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goemon's stuff

Post by goemon » Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:58 pm

for trade

Diamond dagger +6
dagger XMP
warhammer XMP
ebony staff of leeching
BR halberd +8
barbed longbow +4
Frenzy leggins
ebony long bow +7
dark padded shirt +6
ring of dex +20
epee KXQ
leather gloves dex +21
dark weave padded shirt dex +19
battlehide padded shirt +4
ring of str +20
dark leather helm +19 dex
padded boots +22 dex
padded legging +20 dex
necklace +22 dex
wet clay (17)
amulet dex +19
ring int +19
silverhide leather boots +20 dex
ankh +20 dex
amulet +20 dex
ankh +20 str

im not looking for anything specific but i do collect random/fun things :D ill take any serious offer

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