Scheduled Happy Hour Hunting

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Scheduled Happy Hour Hunting

Post by Zilverlight » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:49 pm

Hey Everyone! Ruez and I will be trying to schedule some specific times for players to gather and go out hunting together! We would love to have as many people show up for these as possible! I know there is a restriction on party size, limiting it to 5, so we may have to have multiple parties going. (I wonder if it'd be possible to increase the party size limit? Egg? :) )

Each scheduled hunting event will be accompanied by a Happy Hour, courtesy of Ruez. I'll be also trying to make enough Dragon Rations to pass around for maximum experience gain!

I'll probably keep the top post edited for most recent schedules, but feel free to post!

I'm terrible with time zones, so I'll be posting all times in GMT. If you have any questions, just ask!

Saturday January 6, 2018

Happy Hour from 1AM-2AM GMT

Dungeon grind will depend on who shows up and what is requested.

During this day I'd also like to work in a lower level dungeon grind for people under level 100. (Over level 100 still welcome of course!) If anyone wants to join us with their lower characters, they needn't worry about dying. Gungnir will be leading and tanking mobs. Just bring your best damaging gear and be ready to slay some monsters!

Great turn out this weekend! I think we got an entire 12 people playing on regular alone, with multiple happy hours throughout the day! Looking forward to 2x Boss weekend. We'll probably try to do another scheduled hunt next weekend as well, if not one sometime this week.
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