No Grind Rocks, mostly

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No Grind Rocks, mostly

Post by Jaral » Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:23 am

Yes, I am still alive and I play every so often. :) Lately I have been having fun with the new non-PD NG server, but I have a couple problems/ideas/comments for it that I would like to propose.

1) Skill gains are perfect. Not slow like watching your hair grow (ie reg) or kinda gimpy you-didnt-work-for-it fast (PD), but just about right. Stat gains, on the other hand, are PAINFULLY slow. Having played a char on no grind for a couple days now, all I am doing is GRINDING(how ironic) because I cant seem to get my stats even to 200, much less the 300-350 I need for my warrior's str. It takes 20-30 minutes to get a single point of strength, and Im only in the 110s. That equals out to.. a good 60+hours of grinding if the difficulty were to STOP going up. I don't think egg really meant to make stat gains this slow on a no grind server? I can max all 5 of my skills a very long time before I get anywhere near my stat maxes. This also favors "balance" characters heavily, since it is extremely daunting to face the idea of getting 400 int on your supermage.

2) I think it would be nice if the skill caps could be re-evaluated. I know the idea is to make you pick and chose your skills carefully, but Its really hard to make a viable multiclass character. Consider this: you need something for healing, which will take up at least 100 pts. Then you need a main attack, which takes up another 100pts. Then you need the backup skill for at least one class (stealth, magery, or tactics/block). Congratulations you may now pick 1-2 other skills. I grant you can make heavily stripped characters like (longswords, magery, meditation, itemlore, piety=Spellsword), but you cant really use block or tactics that really kinda need to go with those longswords, or not without losing something else you need. The 500% cap does serve the purpose of forcing multiple chars and planning when making the char (which I love), but it falls just short of really letting me make the kind of playable character that I want. This is obviously a matter of personal opinion and I wont push this one.

3) In that same vein, however, I will argue that meditation is a necessary skill for all players and should not count against the cap. In order to heal, you need healing or piety. Healing doesnt cut it on its own if you have 400-600hps (warriors/rogues), so needs meditation to bolster. Piety of course needs meditation for getting that mana back up, unless you plan on living off blue pots. Course you could try to live off yellow pots, but that will never work. Making meditation not count against the cap could be enough to satisfy point #2.

P.S. Egg, keep up the good work.
P.P.S. Merry (insert your end-december holiday of choice) Everyone!

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It does ROCK!

Post by Dudle » Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:53 am

I played costantly till I had full skills. Dont know how long tho - but it took a long time :smoke: . I was close to 280 stats when I got to 500 skill. Then it took alot of trimskill/training to get it up to 500 stats. Stat gain is a little slower than skill gain, maybe have 1 to 1 gain to truly make it a no grind server.

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