How to GM your crafts

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How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:25 am

UPDATE: A lot of this post is now out of date. For example, fewer crafts are required now to make an item mythic, and you can craft with higher +AS and +stat items.


Here I'll be going over all the crafts you need to mythic an item. Just to be clear, that's:


First, here are some general tips for every craft:

Shift F9/F11 - Shift + F9 will reuse something like a mining pick until you issue a new command. Shift + F11 will make and remake a crafted item, like ingots from ore.

Save everything - It's really important for Tailoring, Weaponsmith, and Armourer, that you save all the drops you don't need. Bank them. We'll deconstruct them later. For Alchemy, save all the various little materials you find while hunting, and in chests. Eventually with Enchanting, you'll need a boatload of orbs, so save those too.

Start by raising all your crafts a little bit - I found that just naturally, via need or curiosity, I tend to raise most skills between 30-40. Go ahead and craft casually if you ever need something, or you're bored. Just choose whatever you have the most materials for. When you sit down to GM a craft, it takes a lot of time and resources. You often need another craft to proceed in your current one. For example, Alchemy helps greatly with Enchanting. Tinkering is needed for Woodcrafting, and many other crafts. Mining is needed for Tinkering, Armourer, and Weaponsmith. A well-balanced approach will help you avoid roadblocks.

Wand of deconstruction is your best friend - Get these from the secret merchant. I'd recommend having about 100 of them on-hand. If you ever get stuck crafting, and you've run out of materials, deconstruct the things you've already made. You can recycle them (although you get fewer materials back) and continue anew. That's a great way to get materials back and keep crafting!

Having a house and a hearthstone helps - This way I can get extremely over-encumbered while mining or chopping trees, and then jet straight back home to my crafting area. I bind right next to my crafting chest, so I can get any tools I need without moving.

A Note on the University - Lots of players will tell you to buy 50 skill at the university first. That is entirely up to you. I never did. If you find a tough spot where you can craft the next item up, but nothing to raise your skill, go for the university! Or if you just have that much gold... more power to you. It is not needed for this guide.

Ok! The next few posts will contain the magic.

Special thanks to Shrike, for teaching me the utility of decon wands, and his endless supply of help and advice. Thanks to Balgare, for his tip on Woodcrafting and Alchemy. Any suggestions or tips you have are welcome!
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:25 am

Let's start with three of the easiest.


Requires: No other skills
Tools: mining pick, smelting tongs

This craft is the easiest, it should only take you 1 hour to GM. Possibly an hour and a half. You should probably buy a mining pick at a provisioner's, since it would be hard to craft a mining pick without mining first!*

Use the mining pick on a mountain range to mine. If you don't strike ore the first time, move on. You don't have to smelt your ores yet, but you'll need to use smelting tongs on a brazier (the big fire pit) to get ingots for other crafts.

Just keep mining. Then go empty your inventory, and mine some more. Save all the jewels and exotic ores you get, as you'll need them later. Make sure you raise this to get raw blackrock, gold nuggets, copper, silver, zinc, etc, and save them for use in other crafting. Literally, there are no special instructions, or secrets.

Just mine, and you'll GM this craft. Shift + F9 is your friend. That was an easy first craft to GM!

If you have a flying carpet (a special event item) or you pay for a Drake mount, you can fly over mountain ranges to mine them. Extremely useful!

*Madman Mode: Deconstruct found items to raise Tinkering to 10, and craft a mining pick!


Requires: No other skills, but recommend some Mining.
Tools: alembic, flask, vial, reinforced flask

Please note: You can GM Alchemy straight through by crafting the various yellow potions. You never have to craft anything else. However, you will benefit later from doing some other crafting now. I recommend raising many crafts at once. It is more efficient to craft Venomous Logs, Dragonscales, Dark Thread, and Essences, now.

This craft is important, and pretty easy to GM. Not only do we all use mega yellows, but Alchemy will support other crafts (like Enchanting, Woodcrafting, Tailoring, Weaponsmith, and Armourer).

