Questions on Quest Triggers

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Questions on Quest Triggers

Post by Catherine » Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:53 am

eggmceye wrote:
I'm currently interested in quests.

I've written some NPC dialogues for quests I had in mind. The first set are for VoT (since I'd planned a whole epic quest line for it), the second for new skill training, as you can have a quest reward give a + to skill / stats. I've only written up a couple of the skills ones, in case Egg doesn't like the idea of them.


Can you set a tile x,y as a quest target?

Specifically -

a) The core idea of VoT is that stepping in front of the three hidden temple altars will update your quest, with all three giving the player a pass to the barrier at the top of the plateau (I'll have to add a new area there, but no biggy - esp. since Phoenixes are live, which was always the intention for the end of the map - see the map in MapEd to get the full effect :P ). It'd be nice if this gave a permanent key to a player's inventory (e.g. "Icon of the Sun, Icon of the Moon --> Icon of the Cosmos, or whatever). I'm presuming that barrier passes are a lot easier in LUA to implement.

b) Is it possible to set entering a map as a quest target? Specifically, the cartography quest giver has a whole set of (potential) quests which would require this. e.g. Explore all the castles in Sosaria - with the quest updating as you enter Broden's Keep, Cammerata etc etc. I'm presuming that you can, not sure though.

Can you set a non-NPC as a quest giver?

a) I'd like to set a quest start by reading the diary at the start of VoT - at least for the sub-quest of finding the archeologist for the university. That'll get people reading! :cow:

b) It'd be nice if a x,y location could trigger a quest as well.

Is it possible to set variable rewards to quests?

Code: Select all

function quest_reward_002(qid,plyr_id)

	adj_skill(plyr_id, SK_TACTICS, 1, true)

I'm presuming I can via this tag:

Code: Select all

	elseif(p:get_raw_skill(SK_CARTOGRAPHY)<20) then

	adj_skill(plyr_id, SK_CARTOGRAPHY, 10, true)

	elseif(p:get_raw_skill(SK_CARTOGRAPHY)<40) then

adj_skill(plyr_id, SK_CARTOGRAPHY, 5, true)

	elseif(p:get_raw_skill(SK_CARTOGRAPHY)<60) then

adj_skill(plyr_id, SK_CARTOGRAPHY, 2.5, true)

elseif(p:get_raw_skill(SK_CARTOGRAPHY)>60) then

<insert message from quest giver stating "I'm afraid your skills are too advanced for me to teach you more at this point">

Hopefully this makes sense - in that doing the quest is giving a smaller return the higher your skill.

Two more things:

Books - how to add in MapEd, or is it done differently now? The major limitation on prior books was always that the spam would over-flow the text portion of the screen; now there's no limit, I'd like to do some re-writes / longer books. It'd be nice if you could set any tile to use the call-book feature as well. e.g. Note on the ground, gravestone etc.

Scripts - maps have a script folder. I'm presuming I add a name tag to the feature, and call it from there. e.g. VOT1, VOT2 etc Is there a limit? Is it possible for a script trigger to give a grey player message? e.g. Two pressure tile puzzle, with player A having to be at X, and player B at Y. Is it possible to have it so that if only X or Y is stepped on, return grey message to player stating "You hear the shifting of stonework, but it halts. Perhaps there is another part to this puzzle?"

p.s. I suck at scripts.

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Re: Questions on Quest Triggers

Post by Catherine » Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:08 am

Over-view for VoT quests:

1) Hidden temples -> phoenix area
2) Archaeological expedition -> discover the fate of University explorer
3) Castle / golem maker quest -> track the henchlings of the uber-boss across the maps, find their diaries, save NPC past the castle.

Whereas a couple of these could be cheesed immediately, I'm trying to make the quest trees progressive, so that you can't just jump to the end. OR I could craft them so that each is a step, nestled in the larger quest, so that jumping to the end (killing uber-boss / finding bones) removes all the other ones, but done in stages you get more XP / item rewards).

Oh - how do you spawn an item as a reward? I know it's possible, I just don't have a manual for quests / scripts anymore :(

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Re: Questions on Quest Triggers

Post by eggmceye » Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:20 pm

how about this:

You assume anything can be done. Aim the quests for lvl 30-40 (that's what's missing). When you have done all that you can do tell me in simple terms what exactly needs to be done and I'll finish it off.

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