Buying addy machete +9

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Buying addy machete +9

Post by Toxic » Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:56 am

Buying adamantium machete +9

Got to offer: (these are all +9)
gold lucern hammer
venomous sabre
venomous crook
copper lucern hammer
venomous lucern hammer
silver spear
venomous main gauche
runed long sword
barbed spear
runed mace
glass glaive
blackrock lucern hammer
silver dagger
runed warhammer
blackrock halberd
silver labrys
silverhide sling
diamond spear
addled 2h axe
silver warhammer
runed epee
blackrock machete
blackrock warhammer
addled club
venomous scimitar
adamantium neko de
runed scythe
silver brass knuckles
venomous staff
silver gnarled staff
barbed cleaver
addled trident
diamond 2h axe
venomous gnarled staff
barbed shillelagh
diamond scythe
runed hatchet
golves of attack
barbed katar
runed shortsword
copper sabre
runed glaive
addled hatchet
diamond cleaver
silver morning star
gold machete
silver 2h axe
venomous rapier
vampyric epee
runed flail
copper rapier
addled dagger
adamantium long bow
runed main gauche
runed dagger
copper brass knuckles
venomous neko de
blackrock hoe
copper claymore
runed labrys
vampyric halberb
barbed long bow
silver long sword
blackrock bastard sword
silver trident
copper hatchet
runed monring star
diamond short sword
gold broad sword
oak crook
vampyric shillelagh

Scalemail str +36
full helm dex +36
neck int +36
ring int +36
ring dex +36
amulet int +36

Blackrock heater shield +7
Crystal tower shield +7
Boots of blinding speed
Bent leg (glass)
Marshas Mallet (glass)
Patricks spiked collar
Nightstalker shirt
ripleys claw (runed)
Nightstalker cap (silverhide)

spiked collar vig +16
amulet of vig +16
ring of vigour +16
boiled padded leggings vig +16
gi (torso) vig +16

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