New Scrolls - Town Portals??

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New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Sync » Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:07 am

What if we had new Town Portal scrolls.

Example. Town Portal Scroll (Izumi), (Nordhaven), (Shoreline), (Cammerata), (Sandy Vally), (Dryden), ect.

I know that that can be a pain, but perhaps easier for people to go to places if they need to get somewhere fast.

Let's say your in a dungeon, and you need to get to Dryden, but your a fighter or rogue and your bound to Nordhaven, you can go straight to Dryden that one. Some people don't have KOP scrolls to Extells and Bakyre. Perhaps a different color per town as well??

I'm just saying. It might help people out, it could throw people off. It's just an idea.


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Re: New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Onyxt » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:01 am

I'd say make them one way portals, and cost 100 a piece.

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Re: New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Gulnar » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:17 am

I'm not sure if the game needs more ways to get around. However, losing the N-S wrap of the world map does make it a little harder to get between places.

There have been some recentish changes to make it easier to get around, albeit for high level players. Horses are nice. I love using the black stone twice to jump to Cammerata (helpful for me since my house is in Chester Hill).

What might be nice to see is a few more tickets. The Izumi/Dryden route is pretty useful, but I don't use the others much. Nord/(Cam or Shoreline), MF/Resort, MF/Montor would help people get around. Tickets could be something besides boats (e.g., a mage has a teleportation device he'll let you use with the ticket), with the ticket taker near the town entrance (having to slog all the way into the far end of the town makes existing tickets less useful).

You might want to think about picking your bind location based on transportation issues. Nord is a horrible place to bind. The only reason to bind there is because so many people do; lots of trades happen in Nord, and party members often will have their TPs there. But getting from Nord to anywhere else sucks, the closest shrine is pretty far, and the local dungeons aren't worth visiting after lvl 20ish. I'd be happier if MF or anywhere else became the place everybody binds too. Again, the only reason to bind to Nord is because of the convenience of having other people bound there, and that's outweighed by the disadvantages for me.

Other places to bind:
Izumi: shrine is far, but has boats to Dryden and Bucc's Den, and is close to Nord.
MF: centrally located (getting back to Nord isn't too bad), shrine is very close, boat to Shoreline
Cammerata: centrally located, shrine is pretty close, mid/high lvl dungeons not too far, black stone takes you to Cam, kind of a pain to get to Nord
Shoreline: close to mid/high lvl dungeons, shrine pretty close by raft, boats to MF and Kingswood, getting to Nord is hard
Bartertown East: portals to a bunch of places, but getting back is a pain, shrine not too far, but getting to shrine is dangerous, good hunting nearby

Other places might make sense if you've got a house there (Chester Hill has a pretty awesome location). I bound to Izumi once I started on the guard quests there, bound to MF once I started on the Kaza Doom quests, and stayed bound there till lvl 70 or so, when I bound to Cam (and now Chester Hill).
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Re: New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Sync » Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:58 pm

Good point Gulnar.

It was just an Idea.

(though this has NOTHING to do with this thread.....)
...Another Idea is Riding a Drake. Much like the horse. Not quite as fast, but you can fly over water. Level 125+ requirement.

I cannot use, but that's oka. It's just a few ideas for the game.

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Re: New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Grodst » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:01 pm

I rather like the named TP idea. Imagine some lvl 4 using the one for Shoreline and then trying to find his way back!
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Re: New Scrolls - Town Portals??

Post by Sync » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:39 pm

I like it too, that's why I put it up here, :D .

But I like the other Idea that I saw on here to make them 1 way portals, but I got to thinking, if you wanted back you where you was, your screwed. So keep the 2 way portals.

Keep the different color idea with it perhaps??

Montor E=dark green
Montor W=light green
Sandy Vally=pink

This way, if you set one, your party members know what town you are going to, or you??

I know that there is others, I think, that I missed, but it's just an Idea, ya know??


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