Ideas thread 2013

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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by 1[WoWz] » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:30 am

eggmceye wrote:
eggmceye wrote: completed
- scrap collapsed mines but make treacherous caves diggable
- LOTL as character creation options on all servers (I did this right?)

finish and polish the client rewrite
I think it's pretty ok now - especially inventory+mouse. Tho I still press d to drop. and I keep forgetting that / search is on by default (at least you can turn it off)

make EftV into a multiplayer game
I've thought about it but after playing it through thought it was boring - and it needs a lot of work to make it interesting. The classes are ok though.

move all NG players to reg, close NG as a standalone server
difficult job I've forgotten about - but possibly worth doing still

revamp weekly into a sophisticated multiplayer roguelike
still want to do this but no progress :mad:

probably also make those rand dungeons regen everytime they are cleared or even when they are entered/exited (like angband)
I think those dungeons are ok but making angband style dungeons is still on my mind - just put them somewhere else
Yeah, LOTL is an option on all the servers as far as I know.

Moving NG characters to Reg and making an NG option on regular would be awesome, I look forward to this. :D

I played Angband (usually the ZAngbandTK variant) a lot before I started EUO. I think a level 1-100 random dungeon would be awesome. The underworld could have a shortcut to level 50 would give a way for higher level players to skip ahead to harder monsters.
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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by Severian » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:48 am

1[WoWz] wrote:
eggmceye wrote: move all NG players to reg, close NG as a standalone server
difficult job I've forgotten about - but possibly worth doing still
Yeah, LOTL is an option on all the servers as far as I know.

Moving NG characters to Reg and making an NG option on regular would be awesome, I look forward to this. :D
I think that having LotL and NG as charater type options on REG and PD would be nice. This means that a player can choose to either create a (1) normal character, (2) LotL character, (3) NG character, or (4) NG-LotL character. Pure NG characters would not need to have any enforced item laws. However, the NG-LotL characters would.

I am not sure a character migration should occur though. However, character migration is setup, I propose it become a sort of XP transfer instead (with stats and skills). There are lots of issues involving names, houses, and in addition, the drop rates on NG are different to those on the other servers.

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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by SanJorge » Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:58 pm

Its not fair that someone who lvls his vamp in early stage has in the end (max lvl) the same vamp as one who turns to vamp in late lvl.
my idea:

every lvl up as vamp gives +1 sec vamp special duration (maybe 2lvls for PD),but it should start at 30 seconds (old vamps can stay as they are).

that means for PD (wich is hard for vamp) u could get vamp special duration > cooloff wich allows u to stack up but the duration will be reduced by 1 full cool off.

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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by Luxorious » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:49 am

Luxorious' silly wish list:

1) Droppable "crafting plans" - mega rare? From bosses only? This idea is stole from WoW (dunno where WoW stole it). Should some of buyable plans drop? I think so.
2) Shield spikes! I still feel shields are open for expansion, same as crafting in general.
What is a shield spike?
A skilled blacksmith can attach different kind of shield spikes/studs to different kinds of shields. When blocking (physical melee) attacks, your avatar has a X chance out of Y to reflect Z amount of damage proportional to the attacker's strength, defender's (avatar) shield type+defender's blocking skill+defender's spike on the shield. Some ideas:

-Maybe there could be some epic/mega rare/crystal coin recipes for some kind of magical reflectors to block ranged physical and/or ranged magical damage.
-"Block reflect" working with parry/riposte? Sounds like a funky dual-class idea to me!
-"Block reflect" skill's code could be somewhat copied from foils and then altered, so it doesn't sound that bad to write (not that I've seen EUO code)
-Spikes could be: plain, copper, steel, gold (?), blackrock (?), mithril (dwarves), addy etc, with the best being drop only of course!
-I think there should be some sort of carrot (finnish saying, so I don't know how it translates, think of a mule with a carrot on a stick) to those different shields. Like smaller shields can't have studs at all, but they block "faster" or better. Maybe heavier shields (like tower shield) could have better spikes.
-(example) Should blackrock tower shields only accept blackrock spikes? Or only up to blackrock spikes?
-The spikes themself could be tinted, but I'm not sure about the name format or if it's even necessary to see spikes of the shield. Maybe it could be something like "blackrock towershield (copper spikes)
-Studs/spikes sound horrible, somebody come up with something more original
-Should those spikes have just tints, or tints and suffixes too?
3) More fighter shield-related skills. How about "shield reflect" or "shield block" buff (From the lovely Fighter Abilities in university), which lasts for X amount of seconds OR X amount of successful blocks OR X amount of damage? Shield Block skill could give you 75% or even 100% block chance for X amount of seconds OR X amount of successful blocks OR X amount of damage.

