Quest treasure hunt style guide*SPOILERS* - Incomplete

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Quest treasure hunt style guide*SPOILERS* - Incomplete

Post by Rumper » Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:18 pm

So hey all,

I'll be doing a short quest guide on how to complete your missions as fast as possible. However I will not be adding any recommended lvls and stuff like that. Either you die trying or you can do it :D. Here is a map of New Sosaria as we know it. Also people have requested me no to put any map routes or the like in this post. So I'll be doing really vague descriptions so old players would get it while beginners... well stay beginners :D


So let me start with the first quest.
When you create your character your first quest would be to deliver a note to Torin the blacksmith.
Keyword: delivery
Just go through the fields of rats and enter the mountain cave. When you enter the dungeon there is a hidden wall where you skip the whole dungeon. Pass through the town and don't forget Torin. Enter through the hidden wall and go in the bottom most portal. Reminder that guy next to the portal will explain you what lotl is and stuff.

As you have now arrived to Nordhaven, you have to exit it. Then enter the cave east of Nordhaven, and talk to Bill the Jailer. He will give you 3 quests.
-Kill 5 rats and return.
(Use the butcher's knife on a rat corpse if there is one)
Keyword: rats
Easy one just kill the rats on the same map.
-Kill 10 giant rats and return.
Keyword: giant
Kill all rats on the map then go down the ladder and kill all rats there, pass through the gremlin room and the bat room. You will find the spider room with giant rats too. Kill them and return.
-Kill the mongbat and return.
Keyword: mongbat
So here again we return to the room with spiders and north of that room is a door with a ladder. Use the ladder and go south all the way. On the west side of the eight figure that is the cave is a door, enter it and kill the mongbat.

Now we have completed Bill's quest. You surely have noticed the gremlin so talk to it.
Bring meat (rat) to it.
If you have used your butcher's knife on a rat corpse then saying the keyword removes 1 meat (rat) from your inventory and gives you a baking dish.
Keyword: meat

Now all jail quests are completed.

Say hi to Harold in Nordhaven.
He will tell you something about an eye. You all know where it is, follow the hidden path behind the hidden wall in the basement of the provisioner. When you go down the second ladder there is a peergem on the ground in the room nextdoor. Be sure to pick it up.
But now Harold informs you that Beritha was abducted. Go down the ladder in the room behind the healers office. You will see like 5 rat packs there, then enter the hidden wall. Kill that cute goblin and return.
Harold will pass you of to his collegue who is too weak to handle a troll
Now let's take a shortcut. Remember the gremlin room in jail? There is hidden room with skels almost next to it. Kill the lich and continue onward. But take the right turn not left. Enter the ladder and go all the way east. Haha 3 chest waiting to be opened for you.

Stay tuned for Izumi

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Re: Quest treasure hunt style guide*SPOILERS* - Incomplete

Post by Massmurdera » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:50 am

Will post pictures, when I figure out the easiest way to host them.
Easiest Quest is Dray in the Inn.

talk to him and say "Bandage". Done!
Hes give you a ticket to travel to the buccaneers den.

talk to him and say "work" and then "smyth"
kill smyth at the armory in the northeast part of Izumi
talk to him and say "work" and then "goblins"
pick up the quest from Gryz before heading to the mine.
On your way to get the brew kill the goblins and you can knock out both the quests at once.
Just go straight south from the entrance of the old mines.
talk to him and say "work" and then "snakes"
goto Lillyville on the southeast peninsula near Izumi. Kill 20 snakes there.
Now he sends you to Richard.

talk to him and say "brew"
goto the old mine northwest of Izumi

talk to him and say "work" and then "talisman"
goto Bayside Ruins which is east of Nord
The Talisman is north laying on the ground.
talk to him and say "work" and then "skeletons"
goto the old IAG Clan Hall immediately southeast of Izumi
kill 15 skeletons doesnt matter if they are unarmed have a shield or mage. Kill 'em all.
Now he sends you to Slade.

talk to him and say 'work" and then "Imp"
Goto the mines and kill the imp on the very west side.
He sends you to Mon Ferrato

Return a book to library for him to Stanwell, Its east of Izumi.

This is the yellow stone quest its a bit confusing but the people you need to know that is in love are Mathew and Dawn. Will add info later.

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