Different kinds of Monk builds

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Different kinds of Monk builds

Post by Rumper » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:40 am

Hello all,

Half-Troll Vampire Monk

I am in the middle of making a character on regular server, to see if it's worthwhile to use it in PD.
The idea is having a vampire with insane DPS that doesn't need to get hit.
So here would be the perks of this build I am trying to make:

Half-troll: Dual wielding 1 barbed and 1 addled weapons using snake aspect for alot of damage! Preferably a neko de and a katar for having piercing and slashing damage. This good against demons and dragons.
Vampire monk: Because of your awesome damage aspects it could be possibly to out-dps your lost health by 4 times, meaning you could get more health back than losing it. Because monks use 50/50 str/dex this should be easier to do than using a fighter build with 75/25 str/dex or even 90/10 str/dex. Using mirror images makes it possible to only concentrate on regaining your health by sunlight damage.

Stat distribution:

Having enouh mana for 1 mirror images and 2 seizes is all you need. So 25 + 18 + 18 = 61 mana.
The rest of your points are for dex/str in an equal distribution.
Item prospects:
1 addled weapon (katar or neko de) - For having double chance of criticals which increases your damage by alot. Not using rune because your rage gain is really fast (Dualwielding and monk attack speed)
1 barbed weapon (The other weapon of the 2 choices above) - Bleeding helps alot, especially if you are surrounded by mobs, you can simply put them sleeping while they keep bleeding. Because you are a vampire you also get a minor vampyric drain effect from these. Killing a boss would be easier if surrounded than not surrounded.
Goldweave gear, this is easy to make (55 alchemy, 30 tailoring) (Spider silk x 10, gold nugget x 2) for 1 Gi(legs), 1 Gi(torso), 1 cap and 1 pair of gloves.
You can dip these (lots of dips) to get up to +15 vig/dex/int/str, +3, +3 MR.
As for your feet you can use goldhide swamp boots aswell as dragonscale boots.
Optimal gear would be silk. But it's rare to find.
Now you could get 3 pieces of the the 6 to get +10 vig or have 2 pieces + 15 vig. Minimum requirement is to have 25 vig on 3 pieces. Optimal would be 2 pieces with + 15 vigour each. As to be able to keep up 2 mirrors at all times and ocassionally use seize.
The rest would be MR gear.
As for why gold is important, you are a vampire thus more likely to hunt at night. Battleweave, darkweave, silverweave and goldweave don't give more defenses with + MR gear than normal cloth. So why not use goldweave to get NV.

For rings, I personally prefer 1 ring of protection, but that is purely optional as you can use scroll op protect. So if think it's not needed you can still go for attack rings.
Amulet: Get a studded amulet with attack bonus.

Once you have more than 1K hp, change all of your MR gear into STR/DEX gear.

So for early lvls you could have a build like this.

Addled neko de + 1/2/3
Venomous katar +1/2/3
gold cap + 3 MR
gold gloves + 10 vig
gold Gi(torso) + 10 vig
gold Gi(legs) + 3 MR
Swamp boots + 10 vig
ring + 1/2/3 MR
ring + 1/2/3 MR
Necklace of attack + 1/2/3 or Naomi's pendant or Necklace + 1/2/3 MR

As you are early lvl you would probably find having aspect of defense is really important. Also you are not yet a vampire.

Once you are lvl 100/170+ (Reg/PD)
You can go vampire and use snake aspect.

At that point your build could be something like.

Addled neko de + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
Barbed katar + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
gold cap + 30 str
gold gloves + 15 vig
gold Gi(torso) + 15 vig
gold Gi(legs) + 30 dex
Dragonscale boots + anything
ring + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 attack or ring of protection, if you don't like scrolls.
ring + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 attack
Spiked collar of + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 attack

Just rush into enemies, when you are in the middle use mirror images.
Then put all heavy fighters to sleep and go kill casters. You could use seize if they are 2/3 blocks away. Just press Y to enable cross and use tab to switch targets.
Have a mega yellow potion ready on easy an to use hotkey and use it when health is below 25% (shouldn't happen too much if you blitzkrieg your way).

Have fun!

*Small edit*

Using mirror imgages while having an addled weapon equipped makes it possible that enemies get confused by attacks of your clones.

Mission impossible
Extra: If you are up for a hardcore challenge collect the best equipment you can this includes:
Stats should be full STR/DEX and no points in int
Main-hand: Adamantium/Addled/Vampyric Facewound (according to preference) (Any Myth)
Off-hand: Barbed Ripleys Claw (Any Myth)
Head: Iron Fist Cap (Silk) (Felmystic)
Torso: Iron Fist Shirt (Silk) (Felmystic)
Hands: Any UA glove Artifact (Bone) (Felmystic)
Belt: Bone Belt +9 attack (Balmystic)
Legs: Iron Fist Pants (Silk) (Felmystic)
Boots: Iron Fist Sandals (Silk) (Dunmystic)
Rings: Warriorband (Bone)(Felmystic) x2
Neck: Estorrath's Carcenet (Bone) (Dunmystic)
End stats PD (lvl 1K) 2527+55 STR -- 2527+55 DEX -- 26+25 int -- 3.5K HP -- 3.6K MR -- 43 vig
End stats Reg (lvl 500) 1522+55 STR -- 1522+55 DEX -- 25+25 int
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Re: Half-troll monk vampire build

Post by Keighn » Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:07 am

You could always try the alpha server. I think its still there and you level up fast

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Re: Half-troll monk vampire build

Post by Turtle » Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:33 am

I had a half-troll monk vampire build but I wasn't able to hack it. I ended up making a human monk/priest for healing since my vamp could only hunt at night.

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