You can begin alchemy in a number of ways. You can use an mortar and pestle on carapaces from bug swarms. You can get spores from a diseased bandage by using a Sieve (55 Tinkering, Weaponsmith/Armourer 20).

Flasks, Ginseng, Spiders' Silk, Blood Moss, and all of the materials you'll need to grind out GM, are available in Apothecary. You can gather the materials by hunting, and craft Flasks (70 Tinkering). You can get reinforced flasks (80 Tinkering) by crafting, but that's the hard way. I'd suggest just buying or trading for mega yellows and saving the flasks.

Once you get into 40-50 range, go ahead and craft venomous logs. Use fountains to get bunches of fangs, then make snake's venom (45). Oddly enough, venomous logs only require 40 Alchemy. You will make good use of about 50 or so venomous logs when you go for woodcrafting. Then, you can jump to refined yellow potions (easy).

Next, make Dragon scales. They help process raw blackrock. You'll need a Dragonscale Saw (85 Tinkering, 35 Weaponsmith/Armourer, 80 Mining). Blackrock can be used to make dark thread, which will help with Tailoring. If you're still not to 65 Alchemy, make yellows as needed.

Now, process raw blackrock and make Dark thread. Do this to raise your skills. This will help with Tailoring later.

Now we should be ready to make essences - these are going to be much needed to GM Enchanting. They'll also raise your skill pretty high. Hydra fangs, Minotaur hearts, and Glowing embers. Vials are buyable (and craftable, at 75 Tinkering). Once you make hundreds of the essences, you should have at least 85 Alchemy, and you'll be ready for Enchanting later.

At this point, just Mega Yellow your way to GM. If you run out of reinforced flasks, you can craft them (80 Tinkering, 35 Weaponsmith/Armourer, 60 Mining), buy them, or even offer a trade ("1 mega yellow pot for 1 empty reinforced flask, up to 100!"). You'll drink them all eventually! Congratulations, you've GMed Alchemy.


Requires: Mining, Woodcrafting
Tools: tinker's toolkit, wand of deconstruction

Tinkering is astonishingly easy to GM if you have wands of deconstruction. It's redonkadonk easy. You'll build some other skills along the way too.

All you need to GM tinkering are: poles, ingots, and raw glass. Bing bang boom, that's it. You'll probably want some gold nuggets too, since that will help with Enchanting later.

Poles you get from Woodcrafting (5). Ingots and gold nuggets you get from Mining (any skill level). Raw glass you get from deconstructing, which we'll discuss later.

Start with poles. Make fishing rods until you can make jars. Then, get some raw glass and make jars. You can farm sand traps, or decon flasks, for the raw glass. Scissors are great to raise your skill to 30. And now, the gold nuggets: Make a bazillion rings. You'll use them for enchanting later. Make 'em till they stop raising your skill.

At this point, superior fishing rods (again just the pole) will get you high enough to make studs out of ingots. Make studs! Make studs until you can make nails, and then switch to nails - they'll come in handy later for Woodcrafting. Make nails on nails until they don't raise your skill anymore. Now it's time for the raw glass, baby.

Raw glass, you get from buying flasks and deconstructing them. I ended up buying around 3000 flasks to GM tinkering, all without spending a single second searching for supplies. Decon them, and make them into flasks X-D Then make them into vials. Then decon some reinforced flasks and remake them, if you want your skill to rise a bit faster. You can also craft the silver sheets (35 Weaponsmith/Armourer, 60 Mining). Once you get 90 from flasks, vials, and reinforced flasks, you're home free. Make mirrors out of glass you get from decon, until you have 100% tinkering. Congrats. Easy peasy!
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:26 am


Requires: Patience, no other skills
Tools: quill

Phew! This one takes the most idle time. I suggest a lot of afk sessions, or doing this while you watch movies/TV. Because blank scrolls are so easy to procure, you'll spend most of your time crafting, instead of gathering materials.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest crafts, materials-wise. I'd suggest around 6000 scrolls to GM - purchasable at the Izumi scribe. You'll need 20 quills or so, too. Go ahead and make whatever. Some of the scrolls you'll probably never use more than a few times, so here I will highlight the scrolls used most often.

