Tanky Treasure Hunter (reg/pd, Human 100 rog/60 ftr/40 prst)

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Tanky Treasure Hunter (reg/pd, Human 100 rog/60 ftr/40 prst)

Post by 1[WoWz] » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:23 am

There is a build that I've been using on regular for quite a bit now. It combines the tankiness of a fighter, stealth/chest opening of a rogue, and the healing/DoT of a priest.

Level 500 approximate stats - Human Str 2799, Dex 250, Int 25 - Rogue 100%, Fighter 60%, Priest 40%

Equipment: You can have a budget build that will take you through end game. Glass medium armor is an option but it will give stealth a chance to fail.
Weapon: 1 handed polearm/mace (copper/runed/blackrock/adamantium/vampyric/barbed) (VAM, XMP, OG4, VOG, XJ, AEP, VF, IJO enchant)
Bound Ranged Weapon: Venomous Sling VF (different enchant is fine)
Shield: Spiked Tower Shield MR +5 or spiked artifact shield
Head: Bone Cap MR +5 or Ironfist cap or Nighstalker cap
Torso: Bone Robe MR +5 or Estorrath's Vestments or Nightstalker Shirt
Belt: Bone Belt MR +5 or Belt of Regeneration
Legs: Leather Leggins MR +5 or Nightstalker Leggins (Crystalhide) or Ironfist Gi Pants (Silk)
Feet: Dragonscale Boots Vigour +14-+16
Hands: Leather Leggings MR +5 or Nightstalker Gloves (Crystalhide)
Neck: Bone Necklace Attack +9 or any of the bands
Rings: 2x Bone Ring Attack +9 or Estorrath's Carcenet or Patrick's Spiked Collar
Sigils: Mind/Body/Spirit Attack +9

Bindings: Heal self (Mani), Charge, Shield Bash, Wallop, Power Word Pain (AMT), Battle Roar (optional), Heal Other (optional)

Buffs: Mino Stroganoff or enchanted cheese give +15% str, scrolls of galvinsing or feel great increases all your stats, and greater scrolls of health are helpful.

How to fight : Go up to a single or group of enemies. Bind a nice venomous sling enchant and hit a monster before you get in melee range (use the "fire" key to switch>fire>switch automatically). Cast AMT on the enemy. Start melee attacking. Shield Bash when poison wears off. When it pushes them back, fire to proc venomous again (don't fire in melee, it misses often). Charge at the enemy and start melee attacking again. If against more than one enemy Wallop gives you an AoE attack but attacking 1 at a time is perfectly fine as well. Try not to spam Mani too often or else your fights will last longer.

Fire venomous sling > AMT > Melee attacks > Spiked shield bash > Fire venomous sling > Charge > Melee attacks

Very tanky from so much HP and tank stance (can solo anything)
Can open chests without worrying about traps
Can stealth through maps or to hide when retreating
Heal self + heal other party member or pet
Multiple forms of DoT which does good damage even in tank stance
Fun and rewarding combos and rotations
Great party member

Low single target damage without DoT
No Area of Effect
Gameplay can be boring
IGN: 1

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