Where did my account go?

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Where did my account go?

Post by Catherine » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:09 pm

As title.

Apparently it no longer exists? But this char does:

Level 155 Female Draconian
Server: Regular
Mage: 100%
HP: 477
Mana: 118
Strength: 451
Dexterity: 451
Intelligence: 100
Attack Strength: 66
Defense: 66
Magic Resistance: 451
Vita/Saga/Vers: 0/0/-25


Which is weird: stats are all wrong, she's naked barring the stuff before item limits came in (that was in her house / in the museum, and isn't even half the old stuff that I threw to Kybare / Kodiak) and so on. I know that I kept those items as decoration in the house on tables etc. Didn't wear them.

I loved my house :(

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Re: Where did my account go?

Post by eggmceye » Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:02 pm

email me and we'll sort it out, the account certainly still exists
if you want to try getting the password yourself in meantime, go to http://euotopia.com/lostpasswd.php and you used an old hotmail email account ct*****_b***_@hotmail.com (maybe the extra underscore before the @ is wrong?!)

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