Vampyric rondels XJ

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Vampyric rondels XJ

Post by mugima » Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:11 am

I am looking for 2 vampyric rondels XJ, I have the following items to trade for them. I also have gold.:
Adamantium glaive +7
BR Scythe+7
BR warhammer+8
BR broadsword+8
vamp falchion+8
barbed 2h axe+7
labrys XJ
vampyric labrys +6
veno bastardsword +7
2 transfer wands
robe +25 dex
platemail+28 str
padded legs+23 str
NightStalker Leggins
necklace+26 str
padded boots+24 dex
Warhammer VAM
br main gaunche OG
ebony crook OG
broad sword VAM
necklace+6 defense
splintmail+25 dex
leahter glvoes+23 dex
gauntlets+25 int
chain coif+24 int
padded boots+23 int
heater shield+24 dex
That's about it, I got some lower end stat gear and other odds and ends, tell me if you got the rondels and if you see some stuff you like...thanks

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