AS vs. DEF & INT vs. MR

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AS vs. DEF & INT vs. MR

Post by Keighn » Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:33 am

Has anyone charted out how damage works vs. the 4 armour types (UA, light, med, heavy) with various AS strengths and total damage from weapons? Exactly how high does it take for a def to be for automatic miss from opponents? What are the damage reductions for varous AS strengths vs. def?

Does armour affect magical damge at all? Probably too boring a topic to be persued by players.

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Re: AS vs. DEF & INT vs. MR

Post by Rusty76 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:55 am

I know that using either UA or light armor you never get an automatic miss when being attacked. The minimum damage you will get will be 1 or 1/10 the mob's normal damage whichever is larger. The type of armor doesn't effect damage, only the AS/def ratio does. If def is 20 higher or more than AS the attacker either completely misses or hits for 1 or 1/10 damage. Not sure what decides whether or not attacker hits for 1 or 1/10 or misses when the target is wearing medium or heavy armor. As AS increases past def - 20 the % of damage you hit for increases at a rate of 5% per point of AS increased so that when AS = def the attacker is hitting for their full normal damage. Monsters never get the benefit of heavy or medium armor because no matter their def players can always hit them for 1 or 1/10 damage, whichever is higher.
As for magic, def in no way helps against magic damage and magic resistance doesn't help either, unless you have 10,000 MR. MR does cut AEP and XJ time and I think it helps reduce your chance of getting poisoned by INH or slept by IZH (might just be my imagination). Int has some effect on MR and the effectiveness of some spells but I'm not sure which or how.

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