Ideas thread 2007

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egg has really fucked this game up :(
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Ideas thread 2007

Post by Eclips » Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:20 am

1.Black soul shards- Dropped randomly at a very low rate instead of red or blue shards. Black shards are placed on top of gear that has already been enchanted and is soulbound. Once enchanted the weapons binding is reset and will bind again to the first person to pick up the weapon. Doing so would require 10( or more) skill than enchanting the item normally would.

2.Making the new types of ore-
Ore could be treated to be runed through inscription in some way.
" addled through tinkering in some way.
' barbed through advanced smithing.

3. Quests that give weapon or crafting skills. IE you take up apprenticeships.

4.Enchanting switched to a menu style crafting skill.

5.IMJ causing some damage.

6.Crafting of Tinted gloves.

7. PVP gets disabled for 5 to 10 minutes for players under level 50 after being PKed.

8. Clones as pets- Use alchemy or some kind of quest to create of clone of you that acts as a pet. (Stays until killed, levels, etc.)
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Post by stealthknight » Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:00 pm

About that black soul shard idea, why not also add some type of white soul shard, in which you place on already enchanted gear, the shard will take the place of the shard used to make the gear.
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Post by Heniek » Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:50 pm

My ideas:

- Improving mage Vas Flam spell.Currently VF is only lvl 7 spell that is useless.It's doing same damage as VOG, and it doesn't work on few creatures(fire lizards).If VOG does exactly the same damage, and it can hit several targets, then it's obvious that everyone is using VOG.Here is my idea: VF should work in some radius(after all it's fireball), it would deal damage to certain creature, and everything that is next to it(it could be also int based - too 500 int it would work in radius of one square, 500-1000 two squares, and so on).

- New possible spell enchantments on weapons, like VF,IZH,IJO(that one can be too good), XC.It would be impossible to disenchant them(so someone with 100 enchanting wont be able to create vampyric claymores IJO), and harder to fing than other enchants.

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Post by Heikki » Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:32 pm

1) Dices from quest (2 x 6 side dice)
With /dice command
all players is the same screen with thrower see result of throwing
2 x 6 side dices.
Heikki rolls 3 and 5 and get result 8.
With this feature players can gample and share loot that they have got in party hunting.

2) Balancing mage ebony and vampire staff (As they are with fighters).
Making vampire better and nerf ebony.
Vampire is almost useless and ebony is way too good.

3) New item materials:
1a) In armours blinds attacker.
1b) In weps blind target

2a) In armours reduce damage
2b) In weps prevents target to heal with any way in 2-5 sek.

4) Nerf fighter UA darkweave gloses. (Seems to do too high damage)
I do about 45p damage with vampy gloves and near 70p with darkweave.

5) All (Mages,rogues and fighters) seems to use only UA items.. Maybe making light,medium and heavy better will balance this?

Heniek wrote:
It would be impossible to disenchant them(so someone with 100 enchanting wont be able to create vampyric claymores IJO), and harder to fing than other enchants.
I am only fighter with enchanting 100 (Or am I?) .. So this affect only me in game :P.
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Post by TRIPtych » Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:59 pm

Not that I know a huge amount about EUO.

What about Merc's. Hireable NPCS to fight along side you?

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Post by Heikki » Sat Jun 09, 2007 9:58 pm

Additional ideas.

1) INH spell should break prot scroll poison protection with about 30% change.
2) Mace special move should be better.
3) Rogues foil special move should be little better (Forexample additional 1 sec blind?)
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egg has really fucked this game up :(
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Post by Eclips » Sun Jun 10, 2007 1:47 am

Im pretty sure VF does more damage and works on firelizards, it probably shouldn't work on firelizards tho.

Edit: Just checked my VF does 20 more damage than VOG and works on firelizards. Im pretty sure it works on everything, XC is the only attack spell i know monsters are immune to.

egg has really fucked this game up :(
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Post by Grodst » Sun Jun 10, 2007 4:13 am

Eclips wrote:Im pretty sure VF does more damage and works on firelizards, it probably shouldn't work on firelizards tho.

Edit: Just checked my VF does 20 more damage than VOG and works on firelizards. Im pretty sure it works on everything, XC is the only attack spell i know monsters are immune to.
VF seems to decrease vs VOG as Int increases. On TaiFein, VF was about 50 LOWER than VOG, but who the hell cares about a lvl 700 whining?
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Post by Rusty76 » Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:11 pm

i had a couple of ideas for 1.3:

My first idea is to return metallic tinted fish and make eating them give you a temporary boost according to the tint. eg.