I'm not touching the subject of dual-shield wielding half trolls... That sounds too Final Fantasy 3ish to me!
I will write more about this, once my mindset is less hectic.

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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by Zilverlight » Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:49 am

Pretty sure this has been brought up many many times, and talked to death LAUGHING OUT LOUD LIKE A MORON

I feel there needs to be some major changes to crafting. Other than the whole "Mythic" thing, there are very few uses for crafting. Arrows can be crafted (big use for people who play Rangers) Bandages can be cut (but require no skill and only get you to level 10 tailoring max (not that i'm complaining about that)) Enchanting has surprised me with how useful the items you can make are, big ++ on the changes to that, and alchemy is useful for everyone... but weaponsmith? armoursmith? woodcraft (outside of furniture for houses) Outside of wasting hours away grinding through dungeons, the ONLY way (to my knowledge) to get a weapon or armour tinted and +'d is to either find the EXACT item through grinding, or find several items made of the same material with the + you want and deconstruct them. So... the 100+ items you craft with armourcrafting, the 100+ weapons from weaponcrafting, the bundle of items from woodcrafting, all to get the skills to max, are completely and utterly useless. drop on the ground, and wait 15 minutes so they can disappear. I'm not saying bring back old enchanting, but I think there should be a way to enchant low level weapons and armour. I see no mention of a way to do it in the manual (at least not in the more obvious places where it should be)


Bring back a portion of the old enchanting, only the part of placing a fire opal on a piece of field plate and a dull red soul shard on top and shift u an enchanting wand on it to bump it to a field plate of + 1. Limit the strength of the items you can enchant. + 1-3 weapons, +1-2 armour, + 1-10 dex/str/int, + 7 vig, + 1-2 NV/MR. This would allow people to actually use the smithing skills and crafting skills to make items and then enchant them. It would bring more reason for people to take a second from hunting in dungeons 24/7 to actually step back and craft something that might replace what they are already using. This would not be overpowering, since the level restriction for all these items would be underneathe 50. I realize that there is a Wand of Amplification, but that wand requires a + to be on the item already before it can be enhanced. Only way to enhance weapons is through fointains and no way to enhance anything else, and the Wand of Amplification requires lv 100 enchanting, which a low level cannot achieve without someone giving them all the brilliant shards, thus making crafting low level gear impossible for low levels.

Another Idea would be to create a new skill (probably not enthused about the idea of it) that would allow players to enchant gear even more, say weapons +1-5, armour +1-3, stats +1-15(or 20) vigour +1-10, MR + 1-2, NV +1-3. This would allow for lower levels to enchant the gear they would need, may not even require soul shards but some other material, such as possibly a whet stone for enhancing weapons by + 1 (given proper level of new skill) whet stones can be crafted through tinkering (giving tinkering a slightly new use) and whet stones could be 1 time use items. Just a thought, someone could come up with better.

On another note, Have you ever noticed the amount of players that are upset "UGH! I just found a Silver Claymore + 8. Worthless!" or possibly finding an Addled Longbow + 6? The only weapon tints you see people running around with are vampyric or addy. possibly blackrock, copper or diamond, but not as frequently. Vampyric is the strongest tint of all and as such is practically the only tint people want. Perhaps altering properties of the tints, to try and balance them could help.


