Dual Skill Titles

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Dual Skill Titles

Post by BlackMage » Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:49 pm

I know that there is a lot more going on at the moment than this, but I've always wondered why there aren't any TRUE dual skill titles out there that cross the class border. Yes, there are a few titles for sticking in the same class (i.e. Assassin and Mage [as opposed to Sorcerer]), but what about the people that want to do something different?
Dual Skill Titles - EUO Manual wrote:Sorcery + Ranged = Battleranger
Sorcery + Mace = Battlemage
Sorcery + Stealth = Shadow Mage
Magery + Ranged = Arcane Archer
Magery + Longsword = Spellsword
Magery + Mace = War Wizard
Magery + Stealth = Shadow Mage
Piety + Mace = Cleric
Piety + Longsword = Paladin
Piety + Unarmed = Sacred Fist
Ranged + Polearm = Guard
Ranged + Stealth = Hunter
Foil + Cartography = Swashbuckler
Shortsword + Stealth = Assassin
Unarmed + Stealth = Hidden Fist
I'd like to see a lot of these titles run across the servers and not just be limited to one server. Some of these are easily attained on Reg [Assassin, Hunter, Swashbuckler] but the rest are not. Perhaps a reworking of the current class system could be made for this? Keeping the same idea flowing [fighters = maces, poles, etc. and rogues = shortswords, foils, etc and mages = piety, sorcery, etc.] the system could easily (or at least I think so) be revamped to be able to accomodate these classes.

Here's what I mean;

Instead of having a rogue with 100% skill in ranged causing that rogue to be 100% rogue, he would instead only be 17% rogue. Why? Well, take all the skills that it takes to be a rogue (foils, shortswords, ranged, locks, traps, stealth = 6) and divide that number into 100 (100/6=16.7). Now, instead of being stuck as 100% rogue, the player is able to individualize him/herself into other things i.e. BattleRanger, Guard, Arcane Archer.

This might be a tad-bit hard to do, seeing as how each class has many subclasses to it. Perhaps in order to make it work easier, the "classless" skills can be included into an already set "class" in order to make the number a total even number [magery has 3 subclasses so adding inscription, itemlore would give "magery" 5 subclasses, therefore if you got 100% skill in piety, you would only be 20% mage].

Possible arrangements;

Woodcrafting (logging)
[one more; maybe a new one?]
Total: 10 Total Subclasses to 1 Class - 100% in 1 subclass equals 10% total class distinction.

[one more; maybe a new one?]
Total: 10 Total Subclasses to 1 Class - 100% in 1 subclass equals 10% total class distinction.

Woodcrafting [making stuff from gathered logs]
Total: 10 Total Subclasses to 1 Class - 100% in 1 subclass equals 10% total class distinction.

That only leaves meditation and taming as the only "true" classless abilities that would be trainable across the board. Obviously, other ideas for this would be welcome. This would also be a helping solution to the problem mentioned in the other thread (about crafting being useless) because then everyone would be inclined to work together to get what they wanted and/or needed. And not only that, but you would see a massive amount of new titles in the game instead of your basics [GM Mage, GM Assassin, GM Slasher].

The only problem that I could see with this (besides being a lot of work) would be the problem of a new skill taking over your desired title. Example; Someone with 100% in poles is a "GM Fighter" and when they get 100% in longswords, the title "GM Slasher" overruns the "Fighter" title. Ideas to fix?

I might make one of those bubble.us things later when I have some more time. It's 2am where I'm at right now and I wanted to get this out, and I do apologize for it being so long.
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