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Post by Keighn » Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:08 am



MATERIALS NEEDED: STOCKING GOALS - 1k in all items are our goals.


The M.I.B. is now ACCEPTING new members that are MASTERS at their Craft(s).

1. Members must have an interest in Crafting/Training of some sort; 90%minimum.
  • Major Interests Include:
    • 1. Mining/Metallurgy
      2. Weaponsmithing
      3. Armourer
      4. Woodcrafting
      5. Fishing
      6. Alchemy
      7. Tinkering
      8. Tailoring
      9. Inscription
      10. Enchanting
    Lesser Interests Include (these are supplimental skills):
    • 1. Taming
      2. Cartography
      3. Healing
      4. Item Identification (Itemlore)
2. Members must be helpful to other members including sharing marketeering secrets.

3. Having a merchant would help as we want to lead the way in marketeering and commerce across the entire realms of New Sosaria.

4. Help brand M.I.B. clansmen to further their selected grandmastery in a particular talent so we have at least one Gand Master in each of the arts.

5. Classes of all sorts are wanted and no restriction on such is set.

6. Profits can be shared to help members with furthering the guild. Not a necessity, but helpful.

7. Dedicated to keeping the environment clean, this clan will gladly take corpses, cursed items, or any litter if such items are unwanted by various travellers of New Sosaria.

#1 Destroyer (Affirmed Membership #001) - Founder & President of the M.I.B. Corporation

Board of Directors:
1. Roopert - (Affirmed Membership #002)
2. kibtzdude - (Affirmed Membership #003)
3. Gulnar -
4. LaughingCoyote -
5. JackRyan -

Crafting/Marketing Department:
1. Destroyer:
  • 1. Mining/Metallurgy 95.5%
    2. Inscription 92.8%
    3. Alchemy 90.0%
    4. Woodcrafting 87.1%
    5. Animal Taming 81%
    6. Fishing 65.0%
    7. Tinkering 52.6%
    8. Tailoring 34.2%
    9. Armourer 32.2%
    10. Enchanting 0.0%
1. Roopert:
  • 1. Inscription 51%(Intent towards GM)
    2. Mining/Metallurgy 63%
3. kibtzdude:
  • 1. Alchemy 100%
    2. Inscription 94%
    3. Item Lore 100%
    4. Fishing 100%
    5. Mining/Metallurgy 100%
    6. Tailoring 100%
    7. Tinkering 100%
    8. Weaponsmith 100%
    9. Woodcrafting 100%
4. Rurik:
  • 1. Fishing: 95.8%
    2. Healing: 85.1%
    3. Mining: 84.5%
    4. Taming: 61.8%
    5. Tinkering: 73.7%

6. Gulnar:
  • 1. Alchemy 96.1%
    2. Armourer 92.0%
    3. Cartography 60.5%
    4. Enchanting 71.0%
    5. Fishing 100%
    6. Healing 80.3%
    7. Inscription 100%
    8. Item Lore 70.8%
    9. Mining 100%
    10. Tailoring 76.0%
    11. Taming 90.1%
    12. Tinkering 95.0%
    13. Weaponsmith 93.1%
    14. Woodcrafting 90.3%
All Listed Members: (By Membership #)
1. Destroyer (Affirmed Membership #001) - Leader of the M.I.B.
2. Roopert (Affirmed Membership #002) -
3. kibtzdude (Affirmed Membership #003) - Scion of Craftsmanship
4. Gulnar (Affirmed Membership #004) -
5. LaughingCoyote (Affirmed Membership #005) -
6. JackRyan (Affirmed Membership #006) -
7. Ulric (Affirmed Membership #007) -
8. Berberis (Affirmed Membership #008) -

1. LiquidGold (Mon-Ferrato) - Destroyer's
2. MadJacks (Mon-Ferrato) - JackRyan's

SOD: Neutral - (Sons of Darkness) Led by Nightinshining
SPT: Neutral - (Swashbuckling Pirates of Tanelorne) Led by Rono
WoWz: Neutral - (We Want Fun) Led by kibjr
MOO: Allied - (Masters of Obstacles) Led by stealthknight
BoN: Neutral - (Brotherhood of Night) Led by Aeryn
BoB: Neutral - (Band of Brothers) Led by GenoStar
MMNS: Neutral - (Mystic Mages of New Sosaria) Led by Nick
KOT: Neutral - (Knights of Tanelorne) Led by Kodiak
IAG: Neutral - (Izumi Adventurer's Guild) Led by Eidolon

