Reg/PD Human 100 Rogue/70 Monk/30 Priest

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Reg/PD Human 100 Rogue/70 Monk/30 Priest

Post by 1[WoWz] » Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:24 am

I've been searching for a rogue build that offered more survivability than average. While the 100 rogue, 70 monk, 30 priest build is nothing new, I wanted to document it and the different ways to play it.

Class skills overview:
70 Unarmed - Sleep Fist is going to be the main special of those who want to do the 20x sleep + backstab. Throat Strike is great against high magic mobs.
70 Sanctity - Sense, teleport, yeti aspect, and sieze are all great spells. Sense + Sieze lets you snatch mobs 1 by 1. Yeti works great with Riposte and Slice n Dice.
100 Shortswords - A main hand machete will let you do incredible damage. Dual wield if you'd like or have a single machete to easily switch to a foil, ranged, or UA weapon.
100 Foils - A nice defensive option against high physical damage monsters. Riposte with Yeti aspect is a very nice combo.
100 Stealth - Landing a successful backstab is nice but a successful sleep fist backstab is amazing. Sleep Fist or Backstab out of stealth both work well.
100 Ranged - A good backup weapon (press - on numberpad to switch, fire, switch back). A venomous spell enchanted sling is a good choice here.
100 Traps/Locks - Opening chests is great fun, especially at the end of a phase portal.
30 Piety - Heal self is very important although if you can get by with just potions and sanctity heal, you could go 100 rogue/100 monk.
30 Divinity - Unfortunately there is nothing here although you have a 75% chance of AMT, which is a good single target bleed.
30 Blessed Maces - Won't be used.

There are several options for stats including:
25% Str, 75% Dex (higher Shortsword/Foil/Ranged damage, faster movement at earlier levels)
50% Str, 50% Dex (higher Unarmed damage, higher HP, higher load)
Or somewhere between the two.

Equipment options:
Main Shortsword: BR/Addy Machete +9
Main UA weapon: Runed Katar +9 or Runed Long Kiss Goodnight. Other tints or spell enchants work as well.
Main Foil: Addled, Blackrock, Adamantium, Barbed, or Vampyric are good choices here with a nice enchant if possible.
Sidearm Ranged weapon: Venomous Sling +9/VF, a better enchant would work as well.
Off Hand: Another Shortsword, Bone Carved Skull MR +5, Mark of the Beholder, Enigmatic Bauble
Head: Ironfist Cap (silk if you can find it), Bone Cap MR +5
Torso: Estorath's Vestments, Bone Robe MR +5
Hands: Gloves MR +5
Legs: Gi (legs) MR +5
Feet: Dragonscale Boots MR +5
Belt: Belt of Regeneration, Bone Belt MR +5
Rings: Any bands, Bone Rings of Attack +9
Neck: Estorath's Carcenet, Bone Necklace of Attack +9
Sigils: Attack +9

There are several strategies that work well depending on how hard the enemy is.
Peeling 1 by 1 from a group - Sieze them (through a wall with sense if needed), attack UA, sleep fist, move away, equip machete, stealth towards and backstab.
Easy group - Move in/Stealth in, attack one, slice and dice with shortsword/foil until all are dead.
Harder group - Stealth in, backstab one, switch to UA, sleep fist each other monster to fight 1 on 1.
1 vs 1 (some rage built) - Stealth in, sleep fist, move back, equip machete, stealth in and backstab for 20x damage.
1 vs 1 (no rage built) - Stealth in, backstab, switch to UA, sleep fist, move back, equip machete, stealth in and backstab.
IGN: 1

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