Builds for all servers

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Builds for all servers

Post by 1[WoWz] » Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:21 am

I'd like a topic where people can post their simple or detailed builds that they don't feel deserve their own post. Feel free to get ideas from each other or post build questions here.

I'll start out with a build for Reg/PD:

Adventurer class, Human
70 Fighter (enough for shield bash)
100 Rogue (traps, stealth, locks)
30 Priest (mani)

Details - Spear/trident (barbed is preferred, piercing damage for dragons), blackrock tower shield, medium armor (for extra MR and the ability to still stealth). Magic Resistance and attack are good things to build. With a 90% str, 10% dex build, you should be able to tank and kill anything slowly. If you want a more supportive build or like having a pet, consider going 60 fighter and 40 priest for the heal other spell in piety.
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Re: Builds for all servers

Post by Keighn » Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:33 am

I gotta love the pure fighter on PD. Heavy Mace build 90% str to 10% dex. High MR gear and str gear. High +AS gear. High Vampy and Adamantium Great maul. Usage of Charge and flurry extenstively. Tank for mega mobs that continually break your mr otherwise beserk the bastards to death.


Half-Orc & Dwarf would be my top choices.

Option would be Mostly the same but Remort 30% Priest, and enough Monk to Sieze.

Mostly talking for solo.

Which is contrary to how I used to play. As solid Def and 100% priest/fighter. or 100% priest/mage.

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Re: Builds for all servers

Post by Riksta » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:42 pm

It's funny my character Riks has that same class build. Stats are different, though. As well as playstyle.

100 Rogue (Main Class)
70 Fighter (Block)
30 Priest (Mani)

25% STR / 75% DEX

You should be pretty strong and fast as a rogue. With foils, block, and healing, you'll be untouchable against melee monsters and in melee PvP.

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