spell failure & success rates mod

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spell failure & success rates mod

Post by eggmceye » Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:15 am

Something that kinda irked me about playing a spell user for some time is failing spells (especially at critical moments).

So I thought to make it so either you have 0% chance of success at casting a spell, or 99%. How the success% relates to your skill and spell level are detailed below:

Code: Select all

cir req skill%
1   12.5%
2   25%
3   37.5%
4   50%
5   62.5%
6   75%
7   87.5%
8   100%
Will have to change how the skill bumps, probably bump when you cast your current best circle, or 2 best circles, or something like that. Might need to change the bump rate too to ensure the rate stays about the same as what it is now.

* you always know if a spell will succeed or not
* it is quite neat I think (I'm probably the only one who cares about game-rules neatness)
* for those with 25% in magic you get full access to the first 2 circles with guaranteed success
* probably make magic easier I think

* you need 100% to cast circle 8 spells (this could be considered a pro, or both)
* you need 12.5% to cast anything, so rolling a new caster player, or training will be required to start
* it takes away spell failure - I know this is the point, but I'm not quite convinced that spell failure is bad ... (it just kinda bugs me when I try playing as a mage)
* it could encourage afk macroing of casting - which I must admit dont really care that much about but it's annoying when someone does it in town

Currently, if you have 12.5% in a magic school, your success rate for a circle 1 spell is about 57% and circle 2 is 32%. If you have 25%, circle 1 success is 87% and circle 2 is 62%.

I might trial this on the upcoming alpha server when I workshop priests. Any thoughts? I'm not THAT enthused about it, infact it feels like a bit of a waste of time. But the engine support for 0/99% is coded (just have to change bumping skill).

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Re: spell failure & success rates mod

Post by The Oracle » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:37 pm

Well haddi and I are reading this over. Neither of us are too jazzed on it. Testing stuff is always worthwhile, but this might not be such a problem to begin with imo.

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Re: spell failure & success rates mod

Post by LaughingCoyote » Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:42 pm

Why have everything be perfectly predictable? I can't predict that flurry will hit 5 times in a row or 4 times in a row as a fighter... but it averages out. Ditto spell success rates.

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Re: spell failure & success rates mod

Post by Lanphrost » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:27 pm

As a mage I actually agree that spells failing at critical moments is one of those great things that makes being a mage a challenge. If we can always cast spells, then it makes things far too easy in the middle of combat, and for that matter, would a mage be able to cast a spell so surely in the middle of a hectic situation? (Not that a game is based on real life, but failing skills is realistic, and being perfect at them isn't)
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