enchanted barbed xj rondel or any tint

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enchanted barbed xj rondel or any tint

Post by INFINITY » Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:06 am

my last weapon i need will trade anything in my possion here is what i have in my merch so you dont have to look yourself save you the time X-D will update everyday

copper rapier +7

llarge shield of dex +27

barbed 2h axe +6

gi (legs) of intel +28

copper claymore +7

addy fulm helm of night vision +3

gold labrys +7

padded boots of dex +27

vamp mace +5

vemoumus club +7

silverweave robe of strength +21

ankh of dex +23


123 brilliant blue and red shards

swap boots of intel +20

diamond scythe +7

necklace of intel +22

buckler of intel +23

oak small shield of intell +22

silverleaf staff +7

oak staff +7

cap of strength +25

enchanted kryss Vas An Mani

runed shillelagh +7

addy chain boots of viguor +9

diamond spear +7

horned helm of strength +26

barbed scimitar +8

runed bastard sword +8

necklace of intel +27

copper brass knuckles +6

wand of transferrence

enchanted crossbow ort grav

boiled padded leggins of defense +6

barbed glaive +8

enchanted vamparic mace ort grav

swamp boots of strength +27

enchanted addled neko de (vas ort grav)

enchanted spear (vas an mani)

ring of dex +24

runed scythe +7

addy flail +6

goldhide leather armour of strength +20

copper kryss +6

swamp boots or dex +22

runed brass knuckles +8

enchanted silverleaf crook (an mani)

gold sycthe +6

addy scailmail of intel +25

addled spear +5

blackrock bastard sword +6

battlehide leather leggins of strength +31

greaves of intelliegence +31

copper amulet of stregth +24

robe of dex +26

necklace of dex +25

bolied cap of mr +4

will consider any trade contact me
the lack of sleep i get tells me i need coffee

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