Class idea:. Swashbuckler

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Class idea:. Swashbuckler

Post by Eclips » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:50 pm

So the other day I had an idea for another rogue class, and I know bards are on the way but I feel of all the main classes rogues get the least love. My idea is for a dualest type class thats strength is distracting and overwhelming high priority targets and weakness is solo hunting and getting overwhelmed by multiple targets.

Stat ratio: probably 10 90 str/Dex
Armor type: light
Weapon/offhand: foils and Buckler's

Defensive stance: block only affects 1 tile that you're directly facing/attacking. Damage given is reduced. Attacks taunt or have increased threat applied. Critical hits cause have a chance to cause blindness or hamstring. If a critical applies either status effects it also applies quivering palm for 7 seconds.

Press the advantage (stance)- block doesn't work, party/reposte remain active. Crits do bonus damage and have a chance to cause bleed.

Distracting throw: throws a rock at a Target causing .5 seconds of paralysis. Doesn't work on adjacent targets. (50 rage)

Disarming flourish- disarms Target and damages Target and two adjecent tiles. (100 rage)

Kill Strike- 150% damage attack with high critical rate. Does bonus damage if Target is below 20% health. If Target is killed, Swashbuckler gains druid Regen until action taken or attacked.


The Swashbuckler excels at single Target takedown. They always start combat in defensive stance (which between Perry/reposte and block, is as affective at mitigating damage as a tower shield) until they apply quivering status, in which case they switch to press the advantage and go in for the kill. If they successfully end a mob with killing blow they are rewarded with a Regen effect so they can choose between healing some or jumping back in to help the party. They can also help their party slightly with distracting blow which is intended to be a quick disable on casters and ranged attackers. Their block is only effective against a single Target and their low HP means they can be easily overwhelmed if they draw the attention of more than one attacker.

Overall I like this class idea bc it's pretty different from the current classes and it's a more active and strategic melee class.

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