Anti-virtues, shrines, bosses...

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Anti-virtues, shrines, bosses...

Post by Heikki » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:42 pm

There are eight virtues. There are allso eight shrines. (One for each virtue)

Here goes idea about anti-virtues.
[Refined ideas from Ultima IX, UO,WoW and other MMORPGs]

Maybe there should allso be evil anti-virtues against every good virtues?
Allso "evil shrine" for every anti-virtue.

Here is list of virtues and opposite anti-virtues:

honesty <---> deceitfulness
compassion <---> hatred
valor <---> dastardliness
justice <---> wrongfulness
sacrifice <---> covetousness
honor <---> shame
spiritualit <---> evil
humility <---> pride

Anti-virtue shrines should be bottom of corrupted dungeons:

Shrine of deceitfulness bottom of PIT
Shrine of hatred bottom of Netherterra
Shrine of dastardliness bottom of Tangled Forest hidden caves
Shrine of wrongfulness bottom of The Abyss
Shrine of covetousness bottom of Lunacy
Shrine of shame bottom of Shame
Shrine of evil bottom of Pendragon
Shrine of pride bottom of City of shadows

Every "evil shrine" is small map with "super boss"

- Bosses should have slow respawning rate. Maybe only one spawn per 12 hour (real time)?
- There should be quests for every anti-virtue ?
- Bosses should drop rare ingredients for craftings ?

More to be come when I got more time....
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Post by Keighn » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:40 am

This would work real well with egg's old shrine quests he had on a special pd server. Basically, you would end up with a Shard of the virtues for completing the quests.
honesty <---> deceitfulness
compassion <---> hatred
valor <---> dastardliness
justice <---> wrongfulness
sacrifice <---> covetousness
honor <---> shame
spiritualit <---> evil
humility <---> pride
Let me see if I can remember the virtues and anti-virtues correctly from Ultima:

Virtue ---------- Mantra ----- Word of Power --- Stone ----- Anti-Virtue
1. Compassion -- MU -------- (VILIS) ---------- Yellow ----- Despise
2. Valor -------- RA --------- (INOPIA) --------- Red ------- Dastard
3. Justice ------ BEH -------- (MALUM) --------- Green ----- Wrong
4. Sacrifice ---- CAH -------- (AVIDUS) --------- Orange ---- Covetous
5. Honor ------- SUMM ------ (INFAMA) --------- Purple ----- Shame
6. Spirituality -- OM --------- (IGNAVUS) -------- White ----- Hyloth
7. Honesty ---- AHM -------- (FALLAX) ---------- Blue ------ Deceit
8. Humility ---- LUM --------- (VERAMOCOR) ----- Black ----- Pride

3 Party Key (Principles) ----- Shards of the Gem of Power (Anti-Principles) ----- Shadow Lords
Truth ---------------------- Falsehood -------------------------------------- Faulinei
Courage ------------------- Cowardice -------------------------------------- Nosfentor
Love ---------------------- Hatred ------------------------------------------ Astaroth

I found a few pages that might be of interest that expalins in far better detail:

Virtues of Ultima -- The nationmaster encyclopedia has an excellent written section on all the virtues but especially the anti-virtues. If you ever wondered what in the hell Hyloth meant this is a good place to get an idea.

Ultima Virtues Wikipedia Is another place that describes some of my clutter above.

I recall Rusty creating a map of a Damned New Sosaria. That would be the perfect place for Anti-Virtue Shrines. The map might need some work though. Combine that with Heikki's mini-map idea for the shrines and I think it would work quite well.

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Post by eggmceye » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:54 pm

I'm way ahead of you - at least as far as planning goes. I wanted to use Rusty's apoc new sos at some stage - with the shrines being anti shrines. Tho for some reason don't mind heikki's evil shrine+boss maps.

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