Now - 20% lighter, 10% faster, 10% more def/damage
New - 25% lighter, 15% faster, 15% more defense/damage

Now - partially reflects damage from undead, 2x damage vs undead and werewolves.
New - greater reflection of damage from both undead and hellspawn, 2x damage vs undead, werewolves, and hellspawn. (Would make silver MUCH more useful, but would not do 2x damage vs shadow monsters and blood monsters, this would prevent it from being overpowered)

Now - adds + 1 NV, armour has + 10% defense (gold is a weaker metal?)
New - adds + 1-2 NV based on level req of the stat attached to it (ie: if level req to wield is 75+, you receive + 2 NV.) and possibly other benefits? hard to think of some for gold other than increased value when selling to merchants (but that just makes people want to get rid of gold faster)

Now - 15% more defense
New - Steel weapons as well, 15% more damage and 15% more defense (should come up with new perk as well because blackrock is essentially just stronger steel, making people prefer blackrock to steel at all times. Thought about 2x durability if weapon/armour decay was still in the game with repairs being needed occasionally)

Now - poisons the target.
New - Severity of the poison based on the + of the weapon. (IE: damage per second from a + 1 weapon could be 1-2 damage per second to monsters, while + 8 venomous weapon may apply 15-25 poison damage per second. I found venomous weapons near useless when fighting higher monsters)

Now - 20% more damage, 25% more defense
New - 25% more damage/defense I don't think this one needs to be altered much. It's not over powered but it's still a favorite. The extra 5% dmg is to increase it's damage over suggested addy (unless a new buff wants to be added alongside the bonus to def/dmg to augment it's use over other tints)

Boiled Leather
Now - 20% better defense (doesn't say 20% lighter but i believe since it's leather copper it would have the lighter bonus, and very well may)
New - 20% better defense, 20% lighter, +% better odds to dodge (given it's lightweight allows for better movement while wearing (benefits rogues who from what I understand are the only ones who's class is tailored to wear leather.)

Studded Leather
Now - 30% more defense
New 30% more defense, chance to reflect damage (from studs) and perhaps -% chance to dodge (to counter the defense and damage reflection and since it's not as lightweight as boiled or normal)

I honestly have little to say about this tint, I just made a dwarf and I'm working on trying to get him mithril armour to see how well it works, but that's when I came across the problem of not being able to enchant the armour pieces at all. From what I'm reading, it seems the same as crystal mixed with blackrock and it seems very well suited.

Now - 50% more defense, 25% more dmg 10% more AS
New -
Armours 30% more defense, 2x as heavy in weight, 2x penalty to speed (perhaps another penalty? higher levels won't suffer the weight and might not suffer movement penalty as much as intended. Addy should be seen as a burden if it'll have the biggest defenive bonus to counteract it.
Weapons 15% more damage 10% more AS, slower attack speed (+15%?), 2x weight
Addy is the most overpowered tint. Double the defense of blackrock when the only buff blackrock and steel get is + defense, this makes blackrock and steel armour completely useless in the long run. Weapons doing more damage than blackrock and providing the same bonus of diamond, what's the point of either of those tints then? I think it should be cut back to give other tints a chance to make an appearance in players' wishlists.

Now - 15% more damage, chance to confuse target
New - 15% more damage, better chance to confuse target? (It's not as useful as other tints but I don't know how to keep to the Addled idea and improve this very much.)

No need to change. Seems to be a favorite but is not over powered, there's no damage bonus, just the bleeding which while it may not do much damage to higher targets (compared to your attacking it in general) the bleeding effect is invaluable when fighting monsters that heal.

Not too overpowered, MR bonus is fair, highly sought after for it's bonus of giving defense while giving MR at same time, but the no defense bonus keeps it from being too powerful.

Now - 10% more AS, staves give spells better chance to break MR
New - 15% more AS, 10% more damage (diamond being the toughest stone and all), staves give spells better chance to break MR

I don't really know how to improve on this one, I honestly save every single glass weapon I find and never use because I consider it very valuable if I need to kill something major... but when fighting something major I never bother pulling it out, I just keep trying to kill it myself (forgetting about glass or just not wanting to waste it at all) But I hardly consider this a tinted weapon because of it's 1 time use, it's not as if anyone is going to make a glass weapon their main choice when going into battle.