Golden = +1 light (like wearing a piece of gold armor)
Silver = damage deflection from undead melee attacks (like wearing 1 piece of silver armor)
Copper = Increase speed (maybe 1/2 as effective as a brown pot)
Black (Ebony/Blackrock) = +5 to defense
Diamond = +5 to attack strength
Adamantium = Combination of black and diamond fishes (should be rarer)

The effects would last until you attained 'hungry' status or for a fixed amount of time. You could stack effects by eating multiple fish but you cant stack 2 or 3 of the same effect (example: you can't eat 3 black fish for a +15 defense bonus)

My second idea is to make it possible to harvest tile scrolls from any map for use in player houses. Obviously some tiles shouldn't be harvestable, like the ones only craftable by high woodcrafting skill, but it would be nice to be able to get the scrolls for grass, brush, trees, stone walls, rivers, etc. When you harvest the tile it wouldn't remove from the map you got it from, but a soulbound tile scroll would be created in your inventory for the paritcular tile you harvested. Or maybe the tiles wouldn't be soulbound so that someone could give Ikea some competition :) I figure to harvest tile scrolls would take 100 inscription skill (more incentive to train inscription to 100) and all you would do is use a quill on the tile you wish to copy with a blank scroll in your inventory and presto you'd copy it and make a tile scroll.

My last idea would be to add Ale to the inkeeper sale items. It makes sense that they would sell something to drink with the food they sell. Drinking excessive amounts of ale would cause a 'intoxicated' status which would give you say a +5 str bonus and a -10 to int and dex. Your rage meter should build twice as fast when intoxicated than when sober. It would also cause a 25% chance that when you try to take a step you'll step in a different direction than intended. The 'intoxicated' status lasts for a fixed period of time after which the player goes to 'sick' status and loses the bonuses and penalities from being intoxicated. Oh, being 'intoxicated' also causes criminal status similar to lycan criminal status.

Just a few ideas. :)

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Post by Bk » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:24 pm

Probably never going to happen, and i honestly dont care for it to, but with multiple pets, you can make Vudo Dolls, or (For inscriptiing) Vudo Scrolls, that you use on your pets, to make little 5 lb, g, kg, or w/e is used in EUO, to carry around.

It works as so:
-You want two pets (max, 357 pets would be outragous).
-Use a Vudo scroll on your first pet, or old pet will become a NPC and dissappear, like trying to tame a pet with already owning one these days.
-Tame new pet.

If you want to switch out pets out:
-FIRST, you must use a Vudo Scroll on your 'active' pet (makes it a vudo doll).
-Then USE the doll you want to be your pet.

In inventory, the doll's name will be what you have named it, and the description, will tell what monster it is.


Fuzzy doll
Green Dragon
Weight: 5.0 (5.0 ttl)

or either Fuzzy vudo doll

A big rule for this is that you can only have one out at a time, so you must use the scroll on your pet before taming another, or what happens now will happen, and he'll be a 30 sec NPC. And, when using a Vudo Doll, you should only be able to use it when you have no 'active' pets, such as you have Vudo Dolled all your pets, then you will be able to use the doll, and pull out another pet. :D...

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Post by Sunfire » Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:01 am

It's not a bad idea you know, but why everything has to be a scroll? Don't tell me you use scrolls that often in RL too, I suggest, simply, Origami Dragons, orks, trolls and other folks...

Another idea I had the other day was, if someone could take out the shard thats inside duogon and manage to shatter it so that a magic vortex is created in a fashion as to allow travell by moongates to a new land called etc.new_continent. This place would be created mainly by community and after Egg's review and implementation of the one time event of breaking the shard, each fragment would then act (under special circumstancess) as a moon gate leading deep inside many of the dungeons of the new continent where you are welcome to the challenge of working your way up and eventually binding at one of the new towns.

I dunno, it's not all that simple... add more spice to it if you are going to cook it, and more story line vegetables..