Long Lost Guilds:
BUO (Buck's uncontrolable ogres) Led by Buck
OoO (Order of Oblivion) Led by BlackMage
EMS (EUO Monster Squad) Led by Eidolon
SPAM (Sons Pilfer Any Mother) Led by Beren
VIPER (?????) Led by ??? - Never Officially Formed
BoNS (Barbarians of New Sosaria) Led by ??? - Never Officially Formed
WoN (Wolves of Nordhaven) Led by Vanguard - Never Officially Formed
OOF (Order Of the Fist) A Monastic Order of Unarmed Fighting - Never Officially Formed

Updated As of: September 5, 2006


Members are leaving being dissatisfied with what the guild has to offer. Tis' a pity, and I am at a loss of what will become of the guild If further members decide to leave. I must talk to the remaining members as soon as possible.
It would seem that certain pursuits have swallowed my time like some behemoth from the depths. Thus, little time has been spent on either the forums or in game. I shall try to get on once a week but hopefully more. I still need to update the entire post.
Fixed up the post as best I can. Reagents are needed. I shall start buying the ones which I cannot purchase from the shop.
I'm retooling the guild again. Not a whole lot has changed. My next big ventrue is to start buying more tools and reagants. Anyone reading this log contact me when I'm online.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I've got to get the complete list of members up. I also need to collect their skills as well. WozBo lost his merchant due to token loss or something. I am unsure when/if he'll be on again. Until then, I've handed the Guild Hall plans to a new member.
I am currently working on the roster of members and building the Guild Hall. Progress is slow on the hall and probably will only be revealed to egg as he looks over GH submissions. I'm having a few editor problems, mainly the copy & paste of features. I copy the feature, but it sure as hell ain't pasting. Read the manual (printed it out even), redownloaded maped, and pulled some hair out. Even if I have to do it the slow way it shall get done.
I Finished updating the Guild Thread. Next is too get all crafting skills & Merchants updated.
Restructure of the thread is near completion. Must still find all Player Merchants, get new monitor to finish Hall.
Darkfire joins the guild. Fix a few thread mistakes.
Well, messer & Rurata join the guild. Still working on the guild hall; need some input from Members of the Board.
BladeOfValor & Claythefool joined the guild. Finished the M.I.B. Headquarters a few days ago and got it submitted yesterday. I assigned Membership #'s today.
The land has changed a little; of particular note the seas have beome much rougher. I believe something disturbing will happen in the future. It would seem the giants have retreated to their mountain homes for now, though the cyclops, ettins, and ogres continue to plague the land. I have noticed a change in tactics with the goblins. No longer do they send elite and veteran warriors out; rather they attack us with brute forc similar to the orcs. These goblins are nothing more than bruisers though. A new pirate ship has raised flage in the lands; oddly though, all the rampaging pirates have disappeared. We still have to contend with rogues, bandits, and the like though.
Three new members joined: Backstabbin, Chi, and Roopert. Since my last entry I have been led to a secret location to where the golems seem to be coming from. I have also managed, with lots of help to find the Temple in the Sky.
M.I.B. HEADQUARTERS is undergoing final testing. Members 002 harpell, 003 Craft, 004 Rich, 005 Forge, 006 MartinLongbox are to report for duty to help test the hall. Incidentally, I accidently quit while not in the guild so I have no tp in. I hope Craft or harpell quit while inside.
Fake & DukeIgthorn have joined the guild. Restructure of the Board of Directors has led to a vote with Claythefool taking position #5. Rurik has been promoted to Guard Captain in the Division of Justice & Defense. And everyone has been working hard to fill our resources and coffers.
Rurik has been voted to take Rich's place on the Board of Director for position #3. Fake has taken the title Lead Mechanical Crafting Engineer.
Troy has joined the MIB. I've immediately promoted him to head the operations department as no on has shown interest in leading it. Craft has just requested to work in that department as well which is granted. I've noticed that ghouls have left the plane of New Sosaria. This is an odd occurance. First the restructure of the goblin tribes. I believe they have turned more bestial as they no long fight with elite or veteran soldiers. The have gone to a more primitivte status with bruisers much like the orc brutes. The hill giants have obviously retreated back to the hills and mountains. Perhaps they decided that the ogre/troll invasion of Nordhaven would be folly. Which leads me up to wonder why the ghouls have disappeared. Have they been eliminated entirely? I find it curious. As I look back I realize I must make yet another atlass of New Sosaria/Tanelorne. I am still curious as to why/how Cassandra's Tower moved near the Izumi Mines. More importantly, I'd like to know how the tower in the desert was constructed so quickly and how the new lighthouse quickly became overran. No matter how often Nordhaven soldiers or adventurers clear out this establishment, it quickly becomes infested again with the humanoids. I must look further into this.