Town Portal
Resurrection (until you raise healing enough)
Raise Pet (if you ever get a pet)
Vas Lor (always useful unless you've got NV)
IMJ (you'll need at least 1000 for Enchanting)
Greater Scroll of Health (unless you're a priest)
Protection (unless you're a priest)

All of these scrolls have great utility. You'll likely use all of them that you make, so go ahead and max your Inscription off of them.

Now just grind out container scrolls to 100. The jump from 99 to 100 inscription can take hours, so patience is a must. Congratulations, you've GMed inscription!


Requires: Tinkering, Mining
Tools: woodsman's axe, pocket knife, saw, carpenter's hammer

Ok! Here's another fairly easy craft. This one is almost as straight-forward as Tinkering. The only exception is that you have to spend more time gathering and processing materials.

Go ahead and harvest logs until that stops raising your Woodcrafting skill. At this point, you should have enough logs and skill to raise your woodcrafting to 40. Make rafts until that stops raising your skill. Then, go ahead and use your silverleaf or oak logs to raise your woodcrafting even higher. Since you won't be at 70 woodcrafting yet, use your alchemy skills to make Venomous and Ebony logs. Craft gnarled staffs out of them, and you should be at 70+ woodcrafting.

Now we switch from the pocket knife, to the carpenter's hammer and saw (25 and 35 Tinkering). You'll also need plenty of nails (another Tinkering creation). In all, you need at least 60 Tinkering to make the items required for Woodcrafting. Use the saw on logs to make lumber. Now, use the carpenter's hammer to make furniture, using lumber and nails.

Let me begin by saying the process gets very time-intensive at this point. It will require perhaps 4 to 6 hours of logging. You may consider taking a shortcut, recommended by Balgare. He suggested buying arrows and deconstructing them. 100 gp = 9 logs, plus the cost of a few decon wands in the process. Turning enough logs into lumber to GM will take hours, so make sure you are deconstructing your tile scrolls a lot. That way, you get the wood back as lumber, instead of logs.

To get the most mileage for your materials investment, go with Wooden Floors at first. Skip dressers, as they have an extra ingredient compared to other craftable items at that level. You may have mirrors left over from Tinkering, but why bother? Once you get up to 95 woodcrafting, you get a break, as the materials required for the fence scroll goes down by half. Stick with the fence scroll until you have 100 Woodcrafting! Congratulations.


Requires: Alchemy, Tinkering, Woodcrafting, Inscription
Tools: enchanting wand, soul shards, wand of deconstruction

One massive tip before we start: You can deconstruct lower shards to get higher shards. You lose some shards in the process, but it is possible. You can use an enchanting wand to turn higher shards into lower shards. This can save you loads of time!

Stating the obvious: In order to enchant things, you need a charged soul shard. Buy soul shards from the Jeweler in the nord bank, and then cast IMJ (if you're a mage) or use an IMJ scroll (if you're not) on a monster before you kill it. You need 45 inscription to make IMJ scrolls. This will get you a charged shard, which you can use in an enchanting recipe. Note: You will only get a charged shard if you have a blank soul shard in your inventory!

You'll be happy now that you made all those IMJ scrolls! You'll need to be able to easily grind Balrons in order to collect all the Brilliant Shards needed for later stages. I found that Bally Tower (in Dead Forest) was the most efficient sharding spot for me, although I skipped the dragons once I only needed Brilliant shards. If you're not ready for that yet, you can deconstruct lower shards to make higher ones. This is much more labor intensive, though, as you'll need hundreds upon hundreds of Brilliant Red and Blue shards.

Go ahead and start with magic torches - making peergems is a waste of rubies. Enchanted wood, enchanted cheese, and magic magnifying glasses are all great to craft. They're disposable, and you'll probably use them all. Enchanted wood comes in handy later down the line, and magic magnifying glasses will help raise Item Lore. You can buy regular magnifying glasses at the provisioner.

