NG for PD

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NG for PD

Post by Alch » Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:47 pm

Hi, I'm SoulStealer on NG, and I'm looking for pretty much any really dank gear for pd, preferably mage, but open to anything. Also down to trade for other NG gear. This is what I'm working with:

Ironfist gloves (Diamond)
Frenzy gloves (copper)
Frenzy coif
Frenzy leggings
Nightstalker gloves (silverhide)
Necklace of Honor
Pendant of Justice
Marsha's Mallet
War Staff
Facewound x2

Full heavy
glass scalemail
glass gauntlets of str +26

MR +5 & +4
NV +5 & +4
Def +7 & +6
Stats +30 - +36
Vigour +11 - +16

Adamantium Weapons
flail +9
main gauche +8
crossbow, falchion, and hoe +6
staff of leeching

Vampyric Weapons
long sword, halverd, cleaver +9
halberd, flail +7
brass knuckles, club, bastard sword, falchion +6

Diamond Weapons
scythe +9
falchion +7
scimitar, warhammer, flail +6
gloves +5

Enchanted Weapons
musket VF
runed scimitar, silver hoe IJO
addled halberd, gold tomahawk, tomahawk AEP
great maul, trident XJ
silver machete, hatchet VOG
dagger, tomahawk KXQ
venomous scythe, scythe, halberd, machete, OG4
runed spear, scythe, glaive, VAM
gnarled staff, sling AM

...Also, misc tinted +9 weps and too many random armors/weps to list.

...ALSO, FREE!!!
Tons of good - great but not quite top gear armors and weapons, scrolls, potions, reagents, help, and friendship :)

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Re: NG for PD

Post by Mr.Crowley » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:46 pm

What kind of stuff are you looking for?
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Kodiak has probably banned me by now.
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Re: NG for PD

Post by Alch » Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:29 pm

MR, Vig, polearms or any fighter/priest or mage weps would be great, but just about anything really, I'm trying to hop back to PD but have almost no gears

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