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Post by INFINITY » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:46 pm

for those who saw a merchant that had mainly everything fro trade and said checkforum you came to the right spot beacause im only after a few items so ill make it quick
1.enchanted vampire rondel (vog)

2.enchanted vampire rondel (xj)

(well take any ss as long as its those enchants and have a decent tint )

3. rouge band

if you see something you like and dont have either i am willing to see if i can work something out with you check merchant on merch search or go to bartertown and check it out will be checking on and off so post

my offerings-

43 level 13treasure maps

shardcrystal boots

frenzy leggins

dagger an mani

anki of dex +23

enchanted crossbow (ort grav )

shortword (xmp)

blackrock bastard sword +6

diamond rondel +6

enchanted short sword (an mani)

enchanted dagger (xmp)

oak staff+7

addled spear +5

adam hatchet +6

shardcrystal gauntlets

adam scailmail of intel +25

gold scythe +6

enchanted silverleaf crook (an mani)

silverleaf staff+7

runed brass knuckles +8

swamp boots of dex +22

enchanted epee (kxq)

adam hoe +3

barbed short bow +6

copper kyrss +6

diamond rondel +7

copper ore ( still in work of getting more)

ore ( still in progress)

silver (still in progress)

silver ring of dex +22

heater shield of strength +22

gold ankl of dex +23

raw glass (180 still in progress)

oak small shield of intel +22

enchanted cross bow (xj)

diamond 2 handed axe +6

chain boots of strength +21

gold hide leather armour of strength +20

venomous club +7

adam cleaver +7

vamperic mace +5

wand of transfrence

enchanted main gauche (aep)


vamp crook +4

adam frail +6
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