Make some Magic Sextants (purchasable just like the magnifying glasses). If you need a bit of extra skill, make Dust of Disappearance, although getting all the shadow horns can by grindy. Once you have 34 skill, move onto the orbs.

I hope you've been saving orbs from your travels! By making the 3 orbs, you should be able to jump into the 50s in Enchanting skill. Make sure to deconstruct when you're done - later, you'll need all the orbs you can get. Chests are a great source of orbs.

Using shards, enchanted wood, cloth, and mega yellows, max out on Healing Wards. If you can't make mega yellows yet, raise Alchemy by making essences of Rage, which you'll need later. Using Healing Wards and Wands of Pet Constitution, you should be able to reach 70 Enchanting.

Now all the rings (30 Tinkering) come in handy - make a zillion rings of regneration, until your skill is maxed off them. These are a nice and easy, low-material requirement item.

After rings, go to the wands (made from Essences, which require 70-75 Alchemy to create) until you reach 94 Enchanting. I found that Essence of Rage/Essence of Lightning were much easier to acquire than Essence of Fire. As such, I made hundreds upon hundreds of those wands.

Depending how many orbs you have, you may be ready to start crafting crystal balls. Because you need the orbs to GM Enchanting, max out on wands if you have to. Crystal balls have low material requirements compared to the wands, so crafting those through to GM Enchanting is ideal. Remember you can deconstruct if you get stuck! Congratulations, you've GMed Enchanting, and you can now use WoTs!


Requires: no other skills
Tools: butcher's knife, pan, baking dish, meat skewer

All right! This skill is super easy to raise, if you're patient and diligent. I was able to raise cooking to 90 more or less passively. It's really easy to begin.

To make things simpler, "cooking" as an action will refer to using a pan, baking dish, or meat skewer, to process raw meats and ingredients. "Butchering" refers to using a butcher's knife on a monster corpse, and harvesting the raw meat.

Surprise: Cooking (the skill) is mostly about butchering! To begin really working on Cooking, you should raise your skill until you can butcher corpses where you commonly hunt. In order to butcher while you hunt, you may need to backtrack. If this is the case, hunt some low-level mobs for a day, butcher their corpses, and cook with their meat. Here's how to get started if you're already behind.

Use a bucket (provisioner's) to get like 30 waters. Buy spices and use a pan to make broth. Bam, you're already at like 15 cooking. Now comes the fun part... omelettes. Omelettes. Omelettes omelettes omelettes. All of the ingredients are buyable. Go ahead and make these until they stop raising your skill. Then, keep making them. Dragon Rations are great, but it's ineffective to use them all the time. So make omelettes your main food during hunting - save the Dragon Rations for when you are in a big party, running on BM or heroic Ana.

Once you can butcher the corpses you find during hunting, butcher every corpse you see. It doesn't matter if it's a food your character uses, or if you'll ever use it in a recipe. Butchering corpses raises your cooking skill, so you can passively raise this while hunting! Every so often, as your character levels up, you'll find that you are unable to butcher corpses that you see a lot of. At this point, I check the recipes and see if there's something easy for me to make. Be sure to also check the list for roasting meats in a baking dish, or charring them on a meat skewer.

The only things I mass-cooked to get around 80ish were Omelettes, Apple Pies, and Shark Fin Soup. Everything else was just butchering, and roasting.

I found that I had to do some cooking in order to butcher Daemons - once I was butchering them, I was able to raise my skill to the 70s. A little more cooking and I could butcher all Dragon corpses. You can roast the Daemons and Dragons to boost your skill if needed. At that point, from more butchering while hunting, I was ready to start making Dragon Rations.

Using only butchering, roasting, and occasionally cooking (in order to butcher higher level corpses), you'll be ready to start making Dragon Rations. At this point it's a grind - you may have enough Drake meat saved, or you may farm Anathema or Valley of the Trolls. Either way, Dragon Rations will see you straight through to 100 cooking - and there's another skill Grandmastered!
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:26 am

Make sure to scroll down for Celerion's excellent posts on the last 3 crafts

It's gonna take me a minute to GM these crafts, so help is on the way! Here's the basics:

Raise skills as high as you can through normal mats (ingots, cloth, leather, etc)
Once they're as high as they can get, decon magical items. +AS up to 5, +stat up to 15, and +def up to 4.
Now craft with your magic ingots, cloth, and leather.