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Post by Keighn » Tue Jun 12, 2007 4:44 am

Some notes about weapon specials. I believe Foils has enough specials tied to it already:

70% attempt to parry attacks (not sure of the actual % but its probably tied to dex)
80% attempt to riposte (reflect) attacks back at opponent (again tied to dex for this trigger??)
90% Full rage = disarm

That's pretty solid IMO for foils. Not to mention a rage attack does near double damage (I'd like to know the actual %'le) when via foils. Perhaps it is +50%; I'm not really sure.

Now mace class weapons have a very nice THUNDERCLAP! attack that may stun, confuse, or even blind an opponent (it could be it blinds an opponent so it appears stunned since opponents that can't see you won't attack you). I am a little disappointed that a full rage attack doesn't do double damage or the +50% damage.

If all weapons were created equal then they'd all have some sort of special that could be triggered (without rage) at 70% and 80%
STUN was taken out as it proved too easy to destroy enemies. Maybe if it was possible at 80% for the attempt with only a .1% chance of being activated it might be ok. I can't really think of a 70% attack except perhaps a +5-+10 to AS if it was triggered that or just a +25% to damage rolls. In essence that'd mean maces would have a greater chance for throwing out criticals of varying degrees.

Polearm - Personally I think polearms should be handled as ranged weapons. They are very difficult to wield than traditional melee weapons. I think the attack method of targeting an opponent would open up some good possibilities. Your normal range would be 1square until you hit 70%. At that point you could target up to 2 squares away. Thus pikemen could nail opponents from behind the sword/axemen or whatever from behind. 80% Impale the target takes an automatic +50% of damage of your next attack the next hit. (example: say you impale an opponent - your next hit you strike for 40 damge +50% (20 damge) for 60 total. And naturally 90% is your standard bloodbolt.

That might be too much. Perhaps at 80% a +5 to your def for a few seconds to simulate the far reach of a polearm.

Axe: Cleave is good. 70% perhaps a slight bleeding like poison but without the preventing spellcasting. 80% Slows opponent by 1/2 or 1/4

Ranged: 70% very slight chance to blind for a few secs 80% a knockback 90% we know the ranged Rage Headshot which is good (too bad it can't be used while from afar but oh well).

Shortswords: already has dual wield for any%, allows backstab if hidden, and 90% has a rage attack that defies my memory atm.

Unarmed: give it the same two basic defense as foil 70% parry 80% deflect & keep our Rage 90% for Quivering Palm

I'd still like to see bracers (a UA shield) for blocking. I'll take that over a dual wield anyday for monks. Let rogues have fun with SS to make that unique.

Again, I don't know the exact formula for criticals.

Responses to others:
I don't find UA overpowered. You will get your ass kicked at lower levels easily. If you def hog you're still in a heap of crap from dragons/daemon/balrons and the other real nasties. I personally don't use gloves of attack but def it up. I should invest in a spare suit for magic using enemies I guess.

Leave fireball as is. Put In Flam Hur (flame wind) for an 8th circle spell. I guess we need some orange lines for that spell. Its that or put fireball as a 6th circle. Flame Wind as 7th and make Energy Wind (I forget the incantation) for 8th circle.

Until the game gets elemental resistance and attacks lesser firebolt spells and such are pretty much non-option IMHO.

I like the metal fish but mostly as a supplement to the fish we already have.

Being SICK, hungry, Weak, & Starving needs more penalties. Both combats AS & DEF penalties. Perhaps even a -10% to all skill/stats attributes for sickness and hungry conditions. Weak -25% and Starving -50%. Worse, disease would automatically throw you up to 90% ill via stats if combined with hunger/sickness.

I disagree with INH breaking Protection scrolls. It takes a lot of cash to get up to just 90% inscription. And even then it takes quite a bit to pump out a decent amount of protection scrolls until you hit 100% inscription.

1. allow regular repair scrolls to be crafted again (14% ones) at 85% inscription.

2. allow Improved to be made at 105% (*when you have 100% inscription you have a 50% chance of failure to make them..... or if you want to be even more still 109% making it 90% chance of failure to make the scroll.

3. Make it so anvils have to be used again for repairing weapons (with the exception of ones that need a pocket knife). Too cheesy IMO being able to just pound out the dents anywhere.

4. Make a portable anvil that can be dropped (obviously) that weighs 50 (they ain't light). That way weapons could still be repaired anywhere.

On another note (dealing with scroll issues) allow the making of Improved Raise Pet Scrolls at 70%) And perhaps make an Improved Resurrection Scroll (95%) that restores all the players hp and removes Res Sickness.

