Fighter guide (from manual)

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Fighter guide (from manual)

Post by eggmceye » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:31 am

by chris cooper and lord morty

Being a fighter can be tough if you don't know exactly what you're doing. For that reason, I made this guide to point fledgling fighters in the right direction.

Stat Build and Weapon Skills

Unlike mages and rogues (for the most part), fighters need to base their stat build around what type of weapon they prefer to use. A combination of strength and dexterity will determine your damage with the weapon of your choice. Also, as a side note: You will never NEED intelligence as a fighter, but there are still a few good reasons to get it (higher magic resistance, etc). It's totally optional.


For longswords, you're going to want to keep your strength and dexterity ratio at 75%/25% for maximum damage. Longswords have a special attack, flurry. It hits monsters adjacent to you randomly up to 5 times. Cleave (see axes) and Bloodbolt (see polearms) are also avaible for longswords.

If you plan on using axes, you'd want to keep your strength and dexterity at about 75%/25%. Example, an axemaster with this build would have 75 strength and 25 dexterity. The Axe special attack is nifty. It's called cleave, and not only does it damage the opponent, but it cuts their defense stat in half AND for 5 secs and causes them to lose hitpoints over 3 secs. Flurry (see longswords) and Thunderclap (see maces) are also available for axes.

For polearms, you're going to want to go mostly strength, leveling up your dexterity in moderation. An 90%/10% strength/dexterity build should guarantee that you'll be doing the maximum damage with your polearm. The polearms special is called Bloodbolt. It damages the opponent and sends a strong jolt of chain lightning through a number of opponents. Cleaved (see axes) and Thunderclap (see maces) are also available for polearms.

Macefighters would be well off using the polearms build, around 90%/10% strength/dexterity. The mace special is called thunderclap, and it damages AND confuses the target monster, as well as damaging and paralyzing monster surrounding the initial target. Bloodbolt (see polearms) and Flurry (see longswords) are also available for maces.

When it comes to being a fighter, there are many different ways to piece together your armour. Some fighters like for every piece of their armour to give the highest defense bonus possible, while some fighters like having high strength or dexterity bonuses. That's all up to you in the end, but here's a list of the different armour types and how they benefit (or betray) you.

Heavy armour
Heavy armour is more than likely going to be your best friend as a fighter. It gives a hefty defense and magic resistance bonus, but it slows your moving speed down considerably (although this wouldn't effect you if you were a half orc).

Medium armour
Sadly, medium armour seems to be a tad useless these days. It gives less of a defense bonus and doesn't make you that much more faster than heavy armour.

Light armour
Light armour is alright for +stat gear, but when it comes to defense, it's useless to a fighter. Only rogues fully benefit from the defense bonus that light armour gives.

Unarmoured gear, such as gi or robes, is typically the fighter's choice for high +stat gear. It doesn't give any defense, but it barely makes a difference to your movement speed and is very light on your load.

Fighter Skills and Abilities

Tactics raises as you fight with fighter weapons. Having high tactics reduces taken damage by up to 25% and an attack strength bonus.

The higher your block skill is, the higher your chance of successfully blocking an attack. When you have a shield equipped, you'll attempt to block hits automatically. Shields can only be equipped while using a one handed weapon.

Bash is useful for the fighter that would rather die than travel with a rogue in order to pass locked doors. Having very high strength along with the bash ability, you'll be able to break down doors and smash open chests.

This ability is for use in party situations, and should only be used by tanks. When you taunt the target monster, it concentrates all its attacks on you, giving your party members a clear shot at taking it down.

Shield Bash
With shield bash monsters and other players can be paralyzed for 4 secs and 2 secs respectively. It requires an equipped shield, 50% block skill and 50 rage.

Tanking Stance
This stance reduces taken and given damage by 50%. It requires any fighter weapon to be equipped.

Berserker Stance
This ability increases the attack speed with 2H weapons by 25% but also the damage you take by 25%. Use it with care.

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Re: Fighter guide (from manual)

Post by DUTCHMAN2 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:09 pm

Egg would you be opposed to created a third fighter stance for people who like to solo, and also like to use 1h weapon and shield. Tanking stance is alright for this but the -50% damage kinda hinders soloing with shield and sword. Berserker stance is only for 2h weapons.

out of sounding selfish my log in hours are all over the place and I have a hard time finding people who play at my crazy hours. It would benefit me a lot and as im sure would help fighters all around

I have a couple ideas right now.. some with a + and a - to them, ad some with just +'s
if you are interested in hearing my ideas let me know.

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Post by Keighn » Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:19 pm

Make sure you make suggestions in the proper forum since this is just a guide. That said, Fighters, if done right, are pretty easy. They're simple and straight forward melee machines. Race, stat-allotment, and ratio depending on which weapon is all that's really needed to be understood for the basics.

I'm still testing but thus far top two Tanking versions are, in order: Dwarf (massive hp), and Orc (fast rage and a lot of hp as well). A tanker will generally want to go 90/10 or perhaps even more extreme. Now I don't know why non-humans can't use Sagacity and Vitality shrines (seems foolish to me) so that 90/10 or more should be pumped into Strength more so than Dexterity. Obviously you discount Intelligence all-together unless you really think a little bit of MR will do you some good (like STR won't be enough).

Pole-Arms and Maces will be your friend in a 90/10 build. Tankers will generally just want to stay in tanked mode roaring to gain mob agro while your buddies do the work. Attack to build up rage when you can and shield bash to stun the most dangerous mob.

Since reg is such a different beast than PD I can't say what top end MR would be for a fighter there. If you can mess around with either a full set of high Strength gear for more HP and a little MR... try to felmythic it for the extra strength bonus and tid bit of MR. Optionally, you could build up a +5 MR set or artifact set of say Estorath's Carcenet, Estorath's Vestments, two Mage Bands, and perhaps balmythic them for the extra Int/mr unless you want the hp from felmythic. Would be a long process in any event. Superior Shield I believe is best MR shield as well. Try to get a Crystal one.

Human's have the advantage of 125% skill cap onset and can utilize mani-spam quite well without bothering to pray at Versatility shrine. Potions can be a good aid as will a pet that can heal and ward of healing (or w/e it is called).

There is a small dispute if a pure priest 90/10 build is better or a 100% fighter/priest over a pure fighter. I supposed it depends on how much of the hits you're taking before the party wipes out the enemy. That's my take on this for now.

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