These crafts are very tough by comparison to the others. Good luck!


Needed: Mining, smith's hammer, wand of deconstruction, polypile wand

Your experience with this craft, and the two that follow, depends in large part upon how many materials you have available for crafting. The more advanced materials you can craft with, the easier it will be.

Begin this craft like any other - start easy. Use ingots to build skill until machetes don't raise skill any longer. At this point, smelt whichever tinted ingots you have the most of. Then make rondels, for as long as they'll raise your skill. They require 1/3 less materials than machetes.

If you want, you can dip tinted weapons to get +1 or +2 on them, but it is time consuming.

At this point, ingots of attack +2 will get you to 56. It is important to conserve materials and use your lowest level materials first. If they stop being useful, you can polypile them. 3 ingots of attack +1 make 1 ingot of attack +2, etc. Use tinted items with low + too in order to max out your usage of low level materials.

At 66, ingots of attack +3 stopped working. At this point I deconstructed my +4 items (including tints) and my +5 items. I also disenchanted some +6s.

Using my miscellaneous tinted and plain ores under +4, I got my skill to 67 or so, then started crafting from my sizeable pool of +4 and +5 ingots. Plain ingots of attack will only get you to 80 Weaponsmith. Make sure to save your tinted ingots +4 and +5 for the very end. You'll need hundreds of venomous ingots of attack +5 to GM this skill.


Needed: Mining, armourer's hammer, wand of deconstruction, polypile wand

This skill is very similar to Weaponsmith, with the exception that items go up to def +4, and stat +15. Using regular and then steel ingots, you can raise Armourer into the mid 60s. At this point, switch to plain def +4. As always, max with def +4 before using your high-level tinted and +stat items.


Needed: Mining, Tinkering, Alchemy, scissors, sewing kit, wand of deconstruction, polypile wand

This craft works just like Armourer. You've probably raised Tailoring to 11 or so with bandages. Raise it as far as you can with cloth and leather, then use studded leather or darkweave cloth made with Alchemy. You know the drill by now!

Deconstruct to get +def and +stat cloth and leather. Unfortunately, you cannot deconstruct swamp boots or spiked collars. You also cannot deconstruct or craft gloves of attack.

You should make sure to use your lowest-bonus materials first.
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:36 pm

4 Placeholder for mythicing, tips on gathering mythic crafting mats

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Celerion » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:33 am

Armourer again

Hi, just GM'ed the armourer-skill yesterday. It was a bit complicated to me, so I'd like to write a bit more about it (although what Turtle wrote is right of course):

1. You start with plain

Code: Select all

Dig up a decent amount of ore. Use smelting tongs on a brazier to create ingots. Use an armourer's hammer on an anvil to start crafting. Repeat it (also using shift+F11 to repeat creating) until it doesn't raise your skill any more.

2. Then use

Code: Select all

steel ingots
Dig up ore again and get a few logs too (by chopping wood with a woodman's axe for example). Use smelting tongs on a brazier with the logs to create ash. Use smelting tongs again with the ore and the ash to create the steel ingots. Then use the armourer's hammer on an anvil with the steel ingots. This should raise your skill quite a bit.

3. When steel ingots don't work any more, you need to turn to deconstructing items. Be sure to have about 30 wands of deconstruction and 30 disenchanting wands ready. And you need lots of items found while hunting of course. Your aim is to create ingots of defence 1-4, especially

Code: Select all

ingots of def(ence) + 4
which is the highest that can be obtained using a wand of deconstruction on an item of armour.
Not every item is suitable for deconstruction. For the armourer-skill, the items must be armour and made of metal. For example, a robe isn't suitable, because it's made of cloth. A buckler isn't suitable, because it's made of wood. A necklace isn't suitable, because it's not armour, but jewellery, even if it gives defence magically.
So what you need is for example something like a 'full helm + 6': Use your disenchanting wand on it twice, so it becomes + 4, then use the wand of deconstruction and you get what you want: 'ingot of def + 4'.
Remember, you can use the wand of deconstruction repeatedly on a pile of items by pressing shift+F9.
A list of the deconstructable items of armour can be found in the manual. I just post it here too:

Code: Select all

chain mail
plate mail
field plate
plate boots
chain boots
chain coif
chain leggings
chain gloves
scale mail
horned helm
full helm
tower shield
large shield
heater shield
kite shield
So, anything with 'plate' or 'chain' is what you're looking for, for example.
When using your armourer's hammer, be sure to create something, that needs as few ingots as possible, 'chain gloves + 4' is a good choice, for example, as it needs only four ingots of def + 4.
If you deconstruct enough suitable items and create enough 'ingots of def + 4', you can go on crafting and raise your skill up to 80 that way.

4. What now? Well, what works up to the end (100), are ingots of stat (str, int, dex). + 15 is the highest, the wand of deconstruction can create.
So, your aim is now to create as many of these ingots as possible:

Code: Select all

ingots of strength + 15
ingots of intelligence + 15
ingots of dexterity + 15
Again, you need to deconstruct suitable armour-items. If you have a 'horned helm str + 18', for example, you use your disenchanting wand three times on it to get it to 'str + 15', then use the wand of deconstruction and you'll get: 'ingots of str + 15'.
I didn't count, how many of these ingots I needed to get to 100, but maybe it were about 500 or so. Remember, you can use the wand of deconstruction on items, you just crafted, too. That way you can reuse the ingots several times.
What also works of course are tinted ingots like

Code: Select all

copper/silver/gold/blackrock ingots of str/int/dex + 12/13/14/15
So, if you have 'silver chain leggings of int + 12', you can just deconstruct them and get 'silver ingots of int + 12', which can be used for crafting then. Or turn a 'blackrock field plate of str + 14' into 'blackrock ingots of str + 14'. I think, you get the idea by now.
Well, that's how you slowly creep up to become GM armourer.

Good Luck! ;)

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Keighn » Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:28 am

Did you GM on reg server and from 0-100? or was this on PD? I'd like to know exactly how long to GM a craft if doing it consistently on both servers?

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:20 am

A figure in hours or days is difficult, because almost nobody has all the crafting materials on-hand. We have to scrounge around and hunt or trade for them.

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Celerion » Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:23 am

Keighn wrote:Did you GM on reg server and from 0-100? or was this on PD? I'd like to know exactly how long to GM a craft if doing it consistently on both servers?
It was on reg server, and the guide describes the way from 0-100.
The crafting itself may take about, i dunno, maybe 6 to 8 hours? So you should calculate several days of gaming for doing it.
As Turtle said, you need the materials. With my own material only, collected within a year or so, I wouldn't have made it. Fortunately, I could get more stuff from chests in our clan-hall. So, yeah, probably you need help from other people, maybe from a clan.
Some other special materials may be bought at player-merchands in Bartertown and Mon Ferrato. But of course you won't be able to afford all items, you'd need for GM armourer, there.

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Celerion » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:23 am

Weaponsmith again (Reg-server)

This skill has crazy requirements for GM, if you ask me.

Of course you start with plain ingots and so on.

It's not that hard to get to 80, because lots of plain +6 and +7-weapons drop, that you can disenchant to +5 and then deconstruct with a wand of deconstruction to "ingots of attack +5", with which you then can craft your way up.