Yeah, perhaps you're right about the IRS...heh.. maybe make it 100% Inscription.... but 99% chance of failure to make.

Also.... Diamond & Adamantium Smithing Hammers would be nice..... perhaps made at 100% tinkering with 50% chance of failure to make.

Vas Sanct Scrolls at 35%
Vas Sanct Lor Scrolls at 70%
Ex Uus Scrolls at 75%
In Wis scrolls at 5%
Ex Por Scrolls at 30%
Summon Insect Scroll at 0%
Summon Rat at 3%
Summon Giant Rat at 5%
Summon Bat Scrolls at 10%
Summon Spider scroll at 15%
Summon Snake at 20%
Summon Creature Scroll at 45%
Stated from a different post. ^

And finally perhaps Improved, Refined, Greater - Brown, Purple, Orange, Green, White, Black, Pink, and Red potions.

Improved Brown Potion - Longer Duration
Refined Brown Potion - even Longer Duration
Greater Brown Potion - still even Longer Duration
Mega Brown Potion - Longest Duration

Improved Purple Potion - +2 AS & Longer Duration
Refined Purple Potion - +3 AS & Longer Duration
Greater Purple Potion - +4 AS & Longer Duration
Mega Purple Potion - +5 AS & Longest Duration

Iron Potion - Provides +1 tempory DEF for a duration similar to purple
Improved Iron Potion - +2 DEF and Longer Duration
Refined Iron Potion - +3 DEF & Longer Duration
Greater Iron Potion - +4 DEF & Longer Duration
Mega Iron Potion - +5 DEF & Longest Duration

Improved White Potion - Longer Duration
Refined White Potion - Even Longer Duration
Greater White Potion - Normal Duration + Truesight
Mega White Potion - Double Duration + Truesight

Improved Black Potion - Longer Duration
Refined Black Potion - Even Longer Duration
Greater Black Potion - Still Even Longer Duration
Mega Black Potion - Longest Duration

Improved Orange Potion- Longer Duration
Refined Orange Potion - Even Longer Duration
Greater Orange Potion - Still Even Longer Duration
Mega Orange Potion - Longest Duration

Improved Red Potion - Cures Poison & offers protection from poison for 12.5 seconds.
Refined Red Potion - Cures Poison & protection for 25 seconds.
Greater Red Potion - Cures Poison & protection for 50 seconds.
Mega Red Potion - Cures Poison & offers protection for 100 seconds.

Improved Pink Potion - Cures Disease & offers protection from poison 12.5 seconds. + Removes sickness from overeating. PEPTO where it coats.
Refined Pink Potion - Cures Disease & protection for 25 seconds. + Removes sickness
Greater Pink Potion - Cures Disease & protection for 50 seconds. + Removes sickness
Mega Pink Potion - Cures Disease & Protection for 100 seconds + Removes sickness

Improved Lime Potion - +2 NV & Longer Duration
Refined Lime Potion - +3 NV & Even Longer Duration
Greater Lime Potion - +4 NV & Still Even Longer Duration
Mega Lime Potion - +5 NV & Longest Duration

Mega Clear Potion - Possible Random effects x2 + cures blindness.

And finally (yes I know you all love extremely long long posts :P ) a few other spells: Increased strength (like Ex Uus)
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Post by Mackey666 » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:07 am


only crafting device you cant tinker or smith. (aside from alchemy and inscription/ stuff like that. it just seems the most obvious... its a freakin sharp piece of metal on a stick.)

pole and ingot, either through tinkering or smithing, i really would love to see that in the game. its just a little annoying to have to run to montor for just that anymore
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Post by Keighn » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:43 am

Aye, I gotta agree on that one. Weaponsmithing should put woodsman axes in that section. Ingot + Pole at 35 or 40%

Also, if you look at the picture for some mace weapons (Warhammers, lucern hammer, Great Mauls) you'd notice they have a wooden hammer as well. Perhaps including + Pole in the their making would also be a good idea.

I'm not sure if making Tinker's Toolkits and Mortar & Pestle would be a good Idea. Certainly 100% tinkering for Tinker Toolkits with perhaps the following materials (brass sheet, zinc Ingot, Ingot, Raw Glass, mesh, lens).

Zinc Smelting Tongs should be given out as a quest reward instead of the NV+5. Either that or allow crafting Zinc Smelting Tongs at 25% Tinkering.

