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Post by Eidolon » Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:49 pm

the short chat between morth and I regarding seasons
Morthwyl to Caedo (whisper): hey you ever wish there were seasons in EUO?
Caedo to Morthwyl (whisper): hell yeh
Caedo to Morthwyl (whisper): have it be like
Morthwyl to Caedo (whisper): and a huge arctic continent that you have to keep a torch lit constantly or you take frost damage till ytou die
Caedo to Morthwyl (whisper): yeh, no magic light, just torch
Morthwyl to Caedo (whisper): fighters and mercenaries would [insert dorky synonym for something like 'really good at' here] there.
Caedo to Morthwyl (whisper): and maybe have the seasons last like 15 ingame days?
Caedo to Morthwyl (whisper): slower walking speed in deep snow
Morthwyl to Caedo (whisper): make it 30, sorta like a month, yeah?
only thing i can think of in my exhausted state abt seasons is that with snow everywhere, the max walking speed should be reduced. maybe with max walking speed set at 200dex instead of 250?

and of course thered have to be transition tiles created to show the change in seasons. another thing is i dont know what the difference between spring and summer would be? autumn would be nice to see.. yellow/red/green leaves on the trees? mmm

any ideas/comments regarding seasons? feel free

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Post by Rusty76 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:57 pm

It'd be cool to have a yearly cycle in the game. Not sure how long a in-game 'year' should be but if you say 30 days in a month and 12 months in a year then an in-game year would last for 12 real life days (That's if there's 1/30 ratio between game time and real time) You could make it where certian shops are only open on certian days of the week or during certian times of the year. Maybe some areas get snowed in during the winter so they aren't accessable then. Maybe during the summer being out in the desert causes dehydration (aka you get hungrier faster or take damage from heat exaustion) There could be in-game holidays celebrated by the 'people' of New Sosaria. You could do crafting projects like growing your own garden or making cheese that would take in-game days to finish. With a in-game date (day, month, year) you can start making a timeline of the significant events in the history of New Sosaria. It opens up a lot of possibilites.

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Post by Keighn » Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:05 pm

I'd love to sea seasons, a timeline created with days/months/years, holidays, astrological events (comets, eclipses, meteor showers), and even natural disasters (or not so natural). Naturally the best way to start is with pure opposites summer vs. winter tiles then work towards spring&fall. I think everyone is jonsing for ice.

So games that get me thinking about winters (natural or otherwise):

Shard of Spring
Demon's Winter
Bard's Tale I

The naming of Years is a neat feature: (i.e. Winter December 12, 00001 Year of the Egg or Winter December 15 00002 Year of the Rabbit, etc).

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