(global): WHOSE IN MINOS???!!??

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(global): WHOSE IN MINOS???!!??

Post by Eidolon » Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:37 pm

Rusty wrote:maybe a message needs to come up whenever you enter a map listing the players currently on the map, that way you'd know it was occupied.
or maybe a command like /wmap or whatever that lists the people in whatever map you're in atm.

i think this would promote smoother/simpler interaction between players when they stumble upon eachother in the same map. instead, they can see whose in the dungeon they just entered and ask via /msg (instead of blasting it on global) if they wanna party or what part their in and if its ok if <you> go to <this> part to hunt.


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Post by Aristarch » Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:08 am

I like how it is now, if you're civil you can solve all the conflicts that may arise and the messages aren't particularly annoying compared to other subjects that are sometimes discussed on the global - and you can always turn it off.
The /wmap looks for me as a way of silently approving that the purpose of map is grinding, grinding and grinding...
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Post by Rusty76 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:03 am

I like the idea of a /wmap feature to be able to tell if someone is in a map or not. It can be hard to tell if the map you enter is currently occupied, especially with the faster spawning now. I also dont want to clutter up global with messages like "Who's in minos" "who's in neth" etc. And even if i did make a global message asking if anyone was in the map, they may not see it or have global turned off. Having a /wmap feature would help avoid a lot of conflicts. The only problem I could see with it is people taking advantage of the feature for PvP puropses.

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