[PD] Looking for some things!

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[PD] Looking for some things!

Post by Azalynn » Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:07 pm

I am currently looking for a list of stuff on PD and am interest in trading or buying with gold, whatever it takes!

Mythicing Material
Gazer Brains (or preserved brains)
Spores (or diseased bandages)
Essences and/or hydra fangs, burning embers, minotaur hearts
Golem Power Crystals
Wet Clay
All Shards
All Ore (Zinc i will put our the most for)
Gold Nuggets
All Gems
Devil Meat
Drake Meat
Or any completed pieces for mythicing (ie, Rods of Power, Canned Heroism, etc)

Mandrake Root

Wands of Transferrance

Adamantium Weapons +9
Adamanium Defence Gear
Vampyric Weapons +9
Artifacts (tinted and nontinted)
Tinted Enchants
Tinted Muskets + Anything

Scrolls of Mapping

Adamantium/Blackrock Armor Pieces (ua, light, medium, or heavy ) +7

Any Stat items +35-36

The Specifics!
Blackrock/Copper/Adamantium/Barbed Halbred, Lucern Hammer, or Great Maul XJ/AEP/IJO

Blackrock/Copper/Adamantium/Barbed Trident, Spear, Morning Star, or Mace XJ/AEP/IJO (excluding barbed spear IJO)

Copper Thundercracker

Adamantium Thundercracker

Any Bands

Estorraths Carcenet

Shardcrystal Aegis

Blackrock/Copper/Adamantium/Barbed/Runed Long Kiss Goodnight

Adamantium Halbred +5 or higher

Adamantium Morning Star +5 or higher

Battleweave Gloves +5 attack or higher

Im sure there is some things i'm missing, if you find something interesting or something you think I would be interested in, find me in game or message me here! :smile:

Thank you!

Azalynn - Retired 1000
Thrall - Retired 1000
Xentria [LotL]

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