Mortar & Pestle (raw glass) at 20% perhaps.
A rogue Skill called Dark Vision. Every 20% = +1 NV. It only goes up if you're not near light, use and use no light spells/torch.

Items of Stamina + that regenerate hp instead of Mana. Then you could walk around regenerating hp. I suppose it could be named items of Regeneration instead of Stamina.

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Post by Bugbo » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:22 pm

Some method of recylcling items to get their materials would be nice.
Shift use smelting tongs on metal weapons or armour to get back ingots.
Use woodsman's axe on wood weapons or shield to get back wood
Use scissors on leather or cloth items to cut them up into leather or cloth.
This should lower the clutter people can get in the bank.

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Post by Heniek » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:28 pm

New tiles to buy in Ikea store in Dryden, like crystal ball, portals to various towns.Those tiles would be very expensive(like 1 mln gp for portal tile), and could be usefull for people who already own a house.

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Post by Keighn » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:32 am

Here's an old weapon/armour list I was working on a year or so ago.

# wearable.dat
# wearable types:
# a=armour
# s=shield
# h=helm
# g=gloves
# b=boots
# r=ring
# m=amulet
# t=trousers/legs
# grade: l=light m=medium h=heavy u=unarmoued
#cd name prefix typ ac price grade merch weight
088 gi_(torso) some a 0 70 u t 0.5
089 robe a a 0 70 u t 0.5
000 cloth armour some a 0.5 80 l t 1
080 padded_shirt a a 1 90 l t 1
000 leather cuirbolli some ? 1 85 l t 1
081 leather_armour some a 1.5 180 l t 1.5
08a leather_tunic a a 2 220 l t 1.7
082 ringmail some a 2.5 250 m A 2
000 brigandine a a 3 300 m A 3.5
083 scalemail some a 3 400 m A 3
084 chainmail some a 3.5 600 m A 2.5
Ddd chain hauberk some a 4 750 m A 5
085 splintmail some a 4 800 h A 4
000 bandedmail some a 4.5 900 h A 4.5
086 platemail some a 5 1000 h A 6
000 dragonhide some a 5.5 craft m ? 2
087 field_plate some a 6 2000 h A 4
000 full_plate some a 6.5 5000 h A 10

000 bracers a s 10 75 u A 0.5
030 buckler a s 20 120 l A 1
031 small_shield a s 23 160 m A 1.5
Ddd round shield a s 25 200 m A 1.7
032 large_shield a s 26 250 h A 2
033 heater_shield a s 29 300 h A 2.5
034 kite_shield a s 32 260 h A 3
035 tower_shield a s 35 400 h A 4
000 spiked shield a s 30 1200 h A 6 piercing 1d6 hands (1) category (block) speed 5

040 cap a h 0 35 u t 0.5
000 padded cap a h 0.5 50 l t 1
041 leather_helm a h 1 70 l t 1
042 chain_coif a h 1.5 150 m A 1.5
Ddd basinet Ironhelm??? a h 1.5 200 m A 1
043 full_helm a h 2 250 h A 2
044 horned_helm a h 2 280 h A 2
000 winged helm
000 Spiked Helmet a h 3.5 1000 h A 2.5 piercing 1d3 dmg hands(0) category(Helms) speed 6

053 gloves some g 0 25 u t 0.5
050 leather_gloves some g 1 45 l t 1
051 chain_gloves some g 1.5 160 m A 1.5
052 gauntlets some g 2 190 h A 2

094 gi_(legs) some t 0 15 u t 0.5
090 padded_leggins some t 0.5 60 l t 0.5
091 leather_leggins some t 1 100 l t 1
000 ring_leggings some t 1.5 150 m A 1.5
092 chain_leggins some t 2 300 m A 2
000 scaled_greaves some t 2.5 400 h A 3
093 greaves some t 3 450 h A 3

132 swamp_boots some b 0 300 u p 1
060 padded_boots some b 0.5 70 l t 0.5
061 leather_boots some b 1 80 l t 1
062 chain_boots some b 1.5 130 m A 1.5
063 plate_boots some b 2 350 h A 2

070 ring a r 0 100 u j 0.1
071 ring a r 0 150 u j 0.1
072 ring a r 0 150 u j 0.1
073 ring a r 0 150 u j 0.1
074 ring a r 0 100 u j 0.1

