Dragonhide Armours

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Dragonhide Armours

Post by BlackMage » Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:35 pm

I know this idea was mentioned before, I think by myself, but it was in a thread that egg had admitted to not really reading. X-D So I figured I could post it here and see what everyone thought about it.

The basic concept would be to have all dragons drop their own colored hides, which could then be crafted into "<color> dragon scales" which could then be added to armours to give more magical protection.

All of the dragons cast their own spells (for the most part) and their dragonhides that would be implemented onto armours would give some sort of protection against their magic. Not to mention that it could also be used PvP.

White dragons - KXQ - White dragonhide armour would resist against the player being cloned.
Blue Dragons - IJO - Blue dragonhide armours would resist against the player being IJO'd (which could be very useful for mages).
Green Dragons - XJ - Green dragonhide armours would resist against the player being XJ'd (useful for PvP as well).
Black Dragons - XMP - Black dragonhide armours would resist against XMP (useful because the bastards can cast it 20 times a second X-D).
Fire Dragons - VF - Fire dragonhide armours would resist against fire-based spells.
Red dragons - XC - Red dragonhide armours would resist again't XC (very useful for PvP as well as PvM).

I'm thinking that this could give tailors something to do again, seeing as how there isn't much use for them since the old enchanting went away. Tailors could "sew" the dragonscales onto UA and light armours. Armoursmithers could "weld" the dragonscales onto medium and heavy armours. I don't think that there are a whole lot of armoursmithers out there. It uses too much ore/ingots and extremely time consuming. I stopped when I got to 40 in that skill, after using my 2k ore stash. This could be a push for more armoursmithers.

Here is a bubbl.us thing I made for it for you guys to kind of look it over.

http://bubbl.us:80/view.php?sid=136348& ... MVZLSkNqMg
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