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Looking for...

Post by WbBann » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:17 am

better items than what I got...

Main hand: Bann's Sword (vamp claymore +8)
Head: cap of strength + 27
Torso: splintmail of strength + 28
Legs: gi (legs) of dexterity + 26
Feet: boiled swamp boots of dexterity + 30
Hands: gloves of strength + 27
Neck: spiked collar of strength + 27
Ring: ring of strength + 26
Ring: blackrock ring of dexterity + 28

I also got a Diamond Cleaver XJ and BR tower shield +5

We can discuss offers here. :) I don't care whether they are heavy or light. If you got for example STR legs and DEX hands, then that will be cool.

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