At long last the etheral void has stabilized and I've managed to dig my roots into New Sosaria. My plans are coming closer to fruition and I look forward to my next set of goals. Upon closer inspection I've noticed some nearby caves that I may decide to mine. Perhaps I can persaude the members to dig a tunnel through the mountainside towards the lost town of An Najaf. While scouting there I did find some trace elements of the town. Odd though how according to the old maps An Najaf was in a desert which was swallowed up upon the abduction of Lord Eggleton and the merging of Tanelorne & New Sosaria. Raids have been getting worse as the ogres and trolls continue to build up their army to destroy Nordhaven. My scout McDeath has found traces of hidden clues but can't quite put them together. He shall continue to Shadow in MOO and continue building towards a greater alliance. Master Stealthknight of MOO has increased his agency considerably. I'm still looking for a concrete alliance with MMNS. On business news 4 new members have since been recruited: Raken, Mejesto, Murdok, and Moxiousne. I've been in private council with my most trusted council members and it seems there is a slight dissention about my policies. I have come this far and my patience is great, I think I can handle a few squabbles here and there. My next goal is to run for mayor of Mon-Ferrato. I must gain the trust of the people there. It is in my opinion that Mon-Ferrato is or can be the economic foundation of all of New Sosaria. This is especially so with her ports to Shoreline. Speaking of ports I've noticed the frontier trading post "Barter Town East (for lack of a better name)" is much more difficult to get to. If a port could be established there and in Barter Town West there would be much more ease. Thankfully "East" has an operational teleportal system to leave the vicinity in an emergency. Though my thoughts can help but think what would happen if the ogres decided to breach the defenses of "East" and use that to their own devices. Bah, no concern there; the guards are well trained and can easily handly such.
I've decided to stir the pot and see what brews. Now that I have a settlement I shall seek to conquer my next objective. I have let go of members that I have deemed to be pathetic and worthless. Now to sit and watch as Civil Unrest blazes across New Sosaria.
TRAITORS - ALL OF THEM!! I have been thrown into the void for the time being but I had just enough time to activate AZOTH's security fields. The machine has alerted that the gates have been crashed and the fortress is being invaded. They will pay for their treachery the fools. My last course of action was to slay my scribe and business manager Keighn. His blood drips from my black gauntleted hand even now. I took delight in ending his miserable life. New Sosaria has not seen the last of me. I will return. And when I do the Master of Puppets shall pull their strings one by one until the invasion can commence. I shall have their souls forever in shards and torment them for all eternity. I will have my vengeance.
I have collected a few souls along the way. My plans continue. In the meanwhile A.Z.O.T.H. continues operations as usual. Perhaps I pay a high price for such an ally. Then again the boons I receive more than compensate for what I could lose.
Dealing with an alien intelligence from another world is far easier than the squabble that humans seem to form amongst themselves. New measures are being made. I'll not tolerate insubordination anymore. Tis time for my puppets to pay the piper.
Whatever was affecting me has strangely disappeared. My thoughts are clear again and I see the damage I have caused. I only keep the older log entries so I know of the mistakes that I had caused. Perhaps now I can rebuild anew and set things right in the world.
I have a new pet now, an imp a dubbed Exodus after my sojourns in the old Sosaria. Member count is up and stock is up. Gulnar is away at the time so we have no armourer. Roopert and Tikimage are working on enchanting. I personally think we need to recruit some master miners/loggers.
The bad blood that I spilled towards Rurik has been purified. I hated having such dissention between us. Thus I allowed a fair vote. Overhwhelmingly, he was approved by fellow guild members. Congrats Rurik, you have proved yourself to be a worthy ally. On other news, I have raised the crafting requirements up to 90% to reflect that I only wish to have Masters of their craft. I'm thinking of dropping Taming/Item Lore from being a craft. I have ample supply of ID all scrolls, and I don't see how having taming does much for crafting. I shall discuss this further with other members.
I've made some final cut in the clan and have eliminated Tikimage, dracos, AllForBackstabb, Ballgirl and their alts. They are unprofitable slackers that think only for themselves and not improving the clan. They are forever cut and I'll not hear of them anymore.
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Post by Keighn » Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:14 am