This doesn't work at 80 any more. So what now?
Well, you can then (disenchant and) deconstruct "copper/silver/gold/venomous weapons +5/+6/+7/+8/+9" (maybe you would keep the +9s instead), but: These kind of weapons don't drop that often.
Considering, people use to roll for them while hunting, you can be happy to acquire maybe three tinted ingots +5 per week. So, as you need maybe 600 of these ingots, you'd have to hunt for 200 weeks or in other words, about 4 years (!) to GM this skill.
There's another way, though I'm not sure, Egg wanted it to be possible at all. It's not an easy way either.
The idea is to make venomous ore from plain ore with alchemy, smelt it to venomous ingots and craft venomous claymores with them. Now dip the venomous claymores in fountains to get them at least to +1. Then use lots of 'wands of magical amplification' on them (which can be created being GM enchanter) to get the venomous claymores to +5. Then deconstruct them, and you get 'venomous ingots of attack +5'.
As Turtle said:
You'll need hundreds of venomous ingots of attack +5 to GM this skill.
Here's a list of ingredients, you'd need to just create 450 of such ingots that way (with 50 venomous claymores and 200 wands of magic amplification):

Code: Select all

500 ore
500 fangs
700 vials
2000 nightshades
200 logs
200 dull red shards
200 magic spleens
200 brilliant red shards
200 brilliant blue shards
2000 nightshades, say what? They can't be bought (afaik), so probably the best way to get them (on your own) is to loot chests. To get 2000 this way may take years (again). Hope you have a rogue-friend who's into chest-looting. ;)
Magic spleens can also be a problem. They drop sometimes together with red dragon meat, but to get 200 of them takes a very long time too.
About fangs, not only the snakes in Lillyville drop them, but also these silver-serpents in Farimond-dungeon, that really used to annoy you, when you were newb. ;) It took me some time to realize, that these beasts don't drop special 'silver fangs', but ordinary fangs, that can be used for our purpose.
450 ingots may not even be quite enough, maybe you need 500 or 600, so maybe you'd have to modify the list of ingredients above accordingly.
Well, with my own chests, which had been filled in years of hunting before, and also with lots of materials from the clan, I finally made it somehow in a few days. But it was damn hard.

Good luck!

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:20 am

Thanks very much for contributing Cel. I can include these in my posts, if you like.

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Celerion » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:47 am

Turtle wrote:Thanks very much for contributing Cel. I can include these in my posts, if you like.
Hmm, didn't think of that. Maybe just leave the postings as they are for now. I think, people can already find the information they're looking for. But thanks for the offer. :)
Probably a wiki-system would be the best solution for this (Manual?).

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Celerion » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:51 am

Tailoring again (Reg-server)

1. First, make stuff like bandages from clothes with scissors. Also make other stuff from plain cloth and leather with a sewing kit.

2. When it doesn't raise your skill any more, you can craft with several tinted types of cloth. There is goldweave, silverweave and darkweave.
With alchemy, you'd have to make "golden thread" (needs spider's silk and gold nuggets), "silver thread" (needs spider's silk and silver ore) or "dark thread" (needs spider's silk and blackrock ore, which again needs blackrock (sometimes found by mining), 6 dragon scales (made from dragon hide (dropped by red dragons) with a dragonscale saw), 3 mandrake roots and 3 nightshades).
When you have some threads, you can use your sewing kit with cloth to make "goldweave cloth", "silverweave cloth" or "darkweave cloth", with which you then can craft further.
Even easier at this point is to craft with studded leather: Use scissors on cowhide to create boiled leather. Make studs from ingots by tinkering (tinker's toolkit). Then make studded leather by using your sewing kit on the boiled leather.
Crafting with this kind of tinted cloth +0 or studded leather raises your skill to (just) 70%.

3. Then you have to start deconstructing items. Suitable are in general:

Code: Select all

(leather) tunic
leather armour
gi (legs)
gi (torso)
(leather) helm
You won't be interested in the items below the line ("-------"), because at deconstruction they just give you 1 cloth or leather or even none at all. So it's better to look for "tunic, armour, leggins, shirt, gi".
The items must be made of cloth or leather though, so "chain leggins" or "plate armour" aren't suitable, for example. As Turtle pointed out, "swamp boots" aren't suitable either.
Also not suitable are silk and darkhide items.
Silverweave and silverhide are suitable, battleweave and battlehide are not (at least that's what I think).
You may want to search chests for items with "leather" in the name.
Suitable would be for example 'leather leggins +5'. If you have them, disenchant them to +4 and deconstruct them to 'leather of defense +4'. This and 'cloth of defense +4' is what you mostly use for crafting at this point.
If you manage to get enough items and material of this kind, you can craft your skill up to 80% with it.

4. After that you need items of stat (strength, intelligence, dexterity). If you have a 'padded shirt int +20', for example, disenchant it to +15 and deconstruct it to 'cloth of intelligence +15'.
You need to create lots of material of this kind:

Code: Select all

cloth of strength +15
cloth of intelligence +15
cloth of dexterity +15
leather of strength +15
leather of intelligence +15
leather of dexterity +15
Also welcome are tinted items like 'goldweave shirt dex +12'. You could also use 3 "wands of magic amplification" on it for example (made being GM enchanter), to get it to +15.
Notice, that even with tinted items, at some point plain defence doesn't work any more, so 'silverweave leggins defence +4' won't be able to raise you skill any more, at least that's the case at 97%.
One day, this may get you up to 100%, though some say, tailoring is the hardest skill to GM. At some point, you'll probably need help from other players with lots of suitable items, found in years of hunting. Offering some 'wands of transferrence' or so on trade-channel may be a good idea then.

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:35 am

Would anyone care to update these? Egg has adjusted crafting to make GMing Weaponsmith, Armourer, and Tailoring easier - and to make the results better, too. He's also removed 5 of the mythic crafting requirements. Does anyone know which?

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Luxorious » Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:09 am

Here are my tips:

Don't deconstruct found weaps that return less than one ingot, like hatchets, tomahawks, etc. - Unless you are in need of a certain ingot and are going to polypile it to higher +.
Learn the polypile table. You can deconstruct regular pots for mats (or if I recall correctly, you can buy ginseng etc. from shops) and then use polypile to get nightshades / mandrakes. You should always deconstruct purple potions for essence of rage.
Easiest & fastest way is to polypile those magic spleens. It's faster than butchering them, but you need to know the polypile tables.
A good hint is to get raw glass, fangs (fastest in this polypile table), wet clay, ooze, shadow horns etc. and polypile them. The top material on the polypile pile of 3 mats decides the income. This works for dwarf beers and crafting materials (alchemy), but not for equipables.

If you are unlucky and can't find that plate mail of str +14-15 for armourer, you should try to polypile +13-15 stat items.
Or, if you are desperate or happen to have lots of wands of magic amp: Get a bunch of metal +str items like +10, use amp to get +15 and then deconstruct them all, make chain gloves/gauntlets -> repeat.

TLDR: Always activate fountains and get those fangs (except "safe zones": you can't get fangs in them, like the arena)

Also, you can milk COWWY (or any other cow) indefinitely and can polypile the milk for something better, if you know what you are doing.

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by speed » Fri May 16, 2014 3:27 pm

I would say in inscription, from level 99 - 100 takes a little more than an hour... but then there is the problem of starvation... You have to keep watch every ten to twenty minutes to check to see if your character needs to eat. Besides that, I'd say inscription would take about 15 to 20 hours of game time. Good times to practice are when waiting for a pet to bond, or trying to wait to do something at a certain time (like nightshade in forests, or the shrine of spirituality). Always carry about 200 scrolls and 15 or so quills with you when you're going anywhere, as they are light and can be used anytime.
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Mr.Crowley » Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:21 am

Hey ppl. Does anyone know if there is a way to change what tile scroll you make with 100 inscription? Or is it always water and lava?
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by 1[WoWz] » Fri Jan 09, 2015 7:33 am

Mr.Crowley wrote:Hey ppl. Does anyone know if there is a way to change what tile scroll you make with 100 inscription? Or is it always water and lava?
You can't change it. The other ones have to be bought or made with woodcrafting.
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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by eggmceye » Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:03 pm

Isn't it amusing how you can deconstruct dull shards into dim shards, etc :cheese: at least it isn't 100% successful, and no I won't be changing it

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Re: How to GM your crafts

Post by Turtle » Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:07 am

eggmceye wrote:Isn't it amusing how you can deconstruct dull shards into dim shards, etc :cheese: at least it isn't 100% successful, and no I won't be changing it
This was a big lifesaver during enchanting!

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