Moa FAQ and other non EUO games

And other EUO offshoot projects!
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Moa FAQ and other non EUO games

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q) What is the Moa engine?
a) Moa (which stand for Multiplayer Online Adventure, and happens to rhyme with lawn mower, and is also the name of an extinct bird from New Zealand) is what I call the engine that powers EUO. It was the product a large rewrite of EUO 1.1 undertaken in 2006-07 making it more generic and moddable, including support for lua scripting.

q) What was EAO?
a) Egg's Apocalpyse Online is an abandoned mod of EUO started in 2006. The whole idea of making EUO moddable was born out of the desire to make a post-apocalyptic mod of EUO.

q) What is Escape from the Vault?
a) This is my reincarnation of EAO as a single player turn based rogue-like for the 2012 7dRL competition. It uses the same engine that powers EUO and uses many ideas that were fleshed out on paper that were intended for EAO.

q) What was Escape from Brownthorne's Dungeon? (EFBD)
a) This was an online mini EUO like game using the Moa engine, made mostly for the purpose of testing the engine - from 2007

q) What is Effacrum?
a) It is a steampunk RPG Eraamion that was making using the Moa engine : I just wrote the engine, I have nothing to do with the content. It's well and truly dead but it had some good stuff going on.
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