Thoughts on Fighter/Rogue; or Fighter/Priest (for Mani)?

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Thoughts on Fighter/Rogue; or Fighter/Priest (for Mani)?

Post by Celerion » Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:36 pm

So you have a fighter and think of multi-classing to fighter/rogue?
Some people have done that and are quite happy with it.

Fighter/Rogue - You'd get:

- Stealth (hiding) and Backstab (or Bard spells instead, if you want),

- Using ranged weapons increasing range skill,

- Ability to disarm and and open chests safely.

But there are a number of drawbacks:

- You'd have to spend 38 levels (25 as human) meditating at the shrine of versatility in Maeondir (so you can't use them on STR or DEX) to get full rogue. And less rogue like 30% doesn't make much sense, because you still couldn't pick most locks then. So it'd have to be 100% rogue.

- As a fighter, your STR/DEX-ratio should be 90/10 (9/1). With "agile stance" you can also have 75/25 (3/1).
But as a rogue, your STR/DEX-ratio should be the opposite, that is 25/75 (1/3).
So from a rogue perspective, your STR/DEX-ratio wouldn't be optimal at all, when using fighter ratio.

- You can't stealth wearing heavy armour. So you'd have to wear medium armour or lighter. Or you'd have to carry around several sets of gear and switch between them a lot.

- You also can't wear gold weapons or armour, if you want to stealth.

- To backstab, you'd have to use a short sword type weapon. Which probably isn't your preferred fighter weapon. So you'd have to carry an additional short swort type weapon and switch weapons a lot.

- You still have to use lots and lots of bandages and (mega) yellow potions to heal yourself.


Fighter with 31% Priest:

You'd get:

- Mani spell (minor heal self) at full chance,
- Uncurse spell at a good chance,
- Detect traps and curses spell with effort (meaning, you have to cast it several times until it works).

And you'd get some spells, that'd have to be cast with scrolls otherwise:

- Sanct spell (armour) at a decent chance.
- Fortitude spell with effort.
- Protection spell with effort.

So you can heal yourself quite a bit easier, and to a certain extent you can use spell-casting instead of writing huge amounts of spell scrolls, as Sanct, Fortitude and Protection are needed basically all the time.
Lateron you'll want to use Greater Health scrolls instead of Fortitude.
Protection doesn't wear out that quickly. And casting of Sanct works quite well (though not at full chance).
So overall the casting capabilities at 31% priest aren't fully developed, but still quite useful.

You'd have to spend just 3 levels for versatility (if you want full chance of casting Mani).

If you don't stealth, you can also make a light (Vas Lor, with scroll).
So you don't need to wear so much NV (Nightvision)-gear, and can use more other gear like MR (Magic Resistance).

- Chests:
You can use "detect traps and curses spell" to find out which chests are trapped. You can unlock locked chests using skull keys. Or by bashing them open (risking to break some content).
You can open trapped chests and stand the traps, when having eaten roasted blue dragon meat. (Or you decide to just open them risking death (which isn't such a good idea though)).
Of course, that's not as good as being rogue. But it works in a way. I mean, you're a fighter, right?

- For becoming invisible, you still have to use scrolls, black potions or "dust of disappearance". Scrolls are probably the easiest option.

If you want rogue abilities (backstab, dealing with chests), in my opinion playing a pure rogue is the better option. Although, as I said, I know, that some people are happy with playing fighter/rogue.
But I chose the 31%-priest option.

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Re: Thoughts on Fighter/Rogue; or Fighter/Priest (for Mani)?

Post by Balmung » Fri Mar 05, 2021 12:06 am

neat post! I often thought about posting some thoughts on my build and some fun stuff it can do for posterity. I hope some newbies or players branching out from their normal classes pop in and consider this advice. build threads rule.

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