Now - 33% increased rage generation
New - 33% increased rage generation, reapply the improved chance to land critical strikes

Another HIGHLY overpowered and the most powerful weapon tint.
Now - steals portion of targets health and channels it to user
New - less life steal % (i'm not sure what the % is atm but IE: 10% life steal, drop to 5%) less damage equal to what life steal % is or more (IE: 15% life steal, 15% less damage or if life steal is only 5%, still keep 15% less damage)
Would take vampyric weapons down a notch and may make players think twice about choosing it over everything else, they would get the life steal, but be dealing less damage and therefore less life steal. they may decide to switch to another tint that does more damage and kills faster, so they're taking less damage and have no need for life steal.

This is a tint? unless it's refering to the Bone Ring + 2 NV quest reward (Which was my favorite ring to wield only becaues it says "Bone" just like the new glass ring is my NEW favorite ring :D

These are just ideas that I believe would help balance the use of the different tints.

Any other ideas or critiques?
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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by SanJorge » Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:05 am

1st i dont think that addy and vamp weapons r OP. I dont use vamp on fighter and rogues anymore after last nerf, i prefer barbed,br and adamantium.
I think labrys,lucernhammer need some new damage,speed values and bloodbolt is too weak.

damage: 2-12
speed: 2.9
damage 4-12
so it has better minimum damage than warhammer (2-14).

damage: 3-12
speed: 2.8
damage: 5-14
speed: 3.0
It has good min damage that way for cost of some speed.

replacement for bloodbolt is (maybe there is a better name for it):
2x damage.
200% AS, reduces enemy AS by 50% and int by 30% for 8 seconds.
maybe a charged version with 3x damage possible, wich would be harder to use, target needs to be at least 1 square away.

Bloodbolt can be used as necromancer spell.

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Re: Ideas thread 2014

Post by eggmceye » Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:15 pm

2013 page 17 replies:
Zilverlight wrote:Blood Magic? Spellcasting that either uses player's own health as a source for magic
sure but need to finish necromancers first - but would also think there is tons of magic already
Increased attack power when attacking from stealth while using foils or ranged!
Increased speed for foil weapons and unarmed!
I get the feeling you think foils are underpowered - any consensus?
Zilverlight wrote:What about Blocking not being a fighter specific skill. Would allow for priests to use a shield as well since they're already using heavy armor and most of the maces are 1 handed.
sounds bad for balance
Keighn wrote: Charge - make it available to all weapons. It is purchasable from the regular vender and would help a lot of classes.
Gouge - too short of a duration and a slight too long of a cool off (many times I had the rage but couldn't use the ability)
Taunt - I tried to hotkey so alt or ctrl alt would activate and nothing happened. Had to hit the Function key separately and direction. Ability doesn't do much of anything. Really feel like this is wasted and taunt should perhaps enrage the mob so much it doesn't cast spells and pushes away other mobs just to get at your throat.
Taunt does need to be targeted - roar is the AoE version - otherwise same thing - if no body uses taunt I would scrap it. It was put in (with roar) after by last WoW binge
Charge: yes I think I agree
Gouge: 2 secs in lag is never long enough for anything
mob chests a different color than normal chests.
Loughf wrote:polypile wands added to the secret merchant where IMJ is.
yes only if they aren't a rare & special crafting ingredient, dunno might be bad idea
Holdway wrote:Treasure maps for Maeondir (Ornate treasure map?) and the underworld (Dark treasure map?). They would require higher cartography skill than the normal maps and their drops would be rarer.
SiNeR wrote:what abot putting crystall/glass coins in adamantuim coin vendor??
you can convert crystal coins to addy via improv? petri wand->scav hunt, and you can buy glass coins with xtal coins (but not silver, which are newbie quest badges)
CIAassassin wrote:Better use of AS / Def in PvP / PvE.
it's based on dnd d20 so yes it is totally flawed but I can't imagine rewriting it any time soon
SanJorge wrote:how about vamps start with 1 age , and specials r based on age.
that way a new vamp even lvl 400 has only 1 sec special duration while a older lvl 300 vamp with 100 age has 100 sec duration of special,
good but a bit late ?
Turtle wrote:When the server clears idle instances, it deletes all empty ones (as far as I understand). Perhaps there could be an exception for instances where a player was active in the last 5 minutes or so?
Not sure how it works, that almost sounds like bug ... and it might have changed recently (in last 6 months) anyway ....
Keighn wrote:Similar to how I thought of another way to make money on Crystal coin wands that could amplify Stat items from +30 up to +35 adding +1 per use.
Some might think a +1 AS or Def wand would be cool too.
Wand of Stat amplification - 30 crystal coins
Wand of Attack Strength - 60 crystal coins
Wand of Defense - 60 Crystal coins
I dunno, would have to confer with my items consultant ...
Keighn wrote:Another thought was a magic Shop but in a even more hidden locale.
short answer is why not, subject to balance, blah blah

