Monster Templates

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Monster Templates

Post by Rusty76 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:38 pm

Here's a repost of an idea I posted in the Monsters and Mobs thread that I think got overlooked due to Keighn's huge posts.

Another way we could get more monsters is by applying a template to the existing ones. Examples of templates are: Lycanthrope, vampire, zombie, lich, skeletal, spectral, shadow, hell, fire. There could also be size templates as well, like small, large, huge, monstrous, etc.

He're basically how these templates would effect the base monster it's applied to. The specifics can be worked out later if necessary.

Lycantrope: (examples: werewolf, wereorc, weretroll, wereminotaur)
attacks with claws instead of normal attack
boost to speed, strength and hit points
lowered defense (as lycans can't use armor properly)
chance of infecting you with lycanthropy

Vampire: (vampire, vampire orc, vampire troll, vampire minotaur)
creature is undead type
has XMP spell or some sort of melee vampyric attack
increase to hit points and defense
summons bat (or some other weak vermin-like creature)

Lich: (lich, orc lich, troll lich, minotaur lich)
creature is undead type
increases hit points, defense and attack strength
only creatures that can do magic and are intelligent can become a lich.
creature is undead type
increase to hit points and defense
gains one or more normal lich spells (OG, KXQ, AEP, KX, WQ, VAM, SL)

Skeletal: (skeleton, skeletal orc, skeletal troll, skeletal minotaur)
creature is undead type
increased hit points, defense and attack strength
winged skeletal monsters can't fly

Zombie: (zombie, zombie orc, zombie troll, zombie minotaur)
creature is undead type
increased hit points ,defense and attack strength
decreased speed (about 50% of the base creature's speed)
decreased inteligence
zombies can't cast spells unless zombie is made from a powerful magical creature then it may have some of it's spells.
possiblilty of causing disease on attack

Spectral: (spectral reaper, spectral orc, spectral troll, spectral minotaur)
creature is undead type
increased hit points, defense and attack strength
creature has the spells IP and SL plus any spells/abilities of the base creature

Shadow: (shadow warrior, shadow orc, shadow troll, shadow minotaur)
greatly increased hit points
one of the following 2 depending if the base creature is a spellcaster type:
non spellcaster type: greatly increased attack strength and magic resistance
spellcaster type: greatly increased defense, inteligence and has one or more of the spells XMP, OG, AEP, WQ, VM in addition to the base creature's spells

Hell: (hellcat, hell orc, hell troll, hell minotaur)
increased hit points, defense, attack strength, inteligence and magic resistance
gains one or more of the spells OG, XMP, KXC, AEP, XC, WQ, VAM, IFH, VF
possibly gains flying ablilty

Fire: (fire dragon, fire orc, fire troll, fire minotaur)
gains the spell IFH and/or VF (like a fire breath or spit attack)
pretty much keeps the same attributes/ablilties as the base creature

Size templates (small, large, huge, monstrous, etc) would basically either increase or decrease the attributes that the monster already posseses. So a small orc would have less hit points, less defense and less attack strength than a normal orc. a large orc would have more hit points, more defense and more attack strength than a normal orc. Possibly the huge or monstrous sizes could have 2x2 or 3x3 avatars.

I realize that having different versions of monsters would mean having to make more avatars for them. Obviously these templates wouldn't be applied to every monster, as some might be too powerful and some just wouldn't make sense (skeletal slime?). This is just a springboard for ideas for new monsters is all. It'd be ok to apply multiple templates to monsters except that there should only be one undead or lycan template applied if one is applied. Though doing this too much would get ridicolus (shadow hell fire orc lich) so I would say 1 or 2 templates at the most.


New avatars wouldn't have to be made right away. They could be made and worked in gradually.

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New Creature Types

Post by Dudle » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:36 pm

Great idea for more monsters - templates, adding a fire region or type Lava/Fire zone with lots of fire type monsters - like 'Island of the Firelizards would be awesome. :smile:

I still hope there should be new monsters introduced - such as the griffon and chimera - possibly as mounts - maybe tamable. Id love to have a flying Griffon mount with a 'special claw attack' or something like that. :smoke:

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