Vampyric or barbed one handed axe XJ wanted

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Vampyric or barbed one handed axe XJ wanted

Post by Heniek » Thu May 28, 2009 11:16 pm

As title of topic says. Yeah I know that I want much, but I have good stuff and shitload of gold pieces to offer. Here are sample items which are avaible for trade:

vampyric rondels XJ
vampyric rondels AEP
vampyric short bow XJ
vampyric short bow AEP
diamond short sword +9
diamond short bow +9
darkhide sling +9
Estorrath Vestments
vampyric bastard sword +8
barbed bastard sword +7
barbed 2h axe OG
venomous 2h axe XJ

and some more. Post reply here or PM me(via forums or ingame) if you are interesed.
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