Haddi needs stuff

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Haddi needs stuff

Post by ChrisCooper » Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:24 am

What I want:
rogueband (x2)
nightstalker shirt
ironfist cap
vampyric rondel XJ, AEP, VOG, and IVPY

What I need:
Any light/ua items +30 or higher dexterity
Light/ua legs, gloves, torso, and helmet MR +4 or higher

What I offer:
short sword IJO
lucern hammer IJO
flail KXQ
sling AEP
warhammer AEP
venomous flail XMP
venomous mace AEP
silver neko de XMP
venomous warhammer AEP

adamantium dagger +7

blackrock bastard sword +8
blackrock halberd +7
blackrock short sword +7
blackrock mace +7

vampyric great maul +8
vampyric long sword +7
vampyric halberd +6

barbed short sword +7
barbed great maul +6

shardcrystal aegis

flail +9
morning star +9
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