075 ankh a m 0 100 u j 0.1
076 necklace a m 0 150 u j 0.1
077 necklace a m 0 150 u j 0.1
078 necklace a m 0 150 u j 0.1
079 amulet a m 0 150 u j 0.1
07a amulet a m 0 150 u j 0.1
Ddd leather collar a m .5 125 l t 0.3
07b spiked_collar a m 1 150 l t 0.5
Ddd scale collar a m 1.3 500 m t 1
ddd chain collar a m 1.5 750 m t 1.5
ccc plate collar a m 2 1000 h t 2

#id cat. type regular name dmg hnds price range? Wght speed
ddd s s butcher knife 1d4 1 100 b 2.0 1.5
Ddd s s small sword 1d5 1 111 b 2.5 1.8
111 s s sword 1d6 1 300 b 3.5 1.9
Ddd s s cutlass 1d7 1 350 b 3.7 2.0
12 s s long_sword 1d8 1 400 b 4 2.1
13 s s scimitar 2d4 1 400 b 3.5 2.2
4a s s falchion 1d9 1 450 b 4.5 2.3
14 s s broad_sword 2d5 1 750 b 5.5 2.4
1e s s bastard_sword 1d11 1 550 b 4.5 2.6
111 s s 2H Sword 2d6 2 900 b 6 3.0
15 s s claymore 2d8 2 1000 b 6 3.2
16 s s greatsword 3d6 2 2000 b 8 3.4

22 a s cleaver 1d4 1 100 b 1.5 1.5
20 a s hatchet 1d5 1 250 b 1.5 1.8
222 a s hand axe 1d6 1 350 b 2.6 1.9
3d a s tomahawk 1d7 1 500 b 1.6 1.8
Ddd a s axe 1d8 1 dddd b 3 2.0
333 a s battle axe 1d9 1 650 b 5 2.1
Ddd a s broad axe 1d10 1 800 b 6 2.8
16 a s 2H_axe 1d11 2 900 b 6 2.4
3c a s labrys 3d4 2 850 b 6 2.8
333 a s war axe 3d6 2 1100 b 8 3.5

222 b b mallet 1d3 1 b 1.0 1.5
222 b b small club 1d4 1 50 b 1.5 1.7
1c b b club 1d5 1 100 b 2 1.8
Ddd b b hammer 1d6 1 200 b 3 2.1
Ddd b b crowbar 1d7 1 250 b 3.5 2.6
17 b b mace 1d8 1 300 b 4 2.4
1a b b flail 2d4 1 350 b 4 2.4
19 b b morning_star 1d9 1 600 b 4 2.3
ddd b b studded mace 1d10 1 b 4.5 2.5
Dd b b maul 2d5 1 650 b 5 2.7
b b battle hammer 1d11 2 b 6.5 2.8
1f b b lucern_hammer 2d6 2 700 b 7 2.9
24 b b warhammer 2d7 2 950 b 6 2.8
222 b b 2H Hammer 2d8 2 1100 b 7 3.3
2a b b great_maul 3d6 2 1200 b 8 3.5

15a p s hoe 1d4 2 100 2 2 2.2
Ddd p p rake 1d4 2 100 2 3 2.4

Ddd p s bill 1d6 2 2 3.5 2.4
Ddd p p pitch fork 1d6 2 200 2 3 2.0

ddd p s fauchard 2d4 2 ddd 2 5.5 2.6
ddd p p awl_pike 2d4 2 ddd 2 7 2.5

27 p s guisarme 1d9 2 2 6 2.7
25 p p spear 1d9 2 700 2 5 2.1

26 p s glaive 2d5 2 550 2 5 2.5
Ddd p p military fork 2d5 2 /// 2 4.5 2.2

Ddd p s voulge 1d11 2 ddd 2 6.5 2.8
Ddd p p spetum 1d11 2 ddd 2 5.5 2.3

2d p s scythe 3d4 2 1050 2 7 2.9
Ddd p p ranseur 3d4 2 750 2 6 2.5

ddd p s bec_de_corbin 2d7 2 sss 2 7.4 3.0
ddd p p partisan 2d7 2 sss 2 6.5 2.6

Dd p s bardiche 2d8 2 1075 2 7.5 3.3
Dd p p trident 2d8 2 7 2.7

1d p s halberd 3d6 2 1100 2 8 3.5
Ddd p p Lance 3d6 2 ddd 2 7.5 4.0

ddd m b wand 0-1 1 50 p .5 1.1
Ddd m b rod 1d1 1 75 p .7 1.3
ddd m b cudgel 1d2 1 100 p 1 1.5
4b m b shillelagh 1d3 2 150 p 2 1.7
4c m b crook 1d4 2 250 p 2 2.1
18 m b staff 1d5 2 100 p 2 2.3
Ddd m b battle staff 1d6 2 1500 p 4 2.0