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Re: Ideas thread 2014

Post by eggmceye » Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:35 pm

page 18
Keighn wrote:1. Portal to the hub (and make it look a little more snazzy than a lame portal siting out in the middle... put up some structure around it.
2. Hub has:
a. Way out to nix going in instance.
b. Regular instance x1
b. Heroic instance x3
c. Epic instance x5
d. Legendary instance x10

Each instance is locked except the regular one. There is a figure in hub who holds the keys to open the doors to each instance. You must quest kill a boss mob at the end of the instance. Return his skull or w/e to gatekeeper and he gives you the key to the next higher instance.
yeh very good idea, tons of work tho
ritari wrote:Ability to cancel or reset level up on pd server with esc.
probably good idea / required
Djanno wrote:Make bookcases useable, would be nice for our houses. ;)
yes! easy hack would be to sell a 'convert mimic to bookcase' wand
Kracky wrote:I was talking to a few other people trying out and playing monk class. I had a few ideas on its improvement.
I don't really feel like talking about monks ... they are already OP, heavily designed, and the med to cast thing I personally really like
Eclips wrote:I'm still in favor of aspects scaling based on INT, but keeping the damage the same for the current average INT for monks (probably about 100 int). This way normal monks remain the same, and monk/mage becomes a more viable multiclass.
hmm only because it can make multi with mage more viable - so why not extend this to classes other than monk?
Keighn wrote:All heavy Armors all parts 30MR each
All Medium Armors all parts 20 MR each
All Light Armors all parts 10 MR each
All UA Armors all parts 5 MR each
Wotable Silk/crysal/crystalhide for the small extra MR bonus.
armours: not sure what the MR change is, can't remember what they are now
wot crystal? have to think about that, prob OP unless it was just the non heavies, but then that is inconsistant
Keighn wrote:When pulling a lever, message in gray should read: "A lever was pulled." or "The lever was pulled."
edit - maybe with sound of grinding stone or something when pulled.
yes, surely
Keighn wrote:Allow for a command at start of alt for perma death: /perma 1 to activate.
Allow /pvp on reg to start at lvl 1 instead of 10.
pd on reg? nah
lvl 1 pvp? no, it's level 10 for a reason ...
Keighn wrote:Maybe vermillion should glow red.
I don't think it's an actual tint/material - it's just a name
Lemonope wrote:A Medieval date, and also days of the week might be cool that go with the sun/moon.
You could then have certain shops/places only open on specific days, or with months in also have proper seasons whcih might help with farming.
it's the sort of thing I would have dismissed ages ago, but with farming, seasons could be useful + interesting
farming+brewing should be fully finished and made interesting or just scrapped, preferably the former
Keighn wrote:Yeah, a calendar would have been great. It could have fantastic names for days, months, years. It certainly doesn't need to mimic IRL. Hell for all we know it has 10 or 3 days a week. 6 weeks a month and 150 months to a year. Might have 8 seasons per year? Who knows.
I always thought the prob with calendars is that they would just progress too quickly and would really show off the fact that there is no technological advancements in this world. I suppose that doesn't matter.
Eclips wrote:Dragon's Claw - Neko De +7 AS, +3 Vig, Enchanted (VYR or whatever the words for polymorph were).

Improve upon Polymorph. Make the spell Int based and give properties based on the dragon you change into.

Drake- Chance of VF on melee
Green- Poison on melee damage, Poison resistance and any other resistance greens have.
White- Chance of Clone on Melee, Clone resistance
Blue- Chance of IMJ on melee
Red- Chance of XC on Hit
Black- Vampyric Melee Attacks
Fire- Chance of IFH wind on melee

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Re: Ideas thread 2013

Post by eggmceye » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:03 pm

Djanno wrote:Auto screenshot taken upon death on PD. To savor the moment.