Rogue guide (from manual)

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Rogue guide (from manual)

Post by eggmceye » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:36 am

Kodiak's Rogue Guide

First off, aim your stats so that dex is your highest, str your 2nd highest, and int your 3rd. 150str is plenty, as is 100 int, although you may not want that high. it all depends.

As for armor, leather is your friend. It's light and will not hinder hinder your ability to run, hide or fight. A buckler will be your shield. Try to get a shield with as high def as you can use.

For weapons, I suggest running the gamut here. Use shortswords for backstabbing, bows for ranged and foils for pure damage and atk speed, as rapiers are potentially one of the best weapons in the game, if not, the best. A good venomous weapon is a must for PK, while a vampyric is a must for non-pk. If you wish to stick to one weapon type, it will depend on your fighting style. If you play a defensive game, go for foils where you can parry and riposte while you fight block and sometimes returning damage. Disarm is good for a fight you cannot win. Chug a khaki pot and disarm the attacker, giving you time to run and hide. You can also disarm mages to hinder their spellcasting as well. If your more offensive, go for two shortswords. This will up your attack speed and allow you to be able to poison with a venomous weapon and heal yourself with a vamp weapon, although the effects will be alternating with your hits. Bows are for support, if you party a lot. It keeps you out of most trouble and still able to damage opponents. Either of these weapons is a fine choice, but mastering each will give you a good advantage over fighters.

For jewellry, go with nightvision. With 5-7 NV, you can forgo the use of torches and permanently be in the dark. While you see a large lit area, people will have trouble seeing you in pitch black. It is useful for general sneaking, and since you won't rely on torches, you won't have to worry about always extinguishing your light. It will also enable you to see better while sneaking, trying to backstab a player or monster.

For your 25 extra class points, I suggest putting them into fighter, mainly for tactics. The extra boost of AC and AS will be very nice to have. Picking mage is fairly redundant, but there are a few things you can have.

With the Rogue class skills, traps,locks and stealth, you can easily loot an area without being detected. Unlike SL/VSL, you will not be revealed when you pick up items. So you can easily go to wizards tower or someother place and loot all the chests with minimal fights.

However, you are going to have to fight sometime, in which I suggest trying to get high def leather armor, and if you have ample nightvision (like 7 or more with only 2 pieces of jewellry) I say go for a piece of def raising jewellry. Although you will have more dex than any other class, the AC boost from dex is minor until you get higher amouts of dex at higher levels. Try to find str raising armor for more hp, but your main concern is ac.

When it comes to pk, lets face it, you're not going to be able to stand up to a fighter. A mage you could have some luck on, but not much. The ace up your sleeve is backstab. Try to get a high stealth skill so you can hide when you need to without failure, and can backstab high level players (you can only backstab people below your stealth skill, meaning lvl 101 is sanctuary). Hit and run is your only option when dealing with pk, unless your fairly high level and have 50-60ac and AS in the 30s, a fighter will wipe you out. Even with a high stealth, backstabbing a fighter is tough, because rarely do they have anything less than heavy armor. A mage will use light/medium armor and therefore easier to kill. A monk, who will use nothing/UA armor, will be easy pickings, but again, this is all assuming your in the dark. Otherwise, stealth is useless. However, all this is null and void if you're a high level Rogue with large amounts of dex. In this sense, you will have high AS and AC allowing you to take on Fighters and Mages with whichever weapon you pick.

The 'hit and run' tactics of backstab, retreat, hide, is considered very cowardly, and will be looked down upon as minor harrassment.

Mackey's Notes

Consider binding different weapons to your number keys, to switch it up fast. I like to keep my ranged bound to "1" and my foil bound to "3". This allows me to run into a group of monsters, kick the crap out of them, then switch to my ranged to take out the ones that flee without luring additional monsters.

Fight dirty against monsters and players alike. The number keys are your friends, people. Binding useful items isn't rocket science, so find out what every item does and ask yourself "Hmm, is there a situation where I would need to use a black potion/Sanct Lor scroll/dust of disappearing?".

Foils are great against other rogues, and low defense fighters. There's nothing like making a n00b cry because his XJ/AEP rondels can't hit you. Add a decent + dexterity shield, or orb of power in your off hand? Now we're talking.

Ranged, ranged, ranged. I can't stress GM'ing ranged enough. One of the best routes to take against mages, considering your special attack "Point Blank Headshot" will make their VM spell useless. A nice, high level crossbow can go toe-to-toe with most Mages' Xen Corp any day. Just make sure you carry enough ammo and then some.

Backstabs are highly enhanced by any combination of a diamond/adamantium shortsword/rondel/dagger, an orb of power, and a few purple potions (Purple pots can be stacked a few times, so carry a lot if you can.). With the right combination, you can be spam backstabbing Balrons and Shadowmages in no time.

Don't be afraid to stay back a bit while dungeon crawling in a party. Being fairly cautious, and using ranged weapons may very well be the difference between "Hey, thanks for resurrecting me." and "OMG N00B, Y U AGGRO SO MUCH? *explitive*". That being said, don't be the guy who never contributes, steals all the gold/loot, and is a general waste of space.

There's nothing wrong with inspecting a player's gear or checking their level on the armoury before attacking them out of boredom. Running into PvP blind is for mages and fighters. Roleplay a little, be the conniving rogue, and be patient. It's much more rewarding.

Barbed and venemous shortswords are your friend for PvP. Make 'em bleed poisoned blood :).

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