Ddd r b throwing rock 1d1 1 20 b 1 1.5
Ddd r p throwing dart 1d1 1 50 d 1 1.7
333 r p blow gun 1d2 2 75 d 1.3 2
159 r b sling 1d3 1 100 b 1.7 1.8
27 r p short_bow 1d4 2 200 y 2 1.5
28 r p long_bow 1d6 2 400 y 3 1.9
333 r p light crossbow 1d8 2 500 y 3.5 2.4
29 r p crossbow 2d5 2 600 y 4 2.6
Ddd r p Heavy crossbow 2d6 2 1200 y 5 3.5
Ddd r p Triple crossbow 3d6 2 5000 y 8 10
2e r g musket 1d8 2 0 b 2 8

flaming oil burns for 1d4-1 rounds
throwing spear
throwing axe
magic axe (returning)
chaos 99

2f u b brass_knuckles 1d3 1 500 b 2 1.5
3a u p katar 1d3 1 600 b 2 1.5
3b u s neko_de 1d3 1 700 b 2 1.5
Ddd u b cestus 1d5 1 1500 b 3 1.8
Ddd u p
Ddd u s claws 1d5 1 2000 b 3 1.8

23 f p kryss 1d6 1 550 b 3 1.6
21 f p sabre 1d6 1 650 b 3 1.5
3f f p epee 1d7 1 850 b 3 1.6
2b f p rapier 1d7 1 950 b 3 1.5

Ddd d p knife 1d2 1 50 b 1.5 1.5
Ddd d p stilletto 1d3 1 75 b 1.3 1.3
1b d p dagger 1d4 1 100 b 1.5 1.5
2c d p main_gauche 1d5 1 350 b 2 1.5 blocking 5
11 d s short_sword 1d6 1 550 b 3 1.5
3e d p rondel 1d7 1 800 b 3 1.6

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Post by Chaosknight » Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:46 pm

Well I recently started playing this game. Although I can't say much for some aspects, I have some opinions on some of the last posts.

Regarding special tinted fished: I think it would be a good idea. Whos to say they did not eat some sort of item to make them that way? Of course they would be rare.

Tinted Gloves: Can't hurt.

Gloves as hand to hand weapons: It sounds reasonable.

Now to my suggestion:

Well I'm unable to use paypal or anything else mainly because I don't have a job (although I'm looking). I think it could help if you could add some apartments, or allow people to rent out their living quarters. The payments would be in either weekly, or monthly increments. If someone is late in making the payment, items (first with the house, then the bank if the house is empty) will begin to empty to make up for the cash based upon a set amount. If you run out of items to make payments, the deal is broken and you will then be in debt. From that point any items you find, or cash you make will go directly to the owner of the housing area.

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Post by laz » Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:26 pm

My suggestion for 1.3 is a bit off of the usual. Suggestions:
- update manual :);
- integrate merch search with players account or so, so that when you search for an prices on items you have, your merch would show up in, lets say, bold, lower prices in green and higher prices in red.
- also, with that integration, allow to search your personal bank.

Point is, the forums and manual are great help to play the game, maybe they should communicate more.

Is this a silly idea? :D

Oh, something else a friend and I have thought of was developing a way (possibly a .php page) to find out what items have you sold from your merch.

Even more silly? :)

egg has really fucked this game up :(
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Post by Eclips » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:51 pm

Tinted gloves to exist, they just cannot be crafted at this point. Also they already act as weapons for combat.

Laz, you already can search your bank with the / button. Making an search on the web would just be unnecessary work and server strain.

However in the search i think it would be cool if you could hit the % key and have it stand for anything.

for instance searching for "Blackrock % + 5" would search for all blackrock items with a + 5 at the end.

"Goldweave % of vigour + 15" would search for all the goldweave armors with + 15 Vigour.