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Post by BlackMage » Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:05 pm

I'm about to enroll in a Software Applications and Programming course. The main emphasis I believe is C++. So, I was wondering, (mostly directed at egg, but anyone else with lots of useful knowledge is more than welcome to bestow some upon me :D) if I could get some good pointers/tips/advice/anything you want to share about programming or C++ or anything in general?

Like I said, any help would be most appreciated. I know that everyone is busy with everything going on in the world, so I'm not demanding anything by any means. All I am asking for is maybe some useful advice? Then maybe I could even help out and throw some useful codes out there for the game! :D

Thanks again :D
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Post by Aristarch » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:47 am

I'm not any kind of proffesional programmer and not even IT student(I should have chosen that I think :roll:), I just like coding a bit in my free time. You may find something useful in that conglomerate of sentences below :P

Do you have any former experience with any kind of programming?
I don't know about teaching methods but it might be somewhat easier if you start with C instead of C++(I first got touch with programming when I got some used Atari 65XE with a worn book that contained a chapter on languages and had only few Basic instructions explained - I don't recommend starting with Basic though!).
The course is probably a good idea, make sure if it's on some good level though - here where I live even university courses tend to be tragic. I honestly regret every minute I had to spent there.

Get a good book on the topic and read a lot of those tutorials that are plenty on Google, even though some of them are garbage.

You should also get some C/C++ environment(Dev-C++ is free and quite good) and start tinkering with every new bit of information you learn. Try coding something that interests you - ie. make a simple text character on the screen that you can move around with keys, another controlled by other set of keys, some code for hp etc. and you have a simple base you can experiment on, learning meanwhile how to process input/output, do calculations etc. without getting bored. It's good for learning if when you encounter a problem to code, you first try to solve it yourself and only look at proposed solution if your code works or you're absolutely sure you can't do that.
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