EUO enamel pins

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EUO enamel pins

Post by Balmung » Fri May 04, 2018 4:41 pm

Hello everyone
(tl:dr? look for the red text)

Lately I've been into pin collecting irl, and the idea for a balron pin popped in my head as I was looking at my MACRODAEMON hoodie. Pins have become my favorite type of merchandise very quickly. You can fit them on clothes, bags, or on a board if you don't want to sport them. They've very neat little trinkets that don't take up much room and don't usually cost too much. I'd like to gauge the community's interest in such a thing before I get any whacky ideas.

I threw the idea at egg over discord and he seemed pretty interested. maybe he was being nice haha.

Currently, here's what I'm thinking... keep in mind this is very early planning, so it's all subject to change. I just want to be able to pitch an idea at this point. I'm thinking a enamel balron pin, the hope is to get a die struck pin with enamel to color it about in 1.25 inches tall. The sites I've looked at classify these types of pins as sports trading pins?? Something like this...
I'm looking at two companies that make custom pins currently. I'll be asking some pin artists on Etsy and a facebook group I'm in for opinions on said sites and other options if there is enough interest. It's too early to give an accurate idea for prices but the two sites I'm looking at offer free estimates. Generic pricing they give is ~$2 USD a pop for a run of 100-200 in that size. This is not an accurate estimate of a sales price.

Here is where I would like your input:
-Would you buy an EUO pin?

-Is there something worth doing INSTEAD of a balron?

-which frame should we use?

-To get die press w/ coloring to not look like shit, we need to clean up the bally sprite. each different shade of color would need a tiny metal border. The way the bally sprites are now, that would make a tiny pin look real clustered. submit your recoloring of the bally sprite for pin designs!

Thanks for your time
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Re: EUO enamel pins

Post by DrRude » Sun May 06, 2018 11:55 pm

Count me in to buy a few pins.

Some thoughts:
  • Would the EUO logo be incorporated into the design?
  • Aside from the Balron, I'd be interested in seeing a variant of the black and white wizard graphic that was on some t-shirts awhile back.
  • I'd also like to see a lineup of monsters and avatars to see which would be aesthetically the most interesting image.

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Re: EUO enamel pins

Post by Paru » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:10 pm

I'd be down for some pins, i'd recomend it looking slightly different then ultima just case of and yeah EUO either written on the monster or maybe make a EUO pin itself. maybe a Red with white edge on the balrons chest area.

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