2010 in review

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2010 in review

Post by eggmceye » Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:41 am

2010 goal was to provide entertainment other than grinding - it was only very partially addressed, probably because I'm whimsical and tend to work on whatever I feel like at the time

major additions and chgs I was pleased with 2010: (I will post the entire list of changes on the manual eventually)

jan: petrification wand
feb: visibly tinted items (when on ground) - it's kindof minor really, also glowing items
..... mining maps - massively unfinished
..... phase beasts
apr: butchering, cooking, and resistances
..... stones recall to shrines
may: brought moagl back up to date and have kept it that way
..... lua 5.1
..... items as a class rather than just long int - huge addition, took days and days after thinking abt it for years and years
..... transparent map tiles such as tables that can show another tile underneath either automatically or preset
jun: mobs with configurable resistances
jul : better party healer support
..... even better dynamic map loading, maps no longer loaded at start of server then unloaded
..... moved material dmg bonus after applied stat dmg
..... visible threat
aug: monks after 3 months of testing/development+7 years of thinking about it
..... instances, heroic instances
..... visible weapons on avatars - probably my favourite change and again a bit thanx to Lord Mort for getting the ball rolling on this for making the tiles
..... farming got implemented, but needs a lot of expansion
sep: binding items to f keys and spells to numbers
oct: weekly pd
nov: host selection on login/create screens
..... dwarves (after 2 months of dev)
..... procedurally generated continent for weekly pd
..... dyable player avs
dec: avs & montsers in profile face the correct way when moving
..... linux build

There was a lot of stuff that was cosmetic, but for some reason those changes pleased me somewhat ... eg, dying your av and showing your weps customises your appearance, and thus adds visual variety and interest.

As for additions related to nongrinding? not much - good start on farming and a weak start on diggable maps.

Lot of usability and polish tho.

Dwarves and monks very time intensive to develop. But they show, esp monks. How much fancier are monks compare to rogues & fighters? Makes them look ordinary.

Well feel free to post your favourite update (massage my already incredible ego) or talk about your least favourite change, worst nerf, biggest fuckup.

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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Keighn » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:48 am

No one has responded to this yet?

All in all relatively progressive year.

Golem characters just didn't seem to work and I think the construction of buildable flesh golems was a better idea. Undead/skeletons were more interesting. Didn't try out the dwarf too much but from what I did it seemed fine.

Mines were a great and obvious room for improvement could be made.

The random ladder is fine though I think it needs a lot more tweaking.

Gardens are great, but not being able to sell the seeds/produce was annoying. Was disappointed there was no tilled rows, random digging up rocks, no weeding, or pests.

Maped received some improvement.

Awesome 32x32 selection of gfx.
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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Khelben » Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:44 pm

Keighn wrote:I left GMship due to...

Sorry for the OT.

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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Rufio » Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:11 am

Keighn wrote:Economy: Really doesn't matter in this game. Drops from all creatures should be reworked.
One of the main reasons i have stopped playing for a while. I agree they need to be reworked majorly. (Im not trying to put anyone down or anything, i am just puting it out there.)
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Re: 2010 in review

Post by RaynWisp » Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:47 pm

I dont think egg made this thread for a vent of aggression.

All in all, very good year. Monks are just amazing, and the reworking of classes made the class-representation of older players fairly even (Or at least more even from the old standby "everyone's a mage" thing) We have a good amount of fighters and priests since the reworking, so it has worked out wonderously.

The cosmetic changes made the game more visually appealing, plus it has the added effect of telling someone's class without actually looking at their gear/class. Thanks Mort for the showable weps for sure. Tinted avas were an interesting twist.

One of my favorite changes was the server selection, it really helps with changing between multiple servers and tbh forced me to completely forget the numbers of the servers, rofl.

In essense, 2010 brought many changes, most were good some were not (As with any changes).

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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Ozimandias » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:09 am

I liked the changes, too. Though I have to admit that, due to me having no experience with the process of programming and editing, I was somewhat saddened when not all classes were added right at the same time. I had terrible patience and didn't fully realize all the other stuff that was coming along while the classes weren't even written up in full detail.

Still there were tons of awesome updates. The making of monsters into statues really surprised me. And crafting was greatly improved as well as pets.

All in all, yes there's still work to be done, but great job so far :)
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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Dralos » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:32 pm

petrification wands were an awesome addition, albeit a minor one.

gardening has a decent start and shows real promise.

as you've said diggable caves need to be worked on, but its definitely something to look in to.

All in all a decent slew of interesting additions IMHO.


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Re: 2010 in review

Post by Bugbo » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:38 pm

Having the coordinates display when you have a sextant is a nice improvement.

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