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Post by Rusty76 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:46 am

The theft at my clan hall got me thinking that there needs to be more security for things in a clan hall. There needs to be a way to restrict access to storage boxes without the clan leader having to always get items for members. What i'd suggest is make it where the clan leader can set a password to a box when they create it. Then when a member wants to access the box they have to give the password to be able to get or put in items. Then you could give the password or passwords (each box could have it's own password) out to the clan members you wanted to.

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Post by Keighn » Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:48 am

Ah, the darkness of clan theft. Here's how I think it should work:

Clanleaders have a special command to /givekey + dir (player next to them (= if clan member) a clanhall key.

Clanhall keys are renamed after the Clans initials (I've always hated that # or letter thingy).

Up to 10 different types of clankeys are available for the clanleader to make. (for up to 10 security clearances): ie. MIB Key 0 = Basic Clan Hall key to open default locked doors. MIB Key 1 = Treasure Chamber. MIB Key 2 = Weapons Locker, etc.

Note: All clanhall keys are SOULBOUND and can only be put in the Bank or dropped into a rubbish bin.

For Personal chests I think a password would be awesome (actually the whole idea of passwords is pretty neat (ala the golem in the werewolf quest). If each chest had the option to have a password to be typed in (clanhall chests only) that would solve a lot of problems.

Clanleader command next to clanchest: /pass xxxxxxxxxx (up to 10 letters/numbers). Default is nothing on the chests or carriage return which sets chest to no password.

Clanleaders can reset passwords for each chest as need be in case a member forgets their password. Additionally a clanleader could have a command /idchest + dir to see the current password for his own clans chests.

Chests without a password open like regular chests. Chests that require a password will have the password entry screen or txt pop up. Failure of password for clanmembers would jus say Access Denied or something like that. While successful password would be Access Granted.

Anyone who isn't a clanleader or is a leader of a clan and attempt to do that to another clans chest to attempt to steal hit the autobanner with the reason (attempt to steal in subtext).

That would clear up a lot of things for members who steal.

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Post by eggmceye » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:08 pm

Clan halls aren't for personal chests.

If you don't want people taking stuff out of chests then kick them out of the clan.

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