idea first.

Mages obviously have 3 classes to master; sorcery, piety, and magery. And having the potential "priest" and "necromancer" classes put in, I'll throw out the ideas for them as well.

First of all, in order for a mage to go past 100 in any class, there will need to be some kind of quest to go along with it. Something difficult and something that requires you to think (since mages are SUPPOSED to be smart X-D), but not impossible. And perhaps the quest could be given by a new NPC that corresponds to that class in particular (i.e. an NPC for piety, NPC for sorcery, NPC for magery, etc.). Prereqs would be 100% in all classes to start, 380 stat points (at least lvl 50), and maybe a few other mage related quests, like Virgil's set of quests.

Also, if this were to get put in, then the 'basic title' (master, novice, etc.) would need to get 1 new title, and every title would get pushed back 1 tier. Here's what I mean:

30 - 39.9: Beginner <New title added
40 - 49.9: Neophyte
50 - 59.9: Novice
60 - 69.9: Apprentice
70 - 79.9: Journeyman
80 - 89.9: Expert
90 - 99.9: Adept
100 - 124.9: Master
125 - Grandmaster <Grandmaster title delayed until the max

Now on to the other stuffs.

Now, to push beyond this, the mage would need to find the quest giver, meet the requirements, do the quest, then in turn be "allowed" to train under the tutelage of the quest giver so that they could go past that 100% threshold.
  • -Training could be RL time span? Or in-game time span?
    -Training could be additional pain in the ass quests to make it worth your while?
    -After part 1 of training is complete, your skill goes up 10% (for a total of 110%).
    -After part 2 of training is complete, skill goes up another 10% (for a total of 120%).
    -After part 3 of training is complete, skill is maxed out at 125%, and the ability to use a good, but not overpowered rage, becomes availible. Also, you finally get the title of Grandmaster.
For the rages, I've thought of something useful, but not overpowered, special move. Also, the mages rage bar would build up a lot slower than that of a fighter or a rogue. Maybe something like magerage=ragecounter/4 (translation: A mage's rage bar would build up 4 times slower than a fighter's rage bar would.).

Sorcery - Offensive magics; rage would/could be a mass but mild on-screen XMP or XC. So, instead of having 1 shot, cooldown, 1 shot, cooldown, etc., it would be hit-everything-on-screen-in-one-shot, cooldown equal to that of a lvl 4 spell, then back to normal spell casting.

Piety - Healing magics; rage (if healers get raged X-D) could be on-screen party VM or even a new spell, regeneration, would be cast.

Magery - Supporting magics; rage would/could be mass summon effect. By mass summon effect I mean like 4 dragons or 4 daemons that last for the normal amount of time. Or, it could be like a "super summon," just one though. Maybe double of even triple the time of a normal summon and double the stats?

Priest - I guess the priest and the piety rage would be similar... I didn't think much about this one.

Necromancer - Reanimate dead would be the rage for the necromancers. It would rise the corpses of whatever you have killed in the area. But, with a slight twist. If you were killing minotaurs, you would get minotaur corpses raised (would need new mobs). If you were hunting dragons, you would raise zombie dragons and skeleton dragons.

This is what I was thinking. I'll play with the rest later if I see any kind of vested interest in it. If not, I'll just let this die.
"All things end in judgement."

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Post by Eidolon » Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:40 pm

The ideas themselves are great. Good job, BM. But for EUO I'm not so sure. And I hate being the first downer because honestly playing mages is very boring for me. I feel very constricted (which should be the opposite seeing as mages have so many different spells) and I like the other classes more. However, honestly I dont think mages need something that makes them even that much stronger; especially in PvM they are already very strong and fast at grinding. Fighters take abt what.. 10 seconds to build up full rage? Maybe a little less? So thatd be like 2 specials that offensively attack multiple objects (similar to VOG which is already a solid spell, but much stronger) twice every minute.

I'm trying to say this stuff in the nicest way without offeding you or anyone else because I really dont mean or want to. Right now I just got off work and it went horribly so I cant really rethink or alter any of your ideas into an opinion of my own. All I know is that it sounds really cool, but a bit on the unbalanced side.

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