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XxxX Clan

Post by kagru » Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:00 am

I have decided to start a new clan named XxxX, If your interested in Class Hierarchy, a little bit of Role Playing then this clan is for you.
The Goal of the clan is to make somewhat of a Monarchy on the NG server.Of course I know a sense of achievment would be :bs: to most of us, Since we prefer to just get a stick and wack something till we are the "Best" in the game (not saying that its a bad thing). So for those of you who are looking for a little bit more of challenge, a sense of "Achievement", the opportunity to rule over all, to actually HAVE the bigger stick. I invite you to join me and together, lets build a new kingdom. Let us wack all those who would oppose us. Let us become the best of the best.

I am trying to give NG server a bit more life. Its a good server. People should give it more attention.
Currently looking for 3+member to start the clan. (Msg. TymoZenKio)
King will be decided with a Tournament once there's sufficient Members

1. PvP on Upon Starting your Character.
2.When creating a New Character you must start as a mage and immediately trim all unrelated skills dealing with the Apprentice rank.
3. Follow the Class Hierarchy.
4. No other Skills except the ones noted for your class (no more, no less).
5. You can only Advance in Rank if you complete your class specific skills and take a test the King-General gives you.
6. Do not hit the King unless he permits it.
7. Bow Down to the King and stay down until commanded otherwise.
8. Rules can be Made and Broken By the King.
9. Rules are not meant to be broken (except for the King).

Note: You can Adjust your stats however you want.
Note: All skills Unrelated that are not class specific are permitted (Bandages,Mining, Woodwork, etc...).
Note: This is a NG server Specific Clan.
Note: Try the different classes, give me feedback.

________________________________ Class Hierarchy___________________________________

Sorcerer-----Summoner-----Warlock__________Warrior_____________ Ninja-------Hunter------Priest

__________________ ____________________**Warlord**_______________________________________
**Special Classes
*Elite( only obtained by Special King Promotion)

Class Skills:
Tier 1:
50% Staves---50% Unarmed

Tier 2:
75% Staves--80% Magery--60% Sorcery--(25% Piety Optional)

Any 1 handed Weapon/s 70-100%--Blocking 50%--(25% Piety Optional)--Tanking Stance--Reset Stance--Charge--Taunt--Battle Roar--
50-100% Tactics

70-100% Unarmed or Staves--50-100% Sanctity--50-100% Piety

Tier 3:
100% Sorcery--100% Magery--100% Staves--(if Human Piety Optional)

100% Magery--100% Divinity(only Summon Spells,Turn Undead, Power Word Pain)--100% Staves--100% Taming(tame must have Clone spell)

100% Sorcery(Only Area of Effect Damage)--100% Divinity(Only Area of Effect Damage)--100%Staves ,Unarmed or Short Swords

Any 1-2 handed Weapon/s 100%--100% Blocking Optional--(30% Piety Optional)--Special Move--Tanking Stance--Reset Stance--Charge--Taunt--Battle Roar--50-100% Tactics
Optional(Infuse your weapon with an element 60% Sanctity)

100% Short Swords and/or Unarmed--100%Stealth--Back-Stab--100% Sanctity

100% Short Swords and/or Bows--(100% Stealth Optional)--50% Piety--60-100% Magery (only Invisibility, Charm, Confuse, Blink, Paralyze, Mark/Recall, Speed, Greater Light, Lesser Light, Reveal, Unlock, Locate)

100% Blessed Maces--100% Piety--100% Divinity

Tier 4:
:Death Mage:
100% Sorcery and/or Magery--100% Any 2 handed Weapon--100% Piety (optional)

100% Any 1 Handed Weapon--100% Block--100% Tactics

100% Any 2 Handed Weapon--100% Sanctity--100% Tactics

:Holy Knight:
100% Long Swords and or Maces--100% Blocking (optional)--100% Piety--100% Tactics

.::Special Classes::.

Acceptance to Clan/Kingdom Test:
King says "Before you can even consider entering or being part of my kingdom, you must first kill 5 rats either unarmed or with a stave in 1 hit. Failiure is not accepted". King, Queen or General must be present. By completing this test you gain entrance to the clan and the first rank, "Apprentice".

Permission to take a Second Tier Apprenticeship Test:
King says "I see you have been Working out a bit, Come lets spar for a while to see if your worthy of gaining a new Rank".Try to hit the King until he is satisfied. Completion gives you permission to start working on Second Tier Skills.(needs testing)

""Note: King can change Tests as he/she sees fit.

***Thread needs finishing
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Re: XxxX Clan

Post by Djanno » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:52 am

kagru wrote:
6. Do not hit the King unless he permits it.
7. Bow Down to the King and stay down until commanded otherwise.
8. Rules can be Made and Broken By the King.
9. Rules are not meant to be broken (except for the King).
It's good to be King! :P
Djanno :smoke:

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