Human Fighter/Monk Guide (Vampire Optional)

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Human Fighter/Monk Guide (Vampire Optional)

Post by GoldenGanondorf » Mon May 06, 2013 3:50 pm

First off I will be updating this slowly so its not complete.

So you like being a able to tank stuff and do heavy slow damage right? But you are lacking in utility skills and want to be able to tank and hardly ever die? Well hit up this Fighter/Monk build and your pretty much set for life. Add in being a vampire and your golden.

Stat Ratio: 75 str/25dex This works out nice because if you want to use a monk weapon in a situation not sure why but it still does decent damage and you have hp.

Pros: Hard to hit (Heavy Armor)
High damage if using 2h weapon or even harder to hit when wearing a shield
You can use aspects
You can sieze mobs/players
You can still use a stance
You can hit fast if you use a ua weapon if you need to
You wear heavy gear so its harder to hit you now you can also wear a shield and you wont have to really ever worry about physical damage. Now to negate mr you can wear some bands I find that 1000-1500 mr is all you will ever need because to get to 2500 or 3000? to beat out blood mobs is just over kill and will be just pointless because it will effect how much damage you will be doing. Also you will able to use a two handed weapon and an aspect at the same time. If you are a vampire you weapon also is draining damage and if you get into trouble you can cast mirror image and either get out of there or finish the killing without being hit by mobs. Also your fighter weapon now has an aspect on it meaning it just rocks that much more.
Cons: Can't cast Mani/Vas Xen Mani
Can't cast Xen Mani to heal your pet if you hunt with one
If you do go vamp priest will own you period.

Gear: Its really up to you. You will want to wear heavy gear. At that start of the game you will want to have def gear once you hit around lvl 50-70 and start hunting dragons you will want to have at least 1000 mr if you are hunting reds.
As for your weapons, you will want to at the end have either a Addy/Copper/Vampyric 2h weapon that has either XJ/AEP/IJO on it. If you do go vampire aim for all your weapons to be copper because you will be getting the vampyric benefit anyways. As for me I rock a Adamantium Claymore IJO with yeti/snake aspect and Bezerker stance.

Leveling: Start out as a fighter till around lvl 60 then from 60-93 start going to mae and leveling at the versitility shrine so you can start working on your monk skills. For places to level up follow 1's guide for the most part.

Vampire: Now becoming a vampire is a huge choice in euo because you can't go back.I hated it at first but you get used to it eventually and healing wards are your friend in the sunlight ( Thanks Beth). I don't even recomend anyone going vampire until they can hunt at regular City of Shadow's walls. That being said you can go vampire if you want to or you can stay pure. But remember if you do decide to go vampire you might want to test it out on an alt first and think about all the places you will struggle with hunting at forever ( Dejavu, Dark Forest, Mino Halls, Ana, first part of blood moore,wizards tower,Tangled forest, I'm sure there's more that I can't think of right now).

Conclusion: It took me forever to finally pick a class/race that I just can't get enough of I ended up with this one its my baby and it owns. You hardly ever die and as a vampire any weapon you use is vampyric. The only bad thing about it is that priest or anyone who can cast XM will kill you period, but as for hunting mobs you can take out pretty much anything besides the queen solo. As I said this isn't completed just a rough draft and will be updating it and making it formal as I have time. Just wanted to get it out there and let people know to give it a shot.
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Re: Human Fighter/Monk Guide (Vampire Optional)

Post by kusofthevalley » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:30 pm

GoldenGanondorf wrote: Gear: Its really up to you. You will want to wear heavy gear
Seeing as Aspect of the Turtle is only applicable if you are totally UA, what % would you recommend raising Sanctity to?
If not 100%, would you recommend leveling at Versatility to 200% anyway and maxing out UA skill?
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