Beginning Characters (NEWBS)

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Beginning Characters (NEWBS)

Post by Keighn » Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:22 am

I've done some tinkering with various new characters and I've also played around with cursed items to reduce my stats into the negatives. I'm wondering if it would be a hit or miss if we could allot our starting statistics. Based on the generation of characters thus far you start with a 30 in a main stat and 25 in each of the others. Suppose you don't want a magic using character, or perhaps you want a more varied amount to put where you want it. 25+25+30=80 starting points. Perhaps being allowed to put these anyway we se fit on the starting 3 statistics might be more of an incentive to start a character.

Say I want to make a dumb clumsy idiot: 80 str, 0 dex, 0 int. From what i've tested a character can still move and attack with such low dexterity (i've tested it up to -180 or so). The only real factor would be characters starting with 0 str. I guess it is their business if they don't want to be able to move. I'm not sure what the relation of starting strength is to hitpoints. Generally, I've seen starting chars with about 25 hp I believe (I need to double check this). If you wanted to make the system a little more complex add these other factors:

Max HP always starts at 25 (then strength bonus however that works in the game).
Max Mana based on Int (remains the same so a 0 int = 0 mana).
The 80 points can be distributed on:

Max HP (so you could in essence have a character start with 105 hp and 0 stats which would be a pain until he started to level up and med at some shrines).

Max Mana (Seems pointless IMHO, unless you have 1 int = 1.5 mana or 2 mana).

Magic Resistance: I'm really not sure how each 1 point affects MR so I guess alloting 1 point to = 1% MR would suffice for now. We wouldn't want it to high though would 1.5 or 2% really be too much?

Max Weight Limit: 1 point = 1.5 or 2 (seems barely a benefit as str is required to equip items) You essentially become a packmule until you get some stats.

Or if you want to forget putting it on all of that you could just put the 80 points into a skill or allotment of skills.

Perhaps a character with 0 strength seems flawed or ridiculous making it a cheese for mages to start out with 80 int. Well, have fun not being able to carry anything or even wield a staff.
Later I'll draw up some ideas about class selection for what you start out with (similar to how we had it when we chose skills). Then perhaps I'll touch upon race selection.

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