>Transmission Scrambled
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Post by Claythefool » Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:45 am

Claythefool: (Affirmed Membership #024)
Alchemy - 10.8%
Animal Taming - 31.8%
Armourer - 1%
Cartography - 10.8%
Enchanting - 0%
Fishing - 0%
Healing - 0%
Inscription - 1%
Item Lore - 0%
Mining & Metallurgy - 13.2%
Tailoring - 0%
Tinkering - 0%
Weaponsmith - 1%
Woodcrafting - 80%

:headbang: 80 WC :) :headbang:

Mostly a woodcrafter *laugh* but when i get that to about 95 im going to start tailoring or somthing....

btw my merchant is "TheFool's Items" in (Bartertown East)
i might be changing it to Bartertown (West) soon
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Post by arimil » Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:51 am

my skills are as follows

Fishing: 97%
Inscription: 95%
Mining: 92%
Weaponsmithing: 61%
Animal Taming: 45%
Woodcrafting: 41%
Tinkering: 40%
Enchanting: 27%
Healing: 7%
Tailoring: 5%
Alchemy: 5%
Cartography: 4%

all other crafting skills are 0.
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Post by Roopert » Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:55 am

Roop is back
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Post by Zilverlight » Fri Jan 13, 2006 11:42 am

-Memory Erased-
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Post by BlueKnight » Fri Jan 20, 2006 12:46 pm


--Item Lore = 82
--Mining and Metalurgy = 79.5
--Weaponsmithing = 77
--Alchemy = 68
--Enchanting = 35.1
--Fishing = 27.7
--Woodscrafting = 27.2
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Post by Keighn » Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:27 am

>Transmission Scrambled
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My Skills

Post by Moxiousness » Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:50 am

Moxiousne: (Affirmed Membership #033)

Animal Taming - 80%
Cartography - 30.7%
Fishing - 70.3%
Healing - 60.0%
Item Lore - 8.8%
Mining & Metallurgy - 0.3%
Tailoring - 10.0%

Not very good yet, but working to increase my skills.

Kodiak has probably banned me by now.
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Id like to join Sir

Post by DevilDragon » Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:54 am

Id like to Join M.I.B. mY Level is 58 My skills are as followed
Alchemy=25.3 ,Tameing=12.1,Amourer=nothing,Cartography=10.9,Enchanting=nothing,Fishing=83.7,Healing=8.0,Inscription=nothing, Item Lore=60.8,Mineing & Metallurgy=73.1,Tailoring/Tinkering both 10,Weaponsmith=nothing,Woodcrafting=34 Ok thats it for now but when i Join i will have it up much much more im on 3-4hours a day and U can message me on fourms or w/e TTYL i hope to hear from yah.........
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Post by ChrisCooper » Sun Feb 05, 2006 8:00 am

I left.

Fake and Rurik are too much for me to handle.
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Post by Keighn » Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:58 am

>Transmission Scrambled
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Post by Keighn » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:52 am

>Transmission Scrambled
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Post by Zilverlight » Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:55 am

-Memory Erased-
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Post by Zilverlight » Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:12 pm

-Memory Erased-
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Post by Anonymous » Wed Mar 08, 2006 9:54 am

I would like to join MIB. My best crafting skills are:Alchemy 100, BlackSmith 74, Mining 73, Fishing 71, and Tinkering 70. Also could I lead the Division of Defence and Justice? If you let me join.


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Post by Xophias » Thu Mar 09, 2006 1:25 pm

I would like to keep my skills private...Destroyer if you need to know them message me on game.
I have a merch:Goods Dealer (Bartertown west)
*Mostly a new player merch very cheap prices on most things*
I would also like to say Sephiroth is very trustworthy in my eyes and I would love for him to tag along with us :D thank you Ill catch you all later.


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Post by Xophias » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:21 am

Well, beings Destroyer expelled all the members except DevilDragon I think its glad to say MIB will be dieing soon :).

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Post by Keighn » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:39 am

(Left on a bloody sheet of paper in a torn journal)

You fools! I shall crush your bones and swallow your souls. My time has come to rule this world. My armies are like the dark shadows lurking around every corner. The spirit is freed from its chains and stalks the very ground you traverse. No one is safe from what I shall unleash. I have no more need of insubordinates that question my absolute authority.

No where will be safe as the citizens of New Sosaria are devoured by my entropic tendrils.

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Post by Anonymous » Sun Mar 12, 2006 7:45 am

So is that a yes or